shame on tumblr

What whirls and twirls are dark clouds,
occasionally lit up by bright flashes.

Unexpected noises,

Loathed looming consciousness;
eyes ominously glaring.

Stalking predator preparing the pounce.

Bodiless mouth opens wide in a holler,
displaying filed teeth, sharp and bloody.

From a great hight the old rag doll falls;
wind flayed arms, stitched to a
patched up body.

Soundless plunge
in tenebrous water.

Twigs and disintegrated leaves breathe rot,
saturating the humble figure’s cloth,
now cold to the touch.

Lastly, a black threaded smile submerges.

Heaviness sinks until presumed lost.

A being of slithering tentacles, swallowed,
latches onto the medulla.

Continuous discharge of
yellow poison.

Small doses remain unnoticed.

Creeper vines grow, gradually crawling
across the length of the nerve-
system’s branches.


Weakened host
nauseated by the smell of stomach acids.

Struggling in swirling pools of vomit.

Timid singing bird shivers at its reflection
in the glass sphere that has it hidden.

Faint tweets roared down
by an unknown





“Spent your life undoing your wretchedness,
that none might be afflicted by your

Timid singing bird shivers,
losing feathers.

Layers of dark clouds; whirling, twirling,
with at the core of its system, hidden,
the being once birthed in light
now reduced to a flicker,
begging to be seen,
yet dreading to

by shrieking demon moths, attracted to
the lost flame of innocence.

The girl with the ashen mirror -
M.A. Tempels © 2017

I Can’t Believe You People

no one would be hating on apple tree yard if they’d got their ship. it would be getting normal viewership if it wasn’t for sherlock. now the creators of aty are getting harrassed and insulted on twitter, they didn’t ask for this. shame on you tumblr. you are all spoilt children. leave aty the fuck alone and grow up. it may be shit, but you are all ridiculous. i’m ashamed of this fandom. completely unrealistic.

Have you ever been mistreated for being yourself?

By the word yourself, meaning flawed. You grew up having used to pimple breakouts, having darker and uneven skin tone with patches of scars and marks that you constantly want to hide. Being that kid who grew up in a middle class family who can’t even reach society’s unrealistic standard of beauty.

It’s hard, right. You grew up thinking that you need to be beautiful in order to be respected. You need to hide those hideous trademark of yours so you won’t lose your dignity. But the main question is, are you really happy with your life? Is their happiness, your happiness? Are you prepared to lose and deny yourself to gain society’s respect?

Don’t! “Love yourself first and most”, very common and overused but it’s really “you” that matters the most. Those patches of scars belongs to your childhood, those beautiful memories under the glimmering sun. Your marks represents yourself, how you overcome all odds and every trials and where you are right now. Your flaws define yourself as a person, on how well you lived life.

It’s okay to have curves, it’s okay to have darker skin tone, it’s okay to have stretch marks - it’s okay to be “you” and there’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! We’re just humans after all, we’re all flawed creatures and that’s our identity trademark. Own yourself, girl! Love and protect every bits and pieces of yourself because you belong to yourself. Eat more, live more, have a happier life because you deserved it too.
—  (d.g)

Stayed up ‘til 4 in the morning working on this bad boy– a submission to the Women’s March on Washington call for art. I’d love for it to be chosen, knowing my artwork is there, standing strong for women’s rights when I wasn’t able to (I WILL be at the sister march in Austin though!) I’m also aware, though, that I went a little crazy with the illustrative part and it may not make for a great political poster… oh well! 

it’s a shame how “tumblr fetishizes lesbians” is more often used in the context of “people are excited about Tracer being gay” and not “two of the most commonly used tags when you search ‘lesbian’ are porn terms”

The Fuck Shit Up Brigade (witch discourse ahead...)

A response from this post:


Cursing is my talent, my gift. I will not wait for some stranger to give me permission to use it. After all, I have that gift for a reason. And I don’t believe in the threefold rule. I am not a Wiccan.

You know what? This.

Can we talk about those of us who are just GOOD at baneful and coercive work?

I don’t believe in “natural” witches. I think anyone can do magic. But I do think all of us have our natural talents, and our natural, uh, not-so-talents. I’m pretty terrible at sigils. I’m AWFUL at tech magic. Like, it doesn’t just fail, it literally explodes in my face.

But you know what I’m good at? Fucking shit up. I am REAL good at that.

Makes sense. My personality is a bit warrior-like. It stands to reason my magical gifts would be too.

Cursing isn’t all there is to it. This ability can be used for protective and warding spells, banishing, defense, and for me anyway, weather magic as well. Real good for calling a storm.

But I do all kinds of cursing. A lot of the time, it’s not even for me. I mean, I don’t have THAT many fuckers in my personal life. It’s to protect my loved ones.

They come to me because I’m good at this shit. And I am TOTALLY DOWN to curse their fucking rapist and make them cry.

I’m also totally down to make a protective talisman for them that will FUCK THE SKULL of anyone who tries to hurt them.

I think that is a better use of my talents than a coercive love spell to allow me to magically rape someone (ironically, a type of spell that a lot of the curse-shamers don’t seem to have any problem with). Don’t you?

Why should I be ashamed of being my community’s one-witch army?

We of baneful talent are the Fuck Shit Up Brigade, and we have nothing to be ashamed of.

We fit perfectly with the Fluffy Bunnies – a term I use without even a hint of degradation or superiority. The Fluffy Bunnies I know help me as much as I help them.

Ideally we all try to improve our weak spots over time, but hey, there’s some stuff I just know I’ll never be as good at as the naturally talented. I’m no good at fuckin’ bath spells. I’m no good at relaxing, period.

I need the Fluffy Bunnies so my ass doesn’t literally die of stress. I am an actual ball of knotted muscle most of the time. I would be immobilized by my own bodily tension by now if not for Fluffy Bunnies, both magically inclined and otherwise. I need them to help me life when I’m not at war.

And they need me to shit-wreck their abuser.

We are a magical ecosystem.

You’re never too broken to not be used by God. You’re never too dirty to be loved by God. You’ll never make enough mistakes to make God turn His back on you.
You are not powerful enough to ruin God’s plans for you.
It’s never too late to offer God your heart (even if it’s beating a little slower than you’d like it to.)

If you are breathing you have a purpose. There is someone out there who needs to hear the words you have to speak. There is someone out there who needs that hug you have to give. There is someone out there who needs to see your scars. There is someone out there who needs you, plain and simple.

You have been given a life for a reason: you were knitted together for a purpose.

Even the darkest nights turn into morning. Don’t let your pain overshadow your future.

Perhaps you were created for such a time as this. Esther 4:14

Don’t let your fear hold you captive. Don’t let your shame chain you. Don’t let your shame fool you. Don’t let your guilt trap you. Don’t let your doubt control you.

Tell your demons to get lost. You have work to do.

-31Women (Ansley)

People curse all the time without even realizing it. When someone says ‘I hope you choke’, 'Go to hell, or 'Drop dead’, that’s a subtle curse. You are using your energy and intention to send a person a much needed lesson. Why is there still curse-shaming when we use curses in our everyday language?