shame on japan

friendly reminder that the 2015-2016 ‘anime’ arslan senki is actually an anachronistic war classic with over 30+ years’ worth of novel serialization background— it’s been published in the same relative timeline as kentaro miura’s ongoing berserk, to give you a comparison of its sheer expertise in age(lmao). and on the basis of prestige, said novels have been hailed as a domestic favorite in the historical-fantasy literary genre. going on to inspire works like fire emblem: genealogy of holy war—thracia 776 and akatsuki no yona, among others, to implement certain story-telling quirks that it conventionalized in japan.

—as for its sole novelist, yoshiki tanaka? being a prolific household name on the more illustrious side of japanese literature, this man can be proudly coined as the japanese J.R.R. tolkien. latter-day current events has seen his lotr-shahnemeh lovechild series adapted lovingly by the more contemporary hands of fma’s creator, hiromu arakawa … thus drawing open the blinds for international audiences to enjoy his war drama expertise in a modernized manga and anime form.

so … shhhhh. don’t you sleep on arslan senki, now!!  8′^))

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Scenario, Axis around the phrase 'the sun always rises'. Bonus for Japans flag.

Never Again

1945, the war in the pacific was lost. Europe lay in ruins. But the world war was finished. Literally bombed to hell. Everything: Berlin, Dresden, Munich, Vienna, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. All of them lay in ruins. There they were, the one that will be blamed by the world for the millions that had to die to defeat them. Italy looked pained. Germany was overcome by grief and shame. And Japan… he knew it had to continue. The world was still turning. “The flag that will now be despised by the world, it still has a true meaning to it, you know” Japan stated silently: “The rising sun. Now, our economy and people are demolished. But they are not dead. The sun always rises after it had set. But this time… we shall not repeat our mistakes again. Let’s vow to the world: Never again.”

While cleaning out our attic, my brother and I found our family’s 100+ year old heirloom koto. Holy cow this thing smells like ancient Japan :P

Who wants to hear me play some lame Jurassic Park music on this old thing? It’ll probably be horrible because I have never touched one of these things in my life. XD