shame for breakfast


So last night a bunch of my friends and I went to Denny’s for some breakfast-for-dinner and I couldn’t decide on what I wanted, so I told the waiter “I want a lot of eggs.”

“How many eggs do you want?”
“How many can I get?”
“I mean if you get a Make Your Own Slam you can get up to 8..”
“I would like a questionable amount of eggs, please. Scrambled, so that I don’t know how many there are.”

And boy did he deliver.

The manager came out to present the eggs (because, as our waiter joked, this plate of eggs was too much of a health risk for anyone but the manager to be liable for serving me), and said “….who’s responsible for this?”

I started crying out of excitement/joy/fear (no lie. it was embarrassing)

Anyway, this heavenly plate of eggs filled the entire plate and was about an inch deep (there were 2 layers of eggs in it! with cheese in the middle!!)

The waiter kept joking “You’re not getting a box. You have to finish it! You chose this!” I tipped him 100% out of pure shame (plus he was a rad dude).

Thank you Denny’s. Thank you.

More Like Keith

(Thank you so much @koryan13 for sending me this lovely prompt! also i suck at titles)

Lance jerked awake to Allura shaking him.

“Lance! Lance! Wake up and sparr Keith!” Lance blinked groggily, jumping as realization sank in. He had fallen asleep during training. Again. It wasn’t Lance’s fault that he hadn’t slept in days, and a growing headache pricked the back of his neck. The whole day just felt… Off.

Lance hopped to his feet and stumbled into the center of the training room, picking up a sword with a rounded tip. He slowly spun around to face his opponent, setting his body into a clumsy defensive pose.

The match was over way too fast. Keith had creamed Lance, pinning him to the floor with the fake blade poised against his neck in an instant. Lance easily accepted defeat. He felt like he was underwater, limbs not able to move properly or fast enough.

“Lance, you can do better than that! Come on!” Keith complained, nudging Lance while declaring a rematch. Lance groaned, dragging himself off the floor to see Keith already in his stance, eager to fight his rival.

The second match didn’t go much better than the first. Lance tried his hardest, but he let his guard down and Keith hit him from behind. Lance was easy prey after the blow to the head made his stabbing headache double, weakening him.

Lance could hear Shiro’s sigh, in obvious disappointment, and could tell that the leader was frowning even before Lance could bring himself to look at Shiro’s face.

“Lance, please follow me.” Shiro beckoned for Lance to follow him into the hallway, and Lance, with no other choice, stumbled drowsily after him. When they were safely in the privacy of the hall, Shiro sighed again, turning to face his teammate.

“Lance, what is up with you today?” Shiro murmured, rubbing his temples as if he had a headache. That reminded Lance of his own, which had grown from the back of his neck to his whole head, dangerously threatening to turn into a migraine.

“Lance. I asked you a question. I know something is up. Your lack of energy. I know you’d usually love the opportunity to fight Keith. So what’s up?” Lance started to wiggle anxiously. If he told Shiro that he was exhausted, Shiro would ask why, and then Lance would have to reveal that he had not slept in days, due to the horrid nightmares that nagged at him whenever he drifted off.

“I-I… don’t k-know..” Lance lied, feeling nervous sweat pricking at his forehead. Shiro gently shook his head.

“Well, I know that you won’t like me saying this but.. We can’t have this kind of behavior on the team. We’re fighting a powerful enemy, remember? Keith is a very good role model, and I would like you to try to be more like him. It would greatly improve you.” With that, Shiro turned and left to his room, for training had finished.

Lance stood there, unable to move. He felt like he had been stabbed. Shiro’s words echoed endlessly in his mind. Can’t  have this kind of behavior. Be more like him. Keith is a good role model. It would improve you. Thoughts of the 7th wheel raced into his mind.

The brunette choked on a sob, and his hand flew to his mouth as he sank down the wall, onto the floor. His legs couldn’t hold his weight up anymore, and he felt like he was going to be sick. The migraine pulsed along his hairline, reminding him that it was there.

Lance blinked rapidly, trying to hold back the tears that were gathering in his eyes, but it was no use. Lance hiccuped and closed his eyes as a tear rolled down his cheek. His breathing hitched, only allowing him to get small bouts of air before his lungs refused anything more.

Still crying, Lance started to hyperventilate. He started to hear someone coming but he was rooted to his spot, unable to do anything but cry.

The person came around the corner, freezing when they saw the sorry sight that was Lance. Through blurry eyes, Lance realized that the person was Keith. The last person Lance wanted to see.

“Lance?!” Keith said, surprised. Suddenly, Lance’s legs sprang into action, sprinting him further down the hallway to the elevator. Lance could hear Keith running after him, but Lance managed to get to the elevator a split second before Keith could jump in after him.

Lance retired to his room, and sank onto his bed. To shocked to do anything else, he sobbed into his hands.

Lance cried for a whole day, locking himself in his room. No matter how many times Hunk or Pidge would try to talk to him through his door, he wouldn’t come out. Or even speak a word to either of them.

In the night, Lance finally came out of his room when he was sure that everyone was asleep. He snuck into the training room, ceaselessly fighting through levels until the morning came. Then he slid back into his room, locking himself in once again.

Lance skipped training, and spent that time to sneak containers of goo into his room, even though he didn’t have an appetite. This is how Lance spent many days, turning it into a pattern.

Nobody on the team had seen Lance for almost a week. Hunk and Pidge paced nervously, Coran seemed a bit melancholy, Allura got harder on the rest of the Paladins, Keith had more angry outbursts, and Shiro was more quiet. Finally, at breakfast, Shiro cleared his throat.

“I’m afraid that Lance’s absence might be my fault.” Shiro said. “I told him to.. improve.. and I guess he took it a bit personally.” Shiro looked down, shamed. The rest of breakfast was filled with comfort and forgiving. Lance listened sadly from the hallway.

Eventually, the team went to the training room. To everyone’s surprise, Lance was waiting for them in the room. Hunk ran over, wrapping his friend in a huge hug. Hunk noticed that Lance was even thinner than before, making him look very fragile. More or less, training started.

Everyone was surprised by Lance’s skill. He was quick and fast, with strong hits and great defense. When training was over, Shiro made his way over to Lance and clapped his back, and leaned in to speak quietly into Lance’s ear.

“Hey, good work today. I’m glad that you took my advice. Did you train with Keith or something? Because your skill level matches his now.” Lance’s face sank. This was the last straw.

“Well, excuse me, but do I really need to be tutored by someone I don’t even like for something I can do on my own? Or do you not trust me enough to train by myself? Do I have to be watched over everywhere I go like a little kid? Oh, I know!” He spun to Allura. “You didn’t pick me for Voltron for any other reason other than to bring the others together, and so that you can form Voltron. If you don’t want me for who I am, I will leave, and you can find a better blue paladin. It won’t be hard, because I’m easy to replace.” Lance started to leave, but then remembered the container of goo that was in his coat pocket from the previous night. Lance took it out, and launched the goo at Shiro, hitting him square in the face.

With that, Lance spun on his heel and strode briskly out of the training room.

Pentagon When They Wake Up To Find That They’ve Slept With Their Crush

Author: Ellie
Prompt: “pentagon and sf9 reaction to waking up after a one-night-stand and seeing they slept with their friend/crush” - anon
Notes: SF9 version coming soon, don’t worry. I’ve probably used some of these gifs before… ugh this is so bad

**explicit language, bad humour + sexual references (obviously) warning**

Mortified, to say the least. He can’t believe he’s fucked up this badly - now he’ll never be able to have a relationship with them, with a first kiss and a first date and all those cute, fluffy things… He considers just leaving so that they don’t find out who it was, but that would be unfair, so he stays, making them coffee when they wake up.

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Surprised with himself. He never thought he’d get anywhere with them, but they’re in his bed! He actually managed a one night stand with his crush! He’s pretty elated, and when the other person wakes up he does his best to get them to stay for breakfast (and who the hell could say no to Hui??).

Originally posted by huisayshui

He’d totally be the type to try and convince them to go for a round two when they wake up. He’s sure if he could hit it once he could hit it again. He makes sure to flex plenty as he tries to charm them… shockingly, it works.

Originally posted by hongseoksabs

The type to just sit on the couch drinking coffee and browsing Twitter or whatever while he waits for them to wake up. I mean, damn, it was a shock to find his crush in his bed when he woke up, but he’s gotta play it cool. He doesn’t try to make them stay either, just smiles at them as they leave.

Originally posted by ptg

We all know he’s a giant fucking scaredycat, so when he wakes up to discover what he’s done he locks himself in the bathroom and cries for, like, 20 minutes. It’s his apartment too, so he can’t run away, and when the person wakes up he immediately ushers them out the door, face tinted scarlet. Welp, there goes that one.

Originally posted by yeo1

Yeo One
100% the kind of guy to knock aside his shame and fucking make them breakfast in bed, and not cornflakes but fucking bacon and eggs and fruit, the whole deal, smiling softly at them the whole time and letting them shower before they leave… After all, they’re his crush, and if he’s super sweet to them they may even call him back and boom! Dating. Good idea, Changgu, he tells himself.

Originally posted by ptg

Yan An
When he wakes up to see his crush there, he is confused. Why are they in his bed? Why is he naked? Why are they naked… oh. After that, he smiles shakily and shows them out, apologising profusely all the way out. He cries to himself for a few hours, until he receives a text from them (!!!) thanking him for the “awesome night”.

Originally posted by yeo1

Poor bro can’t believe his eyes. He’s naked in bed with a vague headache, morning wood and the person he’s been practically obsessed with for three months right there next to him, equally as naked. For a moment he thinks he’s dreaming, that the night he remembers was also a dream… but as the sleep wears off it starts to sink in. When they wake up, he apologises and averts his eyes as they dress, crossing his fingers under the blanket that he hasn’t screwed this up… (And knowing him he probably hasn’t).

Originally posted by leostools

He wakes up at just past 5am, makes himself a coffee and sits on the floor just outside the bedroom, silently and calmly wondering what to do as he waits for them to wake up too. He figures it’s useless to freak out, and manages to have an actual conversation with them. Lucky bitch scores a first date…

Originally posted by kinoed

Yes! YES! Wooseok is ecstatic! Now if only he could transfer his drunk self’s skills to now and score himself a date! He tries to talk to them to convince them to hang around, but either they woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or they really hate Wooseok, and they pretty much race out the door with a scowl. RIP Wooseok; better luck next time, bud.

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Change (Part 2) - Luke Hemmings

Pairing: Luke x Reader

Word Count: 1,7k

Ratings/Warnings: General Audiences, No warnings.

A/N: So, here is the second part of what I’m thinking it would be a fic. I know this is not the best part and that I’m moving slowly but I need these “fillers” since they are important for the story. Please, if you enjoyed the part, like/reblog the post and don’t forget to leave your thoughts and comments in my inbox. It’s super important for the writers!! Happy reading! xx

PART 1 | PART 2 

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deaflock  asked:

#10 please OTP-Johnlock or up to you. 💕

The alarm only rang out once before John silenced it, groaning. Between Rosie’s teething and Sherlock’s insomnia, it had been a while since he’d gotten more than six hours of rest, and he was aching for it. He rolled over for a moment and listened, taking note of Sherlock’s absence, his side of the bed still just barely warm. He could just hear the soft sound of Sherlock’s bare feet on the kitchen floor as he scuffed about, filling the kettle and rattling the pots and pans at the lowest volume he was capable of. 

The sound was soothing somehow, and John rolled over, shielding his eyes from the light that was pouring in and letting himself drift back to sleep. 

“Alright, Watson, time to wake Daddy,” John heard Sherlock whisper as the bed shifted slightly. Rosie giggled and put her hand on his face, tiny hand grabbing at his nose, and reached up and pulled her into a hug, tickling her sides. 

“Whooo has awakened meeee?” he said, grinning as Rosie laughed. He opened his eyes and smiled at her.

“Dada, wake!” she said, placing her hands on his cheeks momentarily. She turned back to Sherlock, looking terribly proud of herself. “Papa, look!” she said. 

“That’s right, Watson, you did it! You woke him right up, didn’t you?” Sherlock said, bending down. “And what do we have for Daddy? Can he figure it out?” 

He looked at Sherlock, who was holding back a proud smile of his own, and put together the noises he’d heard earlier, the wrap that Sherlock was wearing (he’d been wearing Rosie all morning), and the aromas currently making him salivate (coffee, bacon, toasted bread). “You’ve made me breakfast in bed.” 

“That was awfully slow, John,” Sherlock said teasingly. 

“Happy Valentine’s Day, my loves,” John replied, patting the bed. 

Sherlock leaned over and kissed him, then set the tray closer to the foot of the bed. “I made enough for everyone,” he said. “And I brought a bit of reading, in case you wanted to stay in bed and rest a bit.” 

John smiled. “I’d like that. All of it,” he said, shifting over so they could all fit in the bed and set the tray between them. “And I didn’t forget about you,” he said to Sherlock as he tore up a piece of bacon butty and handed it to Rosie. “Mrs. Hudson is keeping this one tonight so the two of us can have a proper Valentine’s. Same place, better time,” he said with a wink. 

Sherlock’s blush was enough to put even the most garish of Valentines to shame. 

Am I Enough PT 10

Bucky X Reader

Summary: It’s movie night! And the start of Operation Happy Ending.

warnings: little fluff, little angst

A/N: A thousand apologies about the delay. I started working more and I’m pretty sure the heat here is melting my brain making me unable to function. Anyway I am doing my best to write these chapters but not make them crap. Patience is always appreciated. Thank you for reading.

Side Note: I have had a couple questions about a MASTERLIST. I have no idea how to make one. Also I do all my work on my phone so if it seems weird or what not let me know I will try to fix it. Also if someone would be willing to teach me how to make said masterlist I would appreciate it!

Bucky POV

It’s all set up ready to go, first phase of Operation Happy Ending is a go. The room has been set up to make a movie goers dream. All (Y/N)’s favorite movies and snacks are laid out. He has commandeered her blanket and pillow setting up her own personal viewing spot, or throne as Tony is calling it. Everyone gets settled waiting on her arrival, Bucky is antsy hoping she likes what she sees.

Finally strolling in, clad in her most comfy pajamas, she takes in the area. Bucky jumps up and rushes her. He stops a couple feet before making sure to give her space.

“Hi, um… Thanks for coming.” He mentally slaps himself, really that’s what he’s going with. “I got your favorites, also I kinda stole… no took your blanket you can sit here, or you know wherever you want, you don’t have to sit here. Oh and your pillow as well, wanted you to be comfortable.” He could just die of embarrassment now, stuttering and making a downright fool of himself.

“Thanks, Bucky.” She can’t help the smile that creeps to her face with how awkward Bucky is being. “I think though that I picked last time so why don’t you pick. But nothing to sappy Ok?” He nods his head vigorously, practically giving himself whip lash while doing it.

He shuffles to the movies, he panics not knowing what to pick. He swings his eyes to the group trying to figure it out. Sam comes to the rescue starting a debate on what to watch. They go back and forth until Die Hard comes out on top.

“I hope you all don’t expect me to eat all this. I know I like these but there is a lot here.” As if on cue everyone lunges forward plucking up snacks.

Bucky turns back from the Bluray player and pauses unsure now of where to sit. Seeing his dilemma (Y/N) gently pats the spot next to her. He sits but not too close to cause discomfort, but not too far to seem like he didn’t want to be there.

As the movie starts he is as stiff as a board. Not moving in case he upsets you in some way. He doesn’t reach for any snacks either. Hearing a faint chuckle from her his head turns questioning what was going on. She leans over to him.

“If you wanna prove we can work, you might want to relax a little. It kind of seems like you don’t want to be here.” She moves back. Releasing the breath he didn’t know he was holding he sinks into the couch. Telling himself to chill out, be cool. He lays his arm across the back of the love seat.

As the movie goes on she starts to stretch out, her feet inching closer and closer to him. By the half way point they are in his lap his other arm slung over top. Every once in a while she would glance at him indicating she wanted another treat. He is more than happy to oblige.

When the movie is over the light fade up. She tense as the others look around and stretch in their seats. Quickly removing her feet and sitting up. She doesn’t make eye contact with him simply standing and muttering a quiet Thank you and good night. He sits confused as to what happened. It went well she even let him sit next to her.

“Give it time Barnes. This was a good start, she probably just felt like it was rushed. That’s the one thing both of you can’t afford to do.” Tony pats his shoulder as he exits. Bucky nods even though no one can see and begins to clean up the room.

He is met with a pair of hands helping him. He looks up seeing Nat collecting open bags of food. She smiles timidly. Jerking his hands back her smile fades. He couldn’t be alone with her that would send the wrong message.

“I want to help. I need my best friend back as much as you want your girl back. I promise nothing more.” She holds her hands up still full of things and shakes her head.

He eyes her for a moment before he nods. No more words are shared between them. Just another silent truce with each other. With the room looking spotless they nod to each other before parting ways.

He continued to his room, thinking over the evening and what happened. For the most part it went well, she seemed to have enjoyed herself. Why though had she pulled away when the lights come up? Tony had some truth I what he said of course. He was just going to have to be careful around her. Maybe he needed to do more. Suddenly it came to him, the perfect idea something not too big but showed how much he appreciated her willingness to go with his crazy ideas.

He left his room once more in search of supplies.


Sunlight streamed trough your window, falling directly over your eyes. For a moment you wanted to be grumpy. Darn sun always waking people up! You turn burrowing your face into your pillow. Suddenly the details of the evening before come back. It forms a small smile on your face.

You had a blast last night, in all honesty it was the first time you had truly been relaxed since you got back. This whole time you had been focused on putting up this appearance like everything was ok. That everything that happened, yes made you mad, but otherwise didn’t effect you. To have that weight lifted, no matter how temporary, was amazing.

You sit up stretching, taking a couple deep breaths. It was going to be a good morning. You walk to your door heading out for breakfast when you pause to see a balloon staring at you. It was plain nothing in it just a vivid (Y/F/C). You follow it down to see a breakfast tray, it is filled with really anything you could possibly imagine wanting for breakfast. On the side though is a small vase with a single (Y/F/F). Leaning against it is a card with your name on it. You bend to pick up the tray bringing it to the bed before you settle in. Opening the envelope you gently pull the card. The outside simply says “Thank You”. You had a feeling who it was from and the thought made you quickly pry open the letter. There is his hand writing, scratchy but much better than his usual writing.

Dear (Y/N),

Thank you for joining me last night for a movie and snacks. I really enjoyed you company. It was a pleasure to sit next to you and also enjoy your treats together. I hope I wasn’t to forward with you at the end of the movie. I was just very excited to be able to spend time with you again. As you can see i have made you a quite a selection of breakfast for you. Please enjoy and rest easy for the morning. I would also like to take this time to invite you on a shopping adventure with me and whomever you would like to tag along as well. It doesn’t have to be today, just let me know and I’ll be ready.

Yours Truly,

James Barnes

If someone had walked in they would have seen a radient smile splitting your face. He was just so awkward and sweet all at the same time. Writing a thank you card just for a movie night. It was different but so him at the same time. You wondered how many cards had been tossed till he got the right words down.

Thinking back though you had been cold to him after the movie. You got so caught up in the movie that you forgot for a moment the things that had passed between you. Your smile fades, in a way it kind of felt like he was trying to buy you back. Bribe you with your favorites and his knowledge of things you liked to do. You close the card, it wasn’t going to be that simple. You pace your room, fuming at his audacity thinking to win you over this way, he was a fool. He hadn’t even explained why everything happened yet, let alone given you answers for anything you asked during your fights. You flip the card over onto the tray as it flutters you see more writing on the back.


I know I upset you yesterday and I’m not trying to win you back by merely giving you your favorite things. I just lack the words to tell you, to explain how badly I screwed up. I want to show you that even though you may never forgive me, that you may move on, I’ll still be your Bucky, willing to do whatever it takes to get you back no matter how long that takes.”

You shake your head, he always did seem to know what you were thinking and how you would react. Also it would be a shame to let this breakfast go to waste. You hunker down again chowing down into the breakfast.

A knock sounds at your door, you tell them to enter. Sam’s head pops out, taking in the scene before strolling all the way in plopping himself onto your bed.

“Well good morning sunshine. Didn’t see you for breakfast got concerned. But here you are with a small stash all for yourself. Greedy much?” He leans over and snatches a grape.

“Woah hands off, pal. Bucky happened to make this for me.” You attempt to shoo him away though it didn’t work as he grabs a couple more things from the tray.

He raises an eyebrow at you. “Oh really?” You nod and pass over the note. He reads quickly, “I wonder how much paper he went through to get this?”

“That’s what I said! It’s so proper and polite. Definitely not like him.”

“He probably looked it up on thw internwt. Though it sounds like he is trying to win you back by spending time and doing everything you love.”

You pull the card from him flipping it around so he could see the other side.

“Scratch that he does know you inside and out, but it’s good to know that’s not what he intended. Have you guys talked yet?” You shake your head. “Of course you haven’t. Well I think the only thing that will help is talking. Get everything out there.”

“I just, I get so angry and sad when I see him. I really just want to punch him and call him names. I don’t know how to do it.” You shake your head the whole thing seems like a lost cause to you.

“Well this is your olive branch from him, you’re going to be spending time together, you’ll know what to do when the time comes.” He rises from the bed snatching a whole plate of goodies as he goes.

“Oh way to be cryptic, thanks for that Buddah. Stop stealing my food!!” You lunge after him.

“Nope this is your consultation fee, I the great Falcon do not come free.” He laughs and quickly leaves devouring the food as he went.

You throw your head back against the pillows, huffing. Well no time like the present. Cleaning up you exit your room and head to the kitchen. Wanda is the only one present at the moment, quietly sipping on her orange juice.

“Hey Wanda, good morning.”

“Hello (Y/N), your up late today.”

“Yeah Bucky made me a humongous breakfast this morning.”

“Oh?” She raises her eyebrow, exactly like Sam in fact.

“Yeah it was good,” you switch topics not wanting the exact same thing said to you again. “ So speaking of him, Bucky invited me to go shopping, I was wondering if you would mind joining us?” You peak up at her from where you are washing your dishes. You try not to look too desperate for someone to join you.

She is studying you, “You think that’s a good idea? I mean only yesterday you were yelling at each other. Practically threatening to scratch his eyes out.”

“Well yeah, he wants a second chance and I figured I could at least try, maybe be friends with him again. That’s also why I want you there, make sure he’s not pulling anything over on me. I mean I was going to see if anyone else wanted to join us as well.”

She keeps looking at you. You’re not sure if she’s trying to decide if she wants to go or if you have gone completely insane over night.

“I don’t want to seem like a nay sayer, I just want you to be careful. We all saw how much it hurt you when he made you leave.. I can’t watch you go through that again. This could just be a phase, maybe seeing you back he regrets it now but what about down the line. Also Natasha and him haven’t spoken or interacted since you got back what happens when they do?”

You pause what your doing she had valid points, as far as you knew this was just temporary. “Your right and I don’t want to get hurt like that again. Maybe that’s part of why I pulled back last night. But I want this to work. I want him back I do. Since I left and especially this morning, he knows me almost too well. I was reminded of all the good times and when he was there for me when I needed him. He knows everything the when, where, and how much. I feel like if I don’t let him try it’s throwing all that away. I need to give him this chance. I just want to believe he loves me and always has.”

You were crying bearing your soul to her. You wanted so bad for this to work out. For him to realize the mistake he made and never let you go again. You didn’t want to hurt and no more tears. You wanted to be someone’s true love again, to have that person that completes you so seamlessly..

Wanda swiftly moves around the counter taking you in her arms. Letting you cry out all the pain and anguish of the love you had lost. Guiding you to the couch she rocks you, gently rubbing her hands up and down your back. You fall into the occasional whimper and sniffle.

Still holding you, “Why don’t we try this? Next month is your birthday so we need to find you an outfit. We can go shopping next weekend. This way Bucky has more time to adjust to you being here. We can see if he goes running off to Natasha or if he is serious. That and you can start building your relationship from the bottom, spend time don’t just leave when he is in the room. Have those needed conversations. Then next Saturday we all go out and have some fun. We can even take Nat.” You jerk slightly at the idea. “Yes you will have to deal with her eventually. I can tell you though that she is trululy sorry and wants to make it up to you.”

You nod your head taking it all in. “Good! Now let’s move on with our day. I believe Tony wanted your assistance in the lab. Something about needing a guinea pig slash evil side kick.”

Wiping your tears, you draw Wanda in hugging her tight. “Thank you. It’s probably the latter. Tony was finding a job for me, I think mostly to keep me close but I also I need something to do.”

“Perfect, go get changed because your whole look right now does not scream evil side kick right now.” She chuckles and pushes you toward your room.

“You’re right, this reads more lazy assistant. Oh wait, I should let Bucky know about next Saturday.”

“I got it, plus I’m headed to the gym anyway. That’s where he most likely is.”

Rushing to your room you dress and hustle to the lab. With each step you grow a little more confident in your future. Everything would work out in the end and your friends wpuld be there to help you through it all.

Entering the lab you are greeted, “Come pinky, it is time to take over the Wolrd!”

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Pat 2 of this? (sure why not)

Shepard woke with a lazy stretch, her muscles deliciously sore from last night. She lost count of how many time she and James made love, moving from the bed to the hot tub, and then the shower before they both gave into the physical exhaustion and crashed hard.

Speaking of, he was still asleep next to her, her head pillowed on his bicep. She watched him for a moment before reaching out, her thumb moving across the scar digging into his cheek and then the one on his lip. He woke with a hum, hazel eyes opening and fixing on her after a heavy blink to clear them.

“Good morning.” He mumbled, his hand coming up to brush the hair away from her face.

“Good morning.” She said, resting her chin on his chest.

“Last night was…goddamn.” He said and she giggled.

“No regrets?”

“None.” He said, “I’m still kicking my own ass for not letting it happen sooner.”

“We’re here now, aren’t we? Better late than never?”

“Fuck yeah.” That earned him another giggle. With a hand at her jaw, he tugged her up into a languid kiss that made her toes curl under the sheets and when he pulled away, she could see that now very familiar spark in his eyes. His hand ran down her back as he moved them so he was laying over her, one of his knees coming up to part her legs, the slide of his skin against hers making her shudder.

“James.” She whimpered and he hummed against her neck.

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  • *camping in a forest*
  • ...
  • ...
  • Sherlock: *awkward* Sorry you were stuck with me.
  • Molly: *also awkward* No, it's fine. Mary would have complained all night.
  • Sherlock: *nods* Their only time away from the baby.
  • Molly: Exactly.
  • -certain noises begin from John and Mary's tent-
  • Molly: *embarrassed* And they're making the most of it.
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* We could always-
  • Molly: -do the same-
  • Sherlock: -listen to your music.
  • ...
  • ...
  • Sherlock: I like your idea better.
Staying The Night

[1] [2] [3]

‘You’re gonna need to give me a few minutes before we continue.’ He chuckled slightly out of breath as you giggled and trailed your finger on his chest giggling at his flushed cheeks and amused eyes. ‘What? Old age catching up to you?’ You teased as you support yourself with your elbow lightly tracing shapes on his chest. Your hair cascading down your side when you looked at him. You had teased him quite a lot when he told you his age not because you were bothered by it but because of how his face contorted when you told him your age. You were slightly offended that he thought you were older so teasing him was a way of revenge.

He laughed at your respond as one of his arms snaked it’s way under your armpit and wrapped around your waist. It felt just right as his arm filled the gap between you and the bed. It felt perfect. ‘You youngsters!’ He joked in an old man voice making you laughed. He then pulled you down by your neck as he connected his lips with yours. The kiss had started slow, teasing even but when you pulled away. He pulled you back inching you closer towards him that your body was almost on top of him. You tried to pull away as you started peppering kisses down his jaws.

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CP fandom went fucking nuts when Zimbits went canon, can you imagine being a gay hockey fan in that universe when it happens for real?

Like, Jack Zimmermann comes back to the league after going to the most LGBT+ friendly college in America and you’re not actually hoping (he’s a loser and a nerd, the only two student groups he ever joined were the men’s hockey team and the Undergraduate History Students’ Association, there’s a Yik Yak post on campus that quotes him and a teammate saying he didn’t even get a frequent coffee punch card from the shop closest to the library until senior year) but like… maybe? yay?

But he does say that one of the things he liked about signing with Providence is that he gets to stay close to his college friends since they’re really great and he loves seeing them, and sometimes you and your friends talk like: Maybe he even has a gay friend!!!  Maybe he’s friends with this person and not a big homophobic dick about it!  Omg! Maybe this friend opened his eyes to the homophobia in the league! We can hope, right???

And he was one of the players in a You Can Play youtube video and one week he and a bunch of Falconers used Pride Tape and it’s something, all right?

You and a bunch of gay friends sit around eating nachos for the Stanley Cup finals his second year and he wins and you’re so happy, and then in the post-game celly he bends down and fucking plants his lips on what the announcers were just telling you was one of the forward line of his college hockey team and now the announcers are silent and your whole living room explodes all over again, cheering and wolf-whistling and “Get it Zimms!” and the camera cuts away and you turn to your friend like, “Really?  How are they gonna spin that one?” but instead the TV’s just ignoring it, showing old game replays, but later that night there’s a Tweet with cell phone camera footage showing that Jack Zimmermann picked this guy fucking up, skated over to the players’ bench, sat him on the boards, and stood there making out with him for, like, a full minute.  PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY WHAT, you text your friend.

The next day at the celebratory press conference everyone on the entire team has that walk of shame/champagne breakfast look of guys who are still hungover and/or drunk but too fucking pleased about it to be properly ashamed and a reporter asks about the kiss and all the guys on the team groan and laugh, and Alexei Mashkov says, “Nice boy, yes? We like a lot,” and Jack Zimmermann hunches his head down to speak into the microphone.

“I, ah, one of the people who’s been an amazing support for me, throughout my career and basically since I met him, is my boyfriend, Eric Bittle.  I met him playing hockey at Samwell.  He’s an amazing player, and I am so lucky to have him in my life.”

You know this, despite working the day after the Cup final, because your boss (who is very understanding about you still being hung over) drags you into the break room and shows it to you.  You shriek and race out into the front of the store and grab your coworker, who is also your friend, in the middle of a transaction.

“Jack Zimmermann is gay!” you shriek, jumping up and down.  She abandons the customer and starts jumping up and down with you.  “He just announced it.  He has a boyfriend.  He was KISSING HIS BOYFRIEND.”

You jump up and down and hug and jump up and down while hugging and you’re both crying a little and she turns back to the customer she was helping and apologizes. “It’s all right,” the lady says.  “You young people have things to celebrate.”

I Love Rock and Roll

Teen!Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: Dean meets the reader at party, and they connect. Circumstances separate them, but will they find their way back to each other?

A/N: I was listening to the radio earlier, and Joan Jett`s “I love Rock and Roll” came on, and I was super inspired to write this about gorgeous Dean. I am making this into a series, and it won`t be AU…Hunter Dean forever!

Warning: Swearing, attempted rape (nothing graphic)

Word Count: 1840 (It`s a long one)

It was a Saturday night in February during 1997, and your best friend had dragged you out of the local library to party. 

You hated to party, and you had a massive paper due on Monday.

“Y/N! Lighten up, this party is going to be dank!”  Y/F/N yelled!

“Yeah… I`m sure its going to be awesome” you sarcastically roll your eyes as you get out of her car.

The frat house that was near the local college was booming with a booming bass, and people were already puking on the garden outside…yay.  

“Hey babe!” your best friends douche boyfriend- and frat member- called from the entrance of the frat lair.

Y/F/N looked at you, and you just sighed and nodded. She was gonna abandon you eventually, at least this way you could hide in a corner, and sip warm beer; she ran away and you trudged inside out of the cold February air.

The house was full of grinding bodies just randomly placed everywhere: against the staircase, the coat hanger, and the kitchen counter…ew hygiene.

Looking around, you saw no one that you knew, just a bunch of horny teenagers. Not your scene.

This was your last year of high school, and boy were you glad the nightmare was nearly done. Four years of torture from relentless teasing…just because you preferred books over boys!

College was just around the corner, and you couldn’t wait to leave this shit town.

Pushing your way through the crowd, you found the beer keg, and poured yourself a drink into the stereotypical red solo cup.

“Hey baby, sup” some blonde frat next to you winked.

“Ugh as if!” you responded, channeling your inner Cher.

So you liked rom-coms- whatevs.

Once again, you pushed through the dry-humpers, and found a nice corner with an armchair you could sit in: thank god this spot wasn’t occupado.

With a huff, you sat down in the chair, trying to ignore the thumping music, and took out your current read: the Odyssey.

A few people around you snickered at your activity, but you just ignored the idiots. 

About 10 minutes passed before it happened: the moment that changed your life forever.

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Useful shit about the Netherlands

1. Its called The Netherlands NOT Holland okay? Holland only refers to two out of our 12 provinces. 

2. We love bicycles, EVERYONE drives a bicycle, whenever its raining or storming, we ride it every chance we get.

3. Tolerance is very important for the Dutch, we say whatever we want, and have allot of critique.

4. Dont order coffee in a coffee shop, It’s a café where soft drugs are sold. Just go to Starbucks or a regular cafè if you want coffee. 

5. We are very fond of our royal household, and they still take part in many traditions and ceremonies.

6. We love our traditions, dont you even dare to criticise our traditions. Just don’t do it!

7. Sinterklaas is one of our most famous traditions, It is about a saintly man called ‘Sint Nicolaas’ There will be parades and on December the 5th there will be a 'Pakjesavond’ the children will receive presents from Sinterklaas and the Zwarte pieten (which are his helpers)

8. Ice skating is one of the most famous sports here. Everyone does it and millions of Dutch people are going ice skating in the winter every year.

9. We call ourself the masters of water, but there is traffic jam at the slightest bit of rain. And believe me it rains ALLOT in The Netherlands, so there is allways traffic jam.

10. We love soccer, its our life.

11. We greet everyone, but mostly in villages. In big cities we rarely greet people. 

12. We eat lots of potatoes, almost every evening we eat potatoes.

13. We have a gay pride once a year, thats a huge parade of men with not so many clothing on.

14. We hate our government, we hate them allot.

15. We discriminate allot, especially about immigrants, really allot.

16. The crime punishments in the Netherlands are extremely low.

17. We are allways in a hurry and impatient, we can get really irritated by the public transport because it is allways too late or too slow in the Netherlands.

18. We talk very open about sex, in almost all of our movies and series there is sex. No doubt it, we dont have any shame.

19. Our breakfast and lunch aren’t very special, just a regular piece of bread with cheese or ham on it, and a glass of milk.

20. Do not drink alcohol on the streets, thats against the law.

21. Do not walk on bike lanes, we WON’T stop for anyone trust me.

Brother of the NORTH part 3

Chapter 4:“Rise of Dawn” Genji woke up and enter his shower. He was singing his favorite song from Baby Metal and heard a sound. He turns and sees Angela was in the shower with him! They both scream ran out with their towels to their room and feel very embarrassed and shameful. Later, Genji was cooking breakfast for Hanzo and Angela. Hanzo was working on his paperwork and Angela is still blushing and embarrassed. Genji passes out the breakfast, sit down and they eat. Angela was amazed how Genji cooked and Hanzo, well he said it ok. Genji was noticing that Angela was looking more on Hanzo’s paperwork. He is wondering why? He collects all the dishes and washes them. Genji later went to Angela room to tell her to apologize to her. He knocks but, the door was open and he sees the odd symbol again. He walks up to it, pick it up and try to remember that symbol. Angela snatched the object and put in the bag and zip closed.

♡What are you doing in my room?!?!?

~*Genji bow so much* Apologies Angela! I didn’t mean to!

♡Genji, it fine. It was an accent.



~Would you like to come with me to Luna Night Club tonight?

♡Of course Genji. I would love to. Today is my last days here. Tomorrow I’m going back home with Jack and the others.

~Yes Angela…I’m going to miss you…

♡*Hand on the cheek* I will too.

Genji left the room and Angela relief the secret mission wasn’t exposed.

Later that night, Genji was waiting for Angela in the front of the temple. When he heard the door opened and foot stepping down, he was amazed by Angela beautiful white dress, clear Blond and the eyes shine from the moon.

♡Ready to go Mr. Shimada?

~As you requested Angela

They went and enter the club. They both dance, chat about themselves and how work suck, takes pictures and having fun together. When Genji heard the slow dance, Angela beg Genji to try the slow dance. They did and they were embarrassed and shy about the dance. They look at each other, smile, blushed and they feel something that they haven’t felt it for a while. Genji makes his move and Angela let Genji kiss her. They kiss like a firework was blowing up in their lips. They both stop and blushed.

~You are an amazing kisser, Ms. Ziegler

♡You too Genji

They both went out and walk over the river, hold hand and watch the moon go down and the sun rising. Genji hugs Angela behind and Angela holds Genji hand. They feel warm and feel in love. Genji takes Angela back to her room and they gave each other a good night kiss. Genji was in love and feel so amazed he found his turn love.

Chapter 5: “Brother’s Blood” Genji help Angela with her stuff and drove her to the airport. They arrived and Genji holds the bags and waits for Angela to get her tickets. They wait for the call for Switzerland.

~Angela… Yesterday was a great night *blushed*

♡*blushed and smile* it was magical Genji. It was the best date ever

Angela holds Genji’s hand and she will always remember the feeling of a good Shimada.

*Switzerland 5B in 15 minutes*

♡I better go Genji *kiss cheek* I love you.

Hand lets go. Genji watches his true love gone into the crowd.

~I… I love you too Ms. Ziegler…

Genji drove back home and get a dress for a trade shipping from the Los Muertos. Genji truly misses Angela and he would wish to go with Angela but, he has to stay for family honor.

Later that Night, Genji was thinking to sneak out to get some noodles but, he rather not. Genji has a shivering feeling that something wasn’t right. Genji looks outside and sees a ship hover over the temple. Genji grabs his sword and tries to get Hanzo but, Hanzo knew what is going on and the Shimada Clan army is getting prepared for battle. They hear men shouting and gun clocking, the Shimada turn off all power and steal shut their training arena and knowledge of the Shimada. Army broke through and they are clueless that the power is off. Genji and Hanzo hide the top of the shelling and Hanzo shout to attack. The clan drops and start to slice and kill the enemy. When Genji stab one man on the chest, he recognized that logo again.

Home 10/?



Summary: After meeting Alfred on an online site for omegas and alphas to find a mate, Arthur decides to make a trip to America to find out if Alfred really is the right mate for him, and if Alfred will think Arthur is the right one too.
AU: Omegaverse AU, Cowboy AU
Warnings: This will be a slow start fic kinda. In later chapters there will be NSFW content but for now just expect fluff and awkwardness.

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anonymous asked:

Wow! Breakfast shaming is so uncool! You do you Mat, those look awesome!

Yeah! Stop breakfast shaming me LUCIEN! Not everyone can just eat a grapefruit!