shame for breakfast

Imagine you and Loki live with the Avengers in the Stark Tower. One morning, during breakfast at, Thor starts telling the other Avengers about Frost Giants, calling them horrible names, and describing, in detail, how many he’d slaughtered. You can see Loki is uncomfortable, so you cut Thor off, going on a long rant, calling him out on his and Odin’s racism and how it affected Loki. Thor realises he fucked up and hangs his head in shame, and you make him apologise to Loki and to swear never to say anything like that again.

  • *camping in a forest*
  • ...
  • ...
  • Sherlock: *awkward* Sorry you were stuck with me.
  • Molly: *also awkward* No, it's fine. Mary would have complained all night.
  • Sherlock: *nods* Their only time away from the baby.
  • Molly: Exactly.
  • -certain noises begin from John and Mary's tent-
  • Molly: *embarrassed* And they're making the most of it.
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* We could always-
  • Molly: -do the same-
  • Sherlock: -listen to your music.
  • ...
  • ...
  • Sherlock: I like your idea better.
The One That Got Away

A laptop, a new book, a cup of hot espresso, and a piece of pancake are the only things keeping Dan companionship at an 8 am shameful breakfast in a coffee shop. He’s alone and unemployed and living with his parents for the past 2 years; these kind of circumstances where people are busy and on a hurry feels like a slap on his face. As much as he wants to fix the mess he has become, he don’t think he’s ready. Will he even be ever ready enough? That’s a question that Dan just keeps pushing at the back of his head but then again, these circumstances will always make him feel like he’s being mocked.

He is seated at the very corner of the coffee shop. Thankfully, it’s vintage so there are wooden walls instead of the glass ones which, through it, makes him see the productivity of weekdays. However, inside with him are people who looks like they have tons of errands to run and doesn’t seem happy about it so he figured there’s not much of a difference. The truth is, he just wants to read a book and have breakfast. The laptop is only something to make him look like he got his shit together. He thought it’s working and jokes on them.

For a moment, he found himself staring at the cup of coffee sitting in front of him. He watched how the smoke swirls its way out of the hot beverage making it colder as the time pass by. Finally, he picked it up and took a sip; somehow, he’s expecting for a burning sensation against his lip before realizing that he just watched it get colder.

Every page is equivalent to a slice of pancake and every caffeine intake provides an addition energy to his system that he doesn’t usually put into good use. Maybe that’s why his heart always beats so fast.

He ran out of breakfast when he reached the second chapter but he kept going until he reached the third ones. As he flipped the page to another journey of immersing himself with the world that the book has shown him, the bell from the door caught his attention. Looking up, he didn’t expect who’s standing a few tables away before his eyes.

Phil Lester looked a little lost when he stepped in but the bewilderment on his face were easily replaced with a smile as soon as he stood at the end of the line from the counter.

How are you supposed to react when you’ve just seen the first person you’ve ever loved the most after 2 years of no communication?

Forget the coffee because he suddenly felt like his heart just skipped a bit and if it weren’t for the book’s hard cover, it would’ve been damaged because he’s holding it way too tight.

Loving Phil used to remind Dan of his childhood and how he used to make mud pies under the rain no matter how many times his parents have told him to not play with the dirt. Phil is just bad and bold and no one likes them together but he’s mad.

He showered him with sweet nothings until Dan started rooting for him. He was his sunshine and he watered him with his own tears until he has grown into a rose; Phil thought he’s beautiful but he touched him with his bare hand without expecting the thorns he’s always had.

Looking at Phil being casual and not aching as he receives his latte over the counter with the same bright smile he used to offer for his eyes only pains Dan.

Phil thought it would be painful to keep him without realizing that it’s more painful to be picked on and left wilting on the ground.

i am back in the uk!

visiting @caramelcheese was a fucking blast!!! the yoi rewatch was more fun than we couldve imagined, & seeing portugal was also rly awesome; i got to climb things in a park, see a bomb aquarium, & eat a whole bunch of foods id never tried (including octopus, which was v tasty but still v, v weird to my american sensibilities)

i also made her family banana chocolate chip pancakes, which they had never had (a shame) & proved that breakfast sausages & maple syrup belong together. 

all that being said, i now need to buckle the fuck up & crank out some papers! ill be around in the next week, but ill also be lowkey dying. sorry for any delays answering asks in the meantime!

(also, since ive had a few ppl ask -  i wasnt anywhere near the terror attacks in london (x) today. the part of the UK im staying in is p far away from there, so im safe)