Pass or fail
They say that neurodiverse people pass if they aren’t identifiable as autistic or on the spectrum. I have spent my whole life passing and…
By Heidi Turner

Quote from “Pass or fail” by Heidi Turner.

They say that neurodiverse people pass if they aren’t identifiable as autistic or on the spectrum. I have spent my whole life passing and failing. Like 100,000 tiny exams, each and every day.

Holding my breath, watching those around me, trying to pick up cues for whatever circumstance I have found myself in. Sometimes it’s flying colours, many times I fail. I have broken some undefinable rules that everyone else seems to know and I never got the manual.

I honestly have spent my whole life searching for that damn manual. Pass or fail. Either way I lose. Passing is so exhausting that I come home so burned out, frazzled, sure I have blown it somehow, rerunning every episode and interaction back and forth in my brain like a VHS security tape trying to see where I need to apologize, what mess I need to clean up, how have I embarrassed myself unknowingly. Every single time.

The time has come for me to be more proactive about the countdown. I want to ensure that it is accurate and to do that, from today on, I will be posting much earlier in the day each day (morning for California) vs. what I had been doing which was at night (the next day for most of my fans around the world).

And because I missed yesterday…

…you’ll be getting two posts today, then the new approach will begin in ~18 hours!

Today’s (meaning for Fri, 7/29) art, entitled “Vader’s Journey” is by Dennis Houwers from Amsterdam. 

665 Days until the Han Solo Movie

504 Days until Episode VIII








I don’t believe anyone shouldn’t not feel guilty if they don’t believe. I think when they do believe, their guilt is removed. But being condemned isn’t a mistake, because it’s impossible to be self-condemned when you know Jesus. It’s impossible to not walk in love toward yourself and others when you know Jesus.

7 Things You Should Never Be Ashamed Of

1. Listening to your intuition.

2. Respecting and standing up for yourself.

3. Making your own choices/ living your own life.

4. Taking time for yourself/ investing in self care.

5. Feeling and respecting your own emotions.

6. Following your heart, and Investing in your dreams.

7. Letting go of the past (that’s not who you are now.)

Shame on you if you think it’s funny to take advantage of someone who cares about you.

If you think that ignoring them for a while is okay because they will be back.

If you treat someone like they’re replacable.

If you feel like taking your anger out on them is okay because you know they will handle it.

If you’ve stopped letting them know that you care because you don’t, but you won’t let them go because of your ego.

If you think that no matter whose fault it is, they’ll be the one to apologise.

If you take advantage of someone who truly, truly loved you.

Shame on you for what you did to me.

Aight I been wallowing in my dumpster all week and have a buttload of trash for you so hold onto your asses!

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Rat boy practice. I hate drawing his mech arm so much.

We have the Jailbird skin now give me the gay prison hijinks I want. Just what Roadie needs is horizontal stripes amirite

Blaming @yummidraws for trucker hats & plaid shirts…

…and also for considering the Islander skin hair YES LAWDDDDDD shoot me into the fucking sun

I literally can’t stop I’m so so so so so sorry. I’m done putting my art degree to shame for now, everyone have a lovely weekend~ ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄