The Yambala people and Shambal Ramal’s name are most likely a reference to Shambala, a legendary kingdom described in both Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist traditions.  However, teachings and practices related to the Shambala legend predate either religion, and may have been part of an older belief system.

In the Hindu text, the Vishnu Purana, Shambala is described as the future birthplace of Vishnu’s final incarnation, who will lead the world to the ‘Era of Truth’ and 1.7 million years of peace.

The Buddhist Kalacakra Tantra contains a similar prophecy, where Shambala is a utopian society, untouched by the decline of the outside world, until the reign of its 32nd and final king.  At this time Shambala will be revealed, and the final king will defeat a great oppressor.

The Shambala legend was often misrecorded by Western sources, changing it from a spiritual concept to a physical lost kingdom.  In the 20th century, expeditions in search of Shambala were initiated by high-ranking members of both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

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1. “add it up” by andrew belle

2. “waiting” by bootstraps

3. “gone” by matt nathanson

4. “she lit a fire” by lord huron

5. “everything” by ben howard

6. “big bird in a small cage” by patrick watson

7. “sun” by sleeping at last

8. “skinny love” by bon iver

9. “farewell” by greg laswell

10. “one day” by kodaline

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Heartbreaking/beautiful Conqueror of Shamballa moments

No one will ever know how much this movie broke me. I don’t know why I’m making this. 

But to start off with this…this is Edward stuck in a world he doesn’t belong to, separated from Al and Winry and everything and everyone he’s ever loved.


But okay THIS scene. Because this is the Elric brothers reunited after two years. And Al is so ecstatic and it just makes me want to cry with relief. 

This might be my favorite one of all–the second he hears Winry say his name–he hasn’t looked up yet, but this is the first time he’s heard her voice in two years. And he looks like he’s been punched in the gut. 

This just makes me laugh and cry at the same time cuz he looks so happy and the way he whispers “Winry” and then freaks out a tiny bit when she glomps him. 

This is beautiful cuz Ed just looks absolutely paralyzed because he’s too overwhelmed with what’s happening and Winry’s on the verge of tears and she really just doesn’t even care because he’s home after all that time and she loves him and just ugh yeah. 

But then…a not-so-friendly reminder that this is the last time Ed and Winry ever see each other. And they don’t even say goodbye because they don’t know it. 

Which of course leads into this…Al hysterically screaming at Ed not to go, even saying “What about Winry?”

And Ed’s response “Tell her thanks for me.” and that look in his eyes.

And Winry just knows. “I guess he’s not going to let me wait any longer, huh?” I think the worst part is the fact that she’s not freaking out…because she’s accepted that this is the end.

That’s the same look Edward has. And that’s what made me unable to sleep.

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What's your favorite movie? Fullmetal Alchemist Conqueror of Shamball or High School musical??

You are the devil to let me choose between those two! I hate Shamballa, and i’ve never watched highschool musical but everything I heard from it seems to be shit not what i like.