shaman panda

Things I love, in no certain order, except the first thing:

1. READERS!! Ahem. Readers.
2. Presents from readers, like panda head speakers, hugs and squeals.
3. Bookstore cafes renaming treats so people could enjoy Panda-ccinos and Bamboo Bites for the afternoon. (Walt would have been so proud!)
4. Bookstores, in general. All of them. ALL OF THE BOOKSTORES EVERYWHERE.
5. Readers who have slumber parties based on the book. And write poetry about it.
6. Reviewers! It’s beyond cool to see how people interpret my little world.
7. See number one. And four. And six.
8. Playing Ask Walt, the Shaman Panda. The best question of the afternoon:
Person: “What’s the difference between a shaman panda and a shaman?”
Walt: One of them’s a panda.

Best. Sunday afternoon. Ever. Thanks, everyone, who came out!