shaman king kzb

With the help of taotastic​’s very useful post, I gave Neowing a shot to try to get my hands on the remix volumes + two very elusive KZB volumes. It wasn’t too hard ordering from the Japanese site aside from the very laughable English translation, courtesy of Google Translate. 

Several of the volumes went on backorder shortly after I purchased them (I think 8, 9, 3, 4, and 14?), so there were a couple of weeks of wait time before they actually shipped. I got them fairly fast after that (I think it was less than a week). 

If you want to how large the postcards actually are, here’s a picture! Even with my little fingers for rough comparison, they’re not huge.

External image

If you’re wondering why the heck I bought two copies of #8… it’s so I could remove one of the postcards for framing or something. They’re really, really beautiful and vibrant in person. It was an expensive haul with the shipping tacked on but holy hellfire I regret nothing.

can you guess my favorite character