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The most splendid existence… is it not to be at peace…?

Inktober 2017 day 6/31: Shaman King by Takei Hiroyuki

princewalter  asked:

I like that you answer all your questions so professionally. What are your personal feelings about Tao Ren and Iron Maiden Jeanne being married in shaman king flowers? And what are your feelings about Jeanne's death? I have mixed feeling about Hiroyuki Takei choice in killing her.

I think Takei is trying to explore the multiple paths to reach a goal. In the original Shaman King series, we had many Shamans take their different paths to become Shaman King. This was the journey, which had some diverging paths, but met back at the same goal.

Towards the end of Shaman King KZB and into Flowers, it’s saying what is next. What is after the goal of Shaman King is lost. Turns into the shift to parenthood and preparing the next generation. Yoh and Anna had an early start. Ren then sees this as the next challenge to take. Takei used Jeanne as the wife for Ren, since he matches with his goal of being powerful and trying to stay ahead of Yoh. I doubt we’ll see much of how this came together between Ren and Jeanne. But I think the end goal was clear, which was to have Men.

For her death, there are clear signs that this will be pulled into the larger plot that has yet to be told. It’s also a measure to eliminate the “why doesn’t the older character just solve all the problems?” It’s a decent plot device to put the challenge and goalpost back in the younger generation’s hands.

It also adds an extra level of complexity to the parenthood theme that is present in Flowers. What level of parenthood impacts their children. You see sorts of rebellion with Tamao and Redseb/Seyram. You have Ren acting like En towards Men (without a mother figure, or Jun). Hana has a weird balance between multiple parental-supports but chooses to reject all of them. New characters like Yosuke follow more of a path like Hao, which is controlled by his own inter-strength. And Yohane/Luka also take a similar path as Ren did.

So Hiroyuki Takei has setup a level of detail and nuance that is definitely unique coming out of the original Shaman King series. How far he’ll take it with the sequel to Shaman King Flowers is hard to tell. My guess is that alot of these elements will be overshadowed by action and other conflicts, similar to the original Shaman King series (volumes 10-18). But I think he’ll come back to these on the later half (similar to 19-27), where both of those story elements (action/conflict plus the impacts of parenthood) will come back into play with the Flowers sequel.