KHR is really just a story about mafia men’s ill-advised adopting plans

Dino nabs Tsuna and Hibari as little brothers (Hibari goes down fighting. He Hates This). Reborn is already his Bad Grandpa so they’re a surrogate family

Squalo adopts Yamamoto as HIS little brother and Yamamoto is the BETTER version?? obviously??

iemitsu has his Low Maintenance student basil. why spend effort on raising your actual son when you can claim this kid who worships you and does everything you say. haha

shamal takes on gokudera but like. he Does Not Want To. shamal is terrified of responsibility. it burns to the touch, like sunshine on a vampire’s skin

mukuro angrily hoards people. presumably to take them out of the mafia hoarding game. he does it compulsively. why else would he intentionally hire fran

Miserly Old Mist Wizard Mammon just takes on the entire varia. Theirs Now. Hate All Of Them More Than Anything But Still Theirs

tsuna has 3 kids and a gaggle of guardians. he’s doing so well at such a young age

timoteo got a high-level responsibility with xanxus but. that didn’t turn out great.

xanxus refuses to participate

reborn wins, reigns King Of Taking Responsibility Over Teenagers. he also Hates This. but he reigns anyway, out of spite

I’m perfectly fine with doing this! It was actually a really cool and very unexpected request and I had a lot of fun doing this! I hope you’ll enjoy the mix, my lovely anon!

FEELS LIKE HOME - a disney-based khr fanmix

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