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1 and 4, of course!

1. Describe yourself how you would describe a character you’re introducing

Ahsoka Tano and Obi-Wan Kenobi sat on a small limestone wall that curved around the ornate formal gardens of the palace of King Shamalama of the House of Ding Dong. They were enjoying a hot lunch they had purchased from a nearby clutch of food stands and were discussing the next step in their plan to discover the source of the nano-glitter that was used in the glitter bombings that had been terrorizing the City of Nii on the planet of Spamelot. 

They were laughing about something when a woman walked over to them, looking a little nervous with a large smile on her face. She was dressed in a style typical to the people of Camelot, and her hair was piled atop her head in a style that might have been charming if her smile wasn’t so toothy and anxious. 

It wasn’t every day one spoke to Jedi. 

“Pardon me, Master Jedi,” the woman said, her voice an awkward mix of anxious and excited. “I hate to interrupt and I’m sure you already knew this because you’re Jedi and all but… there’s a guy following you and he’s hiding in that trashcan.”

Ahsoka let out a groan as Obi-Wan rolled his eyes and muttered something disparaging in Huttese. “We know. But thank you for your concern.”

Twisting around from her seat on the wall, Ahsoka shouted back at the trash can. “We know you’re back there Qui-Gon! Stop following us!”

The woman covered her mouth and tried not to laugh as the trashcan called back. “I just want what’s best for Obi-Wan! Why don’t you trust me, Knight Tano?”

“Thank you, madame,” Obi-Wan sighed, bowing his head. “We’ll take it from here.”

And you know what, they did just that. 

4. Are there any other fic writers you admire? If so, who and why?

Oh there are so many! But I’m going to leave @writegowrite out because y’all know how I feel about my smart and devious little Sith Lord writer.

I love @mithingthepoint for her beautiful prose and excellent characterization. She’s got such a way with language and can make a fully realized world in less than 1k words! It’s amazing! You should check out all of her work but the first thing of hers that I read was By the Lies that I have Loved (and the actions I have hated) which is AMAZING. Just so beautiful and so sad and so, so, sooooo good! Also she has a new book out called Don’t Feed The Trolls which I have only started to read and it just flows so well! So check that out too!

I love @glare-gryphon for her ability to really nail that delicious dynamic between Anakin and Obi-Wan in all of her fics. Of course I, like all good people, am adoring Horizon Light, which is an amazing Pacific Rim AU with Obi-Wan and Anakin as two jaeger pilots thrust together (against their will) by the head of their shatterdome to fight against the Kaiju. Both characters are so broken and so raw that it’s just heartbreaking and you keep hoping that somehow they will stumble their way together and find that perfect harmony we all know they’re capable of. Glare has such a great gift for poor, emotionally distraught characters and that’s not even talking about Negotiation or Solider, Poet, King. I mean y’all should just go read everything she’s got because it’s amazing. 

Another amazing master of the poetic language and the beautiful imagery is @themikeymonster‘s works especially Viridescent Skies which is an amazing age-swapped AU where Anakin is the older former padawan of Qui-Gon Jinn who takes tiny Obi-Wan Kenobi as his new padawan. It’s SO GOOD and her Anakin is so well done and her writing is just so pretty I want to print it out and frame it on my wall. Here is her fic masterlist and I am also love the time-traveling Vader AU Ad Verecundium because it’s amazing and her poor Obi-Wan is so determined to fix everything.

Another person who is an awesome writer is none other than our very own Uber Fic Rec Master and Secret Soft Sith Anakin, @darthluminescent who not only inspires great works from others but is pretty damn talented! I ADORED Reunion which is a lovely combination of emotions, trauma, recovery and deliciousness. 

And last but most definitely not least is @laventadorn who creates these beautiful word pictures and makes everyone so relatable! You follow right along with everybody, feel their pain, and completely understand their motivations and actions. You still end up screaming “No no no! You turn right back around and you tell poor Obi-Wan how you feel damnit!” but you understand why Anakin is being a complete and utter a$$hole about it. 

And I am still not over the sad image of Obi-Wan in the rain on the speeder after politely telling Padme to back the $%& off of the Jedi order in The Light You Leave Behind is soooo good and so powerful and just… UGH! 

Other excellent fics I don’t have time for are….

Across the Stars by @hellsbellssinclub For a delightful Star Wars x Doctor Who mashup where Obi-Wan meets a new space mum, DONNA NOBLE.

The Ebb and Flow by Firefliesonalake which features a female Obi-Wan as a healer assigned to a mission with rogue Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and it’s just such a lovely and different take on Obi-Wan, who in spite of not being a general and a warrior is more than capable of handling Walking Talking Thundercloud Anakin Skywalker. 

The Ouroboros Series by @bedlamsbard is the first star wars fan fic series I ever read and it’s tons of fun. It’s long so if you need something long to dig into, enjoy!

Anything by @skywalker-anakin because this girl writes THE BEST SMUT. OKAY? If I cannot include stuff that is tailor made specifically for me by my darling Lily, then I’m going to go with anything by this girl because HOT DAMN. HOT DAMN.

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cults are like elaborate clubs, so i wanna start one

ideas for a cult:

-we meet biweekly, you bring all the dogs or cats you currently possess and we pet 

-we meet monthly, everyone brings a paintball gun or a friend with a paintball gun and we hunt in the forest for donald trump masks i hid in the trees

-we meet weekly to watch the bee movie. each. week. at the end of the year, you recite the script by heart. your reward is you no longer have to watch the bee movie. 

-we meet biweekly to watch every shitty m night shamalama movie ever. yes. this includes the dreck that is the last airbender. 

-we meet monthly to discuss and plan the taking and maintaining of our territory in the case of an apocalypse, zombie or nuclear beast or whatever it entails. you are not obligated to bring supplies or plans, just listen. 

no matter which idea is my favorite, we call it the Church of Sentient Amoeba. 

I’m flexible on the name, any  name involving aliens, paramecium, dabbing, or includes the word “amorphous” will be considered.