sham 2012

London, January 27th-30th, 2012: A Sherlockian Holiday

As promised here is my report on my stay in London this last weekend. Be prepared for a loooong post. ;)

Friday, 27th of January:

My trip started at 3pm when I was picked up by the airport taxi to go to Hamburg airport. My flight was due at a quarter past 6, but it was delayed so I just sat down at the gate and read Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. A lady took a seat on the bench opposite mine and when I looked up she took something out of her handbag. It was a PINK PHONE, yes just like the one in ASiP. It was all I could do not to start fangirling. ^^ But I took it as a good omen for my journey. I finally arrived in London Heathrow, got my transport card and then mounted the Heathrow express to go to Paddington Station. From there I took a taxi (yes, I dared to take one! ^^) to go to my hotel just around the corner of Baker Street. It was a nice and cosy place, my room was really nice and I then had an early night to be fit in the morning for all the Sherlockian bliss that awaited me the next day. ;)

Saturday, 28th of January

After a nice breakfast I started for the Sherlock meet-up at Speedy’s. I arrived a bit early at Speedy’s, but already some Sherlockians had gathered. I have to admit that I was a bit afraid of that meet-up, because I didn’t know anyone there. But everyone was really nice and sweet and soon I was chatting away with a lot of people. I think in the end we were something around 50 fans there and everyone had a really good time. We took some pictures and had a laugh. This is me in front of Sherlock’s and John’s frontdoor:


It was so great to be there and see it all for myself. Such a great start for my fangirl-trip!

We all took some pictures for the I believe in Sherlock and Save Undershaw-campaigns with a lot of people walking past staring and wondering what was going on. ;) After that we all went to a pub to have something to eat and a pint or two. After that we split into two groups. I went with 20 or so other Sherlockians to the Sherlock Holmes Museum in Baker Street. I’ve taken some pictures of the whole group but won’t post them here, because I don’t know if everyone would agree with that. But I can show you some pictures of the museum:

There was a board in one of the rooms and it was COMPLETELY occupied by the I believe in Sherlock-campaign. There were posts of different days so a lot of Sherlockians seem to visit the museum. Have a look:

And this is me with the deerstalker (death frisbee) I purchased in front of the museum:

After the visit to the museum I went with some of my new friends to a cafe where we sat for a while chatting away. But then I had to leave them. They were going on a Sherlock Holmes-walk, but because I already had a ticket for the National Theatre I couldn’t join them. But we exchanged email-addresses and stuff like that and I really hope that we can keep up the contact!

I went to my hotel to get changed and relax for a while and started again at 7pm for the theatre. The National was great! I took a stroll around the place and really enjoyed the atmosphere there. I had a little chat with one of the guys who sell the programmes for the plays and I was talking with him about Frankenstein and Benedict. He met him and said that he was such a nice, uncomplicated person (as if I didn’t know that already! ^^) and that Johnny Lee Miller was the one who was always up for trouble. ;) He also said that they are really thinking, maybe planning to bring out a DVD of Frankenstein. That would be soooo great! The play I went to was “She stoops to conquer” and I can really recommend it! It’s a comedy from the 18th century and I really loved the costumes and the stage settings. A brilliant play all in all!

Sunday, 29th of January

I started early again to go to the one place I really wanted to see, but at the same time was really afraid of to visit: St. Bart’s. I took the tube to get there and then walked a bit. I immediately recognized the spot where Sherlock jumped and it shook me to the bone. It was all I could do not to cry out loud. At first I went to the spot John stood at during that last phone call. Then I went on to the spot where Sherlock hit the ground. My imagination even tricked me into believing that there were some remaining spots of blood on the ground. I sat down on the bench and couldn’t move for a while. I was shaking, literally… I never thought this place would have such an effect on me. It was like I couldn’t move so I stayed for at least half an hour to take pictures. Here are some of them:

The spot where Sherlock hit the ground:

Actually I had the feeling that the building was much higher on television. But still it’s a damn deep fall from that roof. Have some more pictures of me at St. Bart’s:

Me standing on the spot where Sherlock hit the ground.

Me standing where John stood. Sorry, I wasn’t able to smile for these pictures. Also my hair looks really bad…

Then I noticed a sign on the building:

So what does this tell us…

Okay, after St. Bart’s I had to go to some nicer places. The next spot I went to was the National Portrait Gallery. Of course I wanted to see Benedict’s picture there, but the contemporaries section was closed. But I enjoyed the Victorian era and the Jacobeans. I thought about going to the Tudor section, too, but by that time I had enough. I went out to a place packed with people because of the Chinese New Year celebration. I hate when a place is so crowded so I just went on the tube again and to Russel Square Garden. There I sat on the bench Mike Stamford sat when John passed him by. :)

At that time I was really hungry so I went back to Charing Cross and looked for the Sherlock Holmes Pub. It was pretty easy to find so I went inside and had a lovely Roast Beef and a pint of “Sherlock”. :)

I took some pictures of the interior, but the lighting wasn’t very good so I won’t post them here.

After that I really had to take a break. I wanted to go to the cinema to see War Horse that evening so I went to get my ticket and then I returned to the hotel to relax a bit.

I have to say that War Horse wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. Maybe that was just me, because I mainly went for Benedict and his part is quite short. But it never really touched my heart. But Benedict’s scenes were just fantastic. He really shines on the big screen. :) I really had to stop myself from squealing when he first appeared. Also I had a Sherlockian feeling during the scene in the tent: Benedict with the magnifying glass saying “excellent”. ^^ Before the film they also showed the trailer for The Hobbit so there was also a bit of Martin there. ^^

It was quite late when I came back to my hotel and I immediately went to bed then.

Monday, 30th of January

My last day in London. I was really sad that I had to leave, but wanted to spent the rest of the day going to some more locations and do some shopping. At first I went to “Angelo’s”. At that time of the day it wasn’t open, so I only took a few pictures from the outside part:

Then I went on to New Scotland Yard:

After that I took the tube to Camden town and had a stroll around the shops at Camden Market. There are a lot of Gothic stores there and I was really tempted to buy some clothes. In the end I bought a nice dress for the next Wave Gothic Meeting and a tophat. :) Then I went to Speedy’s again to have some soup and a hot chocolate for my lunch. The place was packed, but I took some pictures again. :) After that it was almost time to go back to the hotel and wait for the taxi to take me to Paddington station. But before that I had another look on the shop at the Sherlock Holmes Museum. I bought some souvenirs for my family.

My journey home was quite sad. I didn’t really want to leave London, but I had to, of course. But I will come back again soon and I hope I will meet some of my new Sherlock-friends and have another walk around London in the footsteps of Sherlock and John. :)

Here are some of the things I bought while in London:

Thanks for reading this rather long account of my adventures in Sherlock Holmes’ hometown. :)