The Warwick Rowers: fighting homophobia in sports one sexy calendar at a time

Last week, Good Look Panelist Shalyah Evans hung out with some English rowers who are using their good looks to take a stand against anti-LGBT bias. Keep reading for more on her sexy night out and some photos of the guys!

NSFW. NSFSchool. NSFanywherebutyourbedroom.

Ok, let’s run through the basics:

Who: Super hot rowers.

What: A naked calendar. Yup. Also an EXTRA naked film about the making of that calendar.

Where: Usually in England (swoon) but lucky for me this once, Los Angeles.

When: The best Wednesday night ever.

Why: THE BEST PART! To raise funds and awareness for the Warwick Rowers’ charity, Sport Allies, an organization that works tirelessly to fight homophobia and gender stereotyping in sports.

Are you sold? I sure am.

This week, I attended the LA premiere of the Rowers’ new film, Some Like It Hotter, and the release of their 2015 calendar. I’ve known about the Warwick Rowers and their work in the LGBT community since last year when I attempted and failed to give their calendar to all my girlfriends for Christmas. Sadly, a misunderstanding between the post office and myself as to what a “mail hold” meant kept the Rowers and I apart. (Curse you, lady who yelled at me when I came in to pick up my package!)

So when I found out they were going to be launching a tour of the USA to promote their 2015 calendar I was … um… excited? Yes, that’s the word we will go with… Excited.

As I am sure many of you are aware, sometimes team sports can be a place where gender and anti-LGBT biases are found.

Unfortunately, some people still believe that being an athlete means that you fit into a very specific and hetero-normative idea of what an athlete “should” be, which makes people who don’t fit into those norms feel unwelcome. And though there are some really inspiring openly gay professional athletes (hello, Robbie Rogers, out soccer player who just won the MLS Cup), there still aren’t enough role models out there. Telling a teammate that they are gay or that they play like a girl is meant as an insult, therefore perpetuating the idea that being gay or female or anything outside of what is traditionally considered masculine is not welcome or acceptable in sports. It sucks. Big time.

The guys of the Warwick Rowers (which I was told to pronounce “Wah-rick” by several scantily clad young men) have had enough.

They originally started their calendar as a fundraiser for their rowing club, but when they realized how much support they were receiving from the LGBT community, they decided to do something to support right back. And that’s where Sport Allies was born.

It was wonderful to watch the film and listen to this group of accomplished college athletes, who are primarily straight BTW, talk about how unacceptable they find homophobic behavior in sports. They just want everyone who is interested to have a chance to participate in sports, and to do so free of bullying or intolerance. So simple. Yet just not common enough.

Oh and did I mention they were naked while they were talking? I really hope you believe me that I was listening to them talk. I swear I was. Mostly.

So what can you do to help?

The calendars (available for around $20, gotta switch it over from sexy British pounds) are available at along with video downloads, postcards, shirts, and more. You can also grab the calendar at Kitson if you have one of those near you.

Be ready - the film is, shall we say, a literal sausage fest, soooo like I said at the start NSFW NSFW NSFW!!!

Just think, you get an insanely hot calendar for 2015 and you get to say it’s for charity. This is a total win/win.

Alright you’ve been reading long enough - let’s get to the pictures! Meet the boys!

And for even more from the guys:

TWITTER: @naked_rowers

INSTAGRAM: @warwick_rowers


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