If WH characters had normal jobs.

Elias: Doctor.

Being a doctor is pretty much all about devotion to the job and studying. Does that not scream Elias? That guy spends his entire time studying trying to catch up with his brothers. So, a doctor sounds pretty fitting for Elias.

Yukiya: Florist.

Yukiya seems to know a lot about flowers and would get excited to see different species of flowers, so being a florist would allow him to be around flowers all the time.

Luca: Artist.

Luca is pretty damn artistic alright? He’s all about being creative and unique plus he draws/paints so, come on, an artist just suits him pretty well.

Klaus: Professor.

Klaus is already planning to become a professor so that didn’t need much thinking. He’s both stern and smart enough to be a professor so there we go.

Azusa: psycho killer Actor.

Okay I know it sounds weird, but listen, if you have no idea what Azusa did in his route, you wouldn’t be able to guess it very well. In most routes, he just seemed like a total sweetheart and if that’s not A+ acting, I don’t know what is. He’s also supposedly popular, so he doesn’t seem to mind much attention on him.

Serge: Scientist.

That guy is inventing stuff 24/7. Seriously. Scientist is just perfect for Serge. Maybe a teeny tiny bit of a mad scientist too.

Joel: Detective.

Nope. Definitely not a singer. Yes, Joel has a good voice and all, but get this; Joel is not the type of guy to want that much attention on him; he’s just not that good with people. Joel is really smart and just notices if something is not right about a person. Detectives usually work alone or with just one partner. So, this seems to fit Joel just fine.

Vincent: Probably a job in the military.

He’s part of the knights just gives me military vibes tbh, guess that was more intuitive; Idk.

Leon: Astronomer.

Just imagine how impressed he’d be with all the stars, planets, and galaxies; all that would pretty much just overwhelm him and interest him so much.

Guy: Definitely something related to sports like a football player or something.

Honestly, need I say more? Kind of obvious. It also fits his hyper personality well.

Cerim: Security guard.

He spent his route guarding a rock. Something tells me guarding is what he does best.

Glenn: Teacher.

Since he was taking care of his little sister, he probably knows how to deal with kids. He’s also mature and responsible enough for the job.

Leslie: Officer.

He’s also a good guard, but he has this intense sense of justice; he just gives me the feeling he’d be a good officer.

Sigurd: Tour guide.

Weird. I know. But Sigurd is rather good with people, he just interacts with groups of people with ease. So walking around with a group of people informing them about the place? Yeah that could work.

Liz: Vet.

Liz is all about healing and talking to animals, so with a normal job, she’d definitely end up as a vet.


Okay, you know those dating game apps? Otome games. ShallWeDate+, stuff like that? I propose:

Miraculous Ladybug Dating Game AU:

You can choose to date any of the classmates, male or female:

Marinette: The strong-willed fashion designer
(alternatively) Ladybug: The secretive superhero
Adrien: The lonely model
(alternatively) Chat Noir: The flirtatious superhero
Alya: The nosy journalist/best friend
Nino: The out-going DJ
Nathanael: The quiet artist
Chloe: The stuck-up mayor’s daughter
Sabrina: The friendly sidekick
Kim: The energetic jokester
Alix: The fierce athlete
Max: The intelligent gamer
Ivan: The shy giant
Mylene: The aspiring actress
Rose: The bubbly florist
Juleka: The misunderstood Goth


The story begins on the first day of class. You’re the new student in Ms. Bustier’s homeroom. You can choose to sit next to Ivan or Nathanael, since they are the only two benches with open seats.

You try to introduce yourself to the person you decide to sit next to. Both Ivan and Nathanael are rather quiet, so Ivan gives a smile and goes back to listening to music, or alternatively, Nathanael nods to acknowledge you and continues to draw. You are kind of put off by both reactions, but can’t help but wonder what Ivan is listening to/Nathanael is drawing.

Adrien quickly introduces himself to you during break, eager to make new friends. He drags Nino along as well, and Nino gives a “Yo,” in response. You engage in polite conversation until Adrien has to leave early for a photoshoot, and requests to hang out later.

Chloe and Sabrina confront you next, making sure that you know your place, that Adrien is off-limits, et cetera. She then offers for you to join her friend group a la Draco Malfoy, which you have the option to confirm or deny. Should you say yesChloe tries to kick Mylene from her seat and you have the option to A, take Mylene’s spot, B, insist Mylene not move and sit back in your original seat, or C, squeeze three to a bench with Chloe and Sabrina. However, you are eventually convinced to stay beside Ivan/Nathanael. Should you say no, Chloe decides she doesn’t like you and lumps you in with Marinette and Alya.

At this point, Marinette and Alya turn around to tell you not to listen to Chloe, and not to let anything she says get to you. You’re touched by their thoughtfulness, and wonder if you should hang out with them more.

As the day goes on, you meet the rest of the classmates. After lunch, there is an Akuma attack. Luckily, Ladybug and Chat Noir appear to rescue you, telling you to stay safe and out of the way while they take care of the villain. You are starstruck by Paris’ superheroes.

As you get ready to head home after your first long day, you notice that it’s raining outside. You stand outside waiting for your ride when someone walks up behind you and offers you an umbrella. Whoever it is determines the path that you take throughout the game.

If you pick the Marinette, Ladybug, Adrien, or Chat Noir routes, you also get peeks into their superhero lives, until during the climax when they accidentally (or on purpose) reveal themselves to you. They are nervous that you’ll reject them, but are surprised and happy when you accept who they are (after having some suspicions).

The other character arcs climax with them being akumatized, and they finally admit their love for you once you confront them and even in their akumatized form, they can’t bring themselves to attack you, leaving them open for Ladybug and Chat Noir to capture and purify the akuma.

There are Three Endings for each route: The Normal Ending, the Golden Ending, and the Miraculous Ending

The ending you get depends on the choices you make, based on a point system. If you make the best choice in a situation, you get Affection Points.Get a certain amount of Affection Points and you can unlock the Miraculous Ending, which would come with a final illustration of you and the character you chose.

I’m leaving out Purifying Lessons and Modeling Lessons. In actual games, at certain points in the story, you would come across Purifying Lessons andModeling Lessons. Purifying Lessons give you Ladybugs, which you would need a certain amount of in order to pass the lesson and move on with the story. You can only take 5 lessons a day, however, since you need to restock your energy. You might also come across Modeling Lessons, which usually happen if the Character you decided on gives you an item. You would need to purchase certain items using in-game currency to make your avatar more glamorous, and get a certain amount of Model Points in order to continue the story.

In the event this actually gets written, it wouldn’t be just me. Different authors could pick different character routes to write, all different directions. Different authors would not only alleviate the burden, but also provide a unique experience and style to each different route. Additionally, fanartists would be commissioned to draw ending illustrations for those who get to the Miraculous Ending (though really just for anyone who wants to enjoy them).

There would probably be a sideblog for updates and a series on Ao3 for each route.

It’s a big thing that was in my head and had to get out, and I tried a while ago to make sample images but it turned out a bit weird so I just did a bad Photoshop job.