shallura HC

fluffy pre-relationship shallura headcanons

- allura pointing out the new galaxies to shiro while after hours in the control room in front of the giant window
- shiro taking her to the decontamination room to show her how rain feels on earth (and then allura chasing him around/throwing trinkets at him to simulate the altean rock showers)
- platonic bed-sharing thats initiated when they both pass out after a long night of strategizing in allura’s room (it just becomes a regular thing and neither of them ever openly question it)
- touching their foreheads together after one of them wakes up from a nightmare, the room is totally silent except for heavy breathing that slowly calms down
- watching lance and keith bickering via the security cameras and lip syncing over it
- allura finding preserved juniberry seeds and shiro helping her grow them
- coran barging in on them sleeping in alluras bed and alluras skin turning bright red as coran quickly hightails it out of there without waiting for an explanation
- pidge doing the same thing after they decide to move their situation to shiro’s room

i didnt know how to end this list, if you have any more ideas, send me an ask!!

EDIT made a second headcanon list!

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Shallura hcs?? Do u have any??

Oh man, I haven’t actually thought about what my own Shallura headcanons would be, because I adore everyone else’s. So, I’m sure mine are very similar. Or mine aren’t nearly as good. LOL. But here are some:

- Allura gradually starts teaching Shiro new constellations he can look for out in deep space to help ground him, just in case he’s without his lion (after he comments that he doesn’t recognize any outside of the ones he learned on Earth, and feels lost because of it)
- Shiro definitely has a thing for Allura being taller than him. It takes him awhile to tell her, but after he does, she takes full advantage to make him flustered.
- He also loves that she’s incredibly strong. He probably had a crush on Wonder Woman as a kid, and Allura is literally his WW.
- Shiro gets Allura something sparkly–maybe some kind of hair clip or a necklace. She wears it all the time.
- When Shiro’s too lost in thought and has his arms folded, or has an intense expression on his face (during downtime), Allura copies him until he notices and it makes him smile.
- Shiro falls for Allura first. Hard.
- He’s absolutely oblivious to her reciprocating these feelings at first, because how can this powerful, beautiful, amazing alien princess see him as more than just her teammate?
- Allura just wants him to kiss her, goddamn it
- She ends up kissing him first
- Both Shiro and Allura have trouble sleeping at night because of nightmares, or general restlessness, and often bump into each other on the observation deck, kitchen, etc
- Shiro brushes and braids Allura’s hair one day after she asks him to. At first he has no idea what he’s doing and makes the worst hair style ever™, but eventually he gets pretty good at braiding
- When Shiro’s asleep, sometimes Allura will braid tiny sections of his bangs and see if he notices.
- He doesn’t. The other paladins tease him.
- He doesn’t mind.
- Shiro doesn’t realize he stares at Allura with a dopey little smile when she’s doing the most mundane tasks
- It only gets worse when they finally get together.
- Shiro and Allura exchange their favorite things about Earth and Altea when they have downtime
- Shiro misses Earth food the most (space goo is an improvement over prisoner food at least, but he never complains) and rambles on and on to Allura about all of the delicious foods he’ll have her try once they visit Earth
- One of the first things he has her try is soda–which she raves about because the bubbles from the carbonation tickle her nose
- Cotton candy blows her mind though (think Starfire lmao)
- Allura doesn’t understand chopsticks at first
- “Earth has sporks, doesn’t it?”
- Allura admires how punctual Shiro is about everything
- But she adores it when he’s laid back and can take a breather, and make mistakes.
- Allura thinks human ears are hideous, but Shiro’s are the exception
- One day Shiro tells Allura that his real name is Takashi Shirogane. But he isn’t sure he can ever go back to using that name because there’s so much weight behind it; he feels like he isn’t the same old, Galaxy Garrison golden boy after everything that’s happened. She assures him that despite how much he’s changed, he can still be Takashi Shirogane.
- She doesn’t use it often, but she calls him Takashi in private. He totally appreciates it and melts when she does.
- They first fall asleep nestled up together on the observation deck after a long night stargazing with some tea, and talking quietly about Earth and Altea
- Allura is the first one to wake up and carries Shiro to bed (who’s dead asleep for once).
- It takes two days for Shiro to realize he fell asleep on the observation deck that night, and not in his own bed.
- It takes two more days for a flustered Shiro to awkwardly thank Allura, and she just laughs, because it took him so long.
- Shiro and Allura stay incredibly professional when it comes to their relationship, keeping it almost entirely a secret…until the other paladins catch on. (Or until they slip up).
- “Did–Did Shiro just kiss Allura’s forehead? Seriously, did anyone else see that.” - probably Lance
- Shiro confides in Keith about his crush on Allura. Keith doesn’t have much advice other than “don’t let her go” because he’s not good at relationships whoops
- Allura confides in Coran about her crush on Shiro, except she never directly addresses it (but Coran knows exactly who she’s talking about)
- Coran gives Shiro empty threats about hurting Allura, but he’s totally just pulling his leg, like the goofy Space Uncle he is.
- Shiro doesn’t know that
- Allura’s the only one strong and close enough to work out all of the kinks and discomfort in Shiro’s back
- He feels like silly puddy afterwards and didn’t realize just how stiff he was (in more ways than one, amiright?) … (*shot*)
- Sleeping next to Allura significantly helps with Shiro’s nightmares. It doesn’t fix him, but most nights he sleeps soundly
- One of the first few nights Shiro sleeps in Allura’s bed, he wakes up from a nightmare thinking he’s in the arena and accidentally attacks Allura. It catches her off guard and scares her, but she grows larger and secures him in a giant bear hug until he calms down
- He feels so, soooo guilty and apologizes over and over, but she assures him it’s fine.
- They stay like that all morning
- Shiro enjoys being the little spoon, but they always alternate.
- One night, while everyone is sleeping, Allura shows Shiro how to properly use the Altean pool.
- They have lots of fun™.
- Interpret that however you’d like.

That got way longer than I thought it would, oops. Lmao. Thanks for the ask, anon!!


shallura in my modern fantasy au

bonus: shiro after leaving the shop

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Aha I'm already in love with your insta au and I really want more do you have any headcanons? Like for the other characters as well and how they are incorporated into the au??

omg yes!! i have like two waiting to be posted and 4 more drawings im currently working on for it!

basic au hcs

  • everyone is basically still in university in this au 
    • allura is getting her masters in international and diplomatic studies and is currently fluent in over 10 languages
    • shiros getting a phd in applied mathematics and theoretical physics 
    • pidge is an undergrad double majoring in computer science and mechanical engineering 
    • lance is an undergrad majoring in astrophysics 
    • hunk is an undergrad majoring in mechanical engineering 
    • keith was majoring in astrophysics until he dropped out sophomore year and now works in a garage fixing bikes and cars 
  • lance and allura both run popular beauty/lifestyle instagrams and actually met through insta when lance shot her a message asking if she wanted to do a photoshoot with him 
  • they’ve been best friends ever since 
  • hunk and lance are childhood friends and it was hunk who introduced lance to pidge (who he met through their engineering courses bc how could he not talk to the small genius who had the gall to tell the professor they were wrong the first week of classes)
  • pidge and keith have been best friends ever since they met freshman year in one of their gen ed courses (turns out mutual hatred/annoyance is a great foundation for a lasting friendship)
  • broganes
  • shiro and allura 100% had a meet cute where shiro spilt his coffee all over her shoes in a campus coffee shop  
    • he felt rlly bad 
    • they were also v nice shoes 
    • allura promised it was fine and that he could repay her with a date this friday 
    • keith and pidge were actually there to witness this and they’d never seen shiro so red and nodding so fast he looked like one of pidge’s short-circuiting robots (when shiro denied this pidge sent him side by side video analysis from what she recorded on her phone earlier that day and the bot that fried itself the day before)
  • keith knew and was a follower of lance’s insta way before they even met or he even knew pidge was friends with him or that they had gone to the same uni and even had some freshman classes together 
  • pidge was 100% aware the second she met hunks loud mouthed roommate that he was the same guy she caught keith stalking on insta multiple times every week (the only reason he even has one is bc pidge convinced him to get one back in freshman yr bc there was no point of posting embarrassing/stupid pics of ur friend if said friend wasnt going to see them)
  • shiro never told him that his gfs best friend was the same lance either 
  • keith is surrounded by traitors 
  • everyone knows about this but lance

i have many more but i dont want this post to be too long!

| Voltron Insta AU |

shallura headcanons (part 2)

part 1 here  

after weeks of platonic bed-sharing, lines start getting blurred: 

-sometimes shiro crawls into bed shirtless after training and showering, and allura gets extra snuggly when he does 

-allura likes to trace his scars when shes fidgety while a half-asleep shiro traces the markings along her arms 

-“hey that tickles" "get used to it shiro. girls like scars, dont you know that?“ "oh yeah? let’s see if you like getting tickled then" and giggly chaos ensues 

-eventually shiro just starts walking around shirtless as they get ready for bed because he knows she’s used to seeing his scars and he likes watching allura blush 

-sometimes shiro will roll over and give allura a groggy "good morning” peck without thinking, but then scrambles into the bathroom after he realizes what he’s done 

-sometimes allura hooks her leg over his hips and deepens the kiss, but one of them always pulls away and escapes before things go any further 

-neither of them ever bring up these occurrences after they happen, they never kiss outside of these incidents, and they both dread the imminent “what are we now” conversation 

-by this time coran and the paladins have all caught them in compromising positions and refuse to believe that they still haven’t had sex 

-keith constantly teases shiro about it and lance jokingly laments losing his shot at the princess

-then one night, when they’re both wide awake and unable to blame the flirting on drowsiness, shiro comes in shirtless from the shower and teases allura about how clothed she is in comparison…so she takes off her shirt too…and things just go from there


Their embarrassment dissipated the longer they danced, swallowed down and covered with joking remarks about the tapestries and strange cuisine.

The longer they danced, the more and more others believed the act.

The longer they danced, the more and more they forgot they were supposed to be acting.

Voltron Noragami/Noragami Aragoto AU HCs!

Allura as a goddess. Probably like the god of war like Bishamon from Noragami. (Since she can kick ass in her sleep in canon). She has 6 Regalias (Shinki) with her that she had collected and who had overtime, grown on her. Over time, they have bonded through countless battles and have become an unbreakable team, family.


  • Shiro is Allura’s first regalia. She found him when she was a relatively new god who wandered the world looking to start her path and create a name for herself.
  • His first form was a chipped wooden ring that Allura wears on her right hand. He packs a real punch when Allura uses him.
  • Over many years, the two of them become closer and they become an efficient duo. 
  • During one of the fights with Allura’s enemy, a god of calamity named Lotor, Shiro risks his life and his name to protect Allura and he evolves into a Blessed Regalia. From a wooden ring, Shiro becomes a polished obsidian ring with a beautiful cut violet stone. When activated, Shiro shifts and covers Allura’s right arm with a metal gauntlet that Allura can use the same way Shiro uses his arm in canon VLD. 
  • As Allura took in more regalia spirits, Shiro takes a stand as everyone’s commander. 
  • They’re like parents!!! They get stern and tired when the younger regalia (except Coran) fight and bicker. But the shrine they live in becomes rowdy with life and laughter. 
  • They develop feelings for each other even if it’s lowkey (Like Visha and Kazuma)  When there are other people around, they act professional but when it’s just the two of them, Shiro cares for Allura and does little things like make her tea or give her a back rub after a long day of fighting phantoms. He combs her her while he sits by the hot spring while Allura bathes. Shiro is like a doting husband who takes care of his overly stressed wife. Allura cares abotu Shiro very much as well and he often comes to him whenever there’s something bothering her. If there’s someone she trust to open up her heart to, it’s Shiro.
  • Yes, they kiss each other good night, good morning, after battle, or at random times of the day. Of course, when no one is around to see but it’s just SOOOOOO obvious. 


  • Coran is the second regalia Allura takes in. They met when she and Shiro got in a misty forest. 
  • He helps Shiro and Allura find their way out but as they start to part ways, Coran admits that he doesn’t enjoy wandering aimlessly in the forest. So, Allura takes him in.
  • Coran’s regalia form is a cane sword. However, by nature, he doesn’t like to fight if not needed. He enjoys keeping the shrine in tip top shape. Cleaning and making sure things are in order. He makes the meals and he transforms the ten thousand year old rundown shrine into a beautiful place that attracts tourists and people to pray to Allura. 
  • As more regalia joined Allura, Coran is genuinely happy that the shrine became filled with laughter. 
  • When Shiro is too busy with his duties, Coran’s usually the one who break up Keith and Lance when those two get on each other’s throats. 
  • He is very observant! When he first met Allura and Shiro, he immidately knew that the goddess and her ragalia had a special bond. Even if Keith and Lance bicker a lot, Coran knows all about the pining. 
  • When Allura goes out to battle phantoms with her regalia, Coran always makes sure that they all come home to a nice home cooked feast. 
  • He’s so precious. Protect him at all cost. 


  • Lance is the third regalia Allura takes in. Allura finds him sitting by a river one winter in his white spirit’s robe, looking utterly lost and confused. 
  • Out of all of her regalia, it was Lance who brought Allura to tears when the memories of how he lived and died flashed before Allura’s eyes when she claimed him as he own. (LAAAANGST) Of course, by the rules, Allura can’t tell anyone about it. 
  • Lance’s regalia form is a pistol (A .50 Desert Eagle, to be specific) 
  • His aim is so good that he’s dubbed as The Sharpshooter. That skill is amplified a hundred times with Pidge’s calculations guidance. 
  • Lance fights with Keith A LOT.
  • He also pines for Keith… A FUCKING LOT.
  • But in the heat of battle, Allura can count on Lance and Keith to be a flawless duo and they never let her down. Those two can hack and shoot through anything and they help make Allura even more lethal as a goddess of war.
  • LOTOR TRIED TO PIRATE LANCE ONCE. (hooolyyy shiiiit) It was during a low point in Lance’s life when he started to doubt himself and his abilities. The doubts and the distrust also taints Allura, blotching her right leg with bruises. 
  • Lance got in pretty deep in the rot and they had to use that painful cleansing ritual. Shiro, Coran, and Keith performed the ceremony. It was pretty painful to watch (especially for a certain mullet-haired regalia) but it had to be done.
  • Lance is always the one making jokes during a stressful situation in order to ease the tension and lighten the mood for his goddess and fellow regalia. But when shit hits the fan, Lance also means business. 


  • Hunk is the fourth regalia Allura took in. She actually found him while she was on her day off and grocery shopping with Shiro and Lance. Hunk was sitting in an alley with his knees hugged to his chest and he looked incredibly terrified. 
  • Hunk is a gladiator armor type regalia. Lightweight and easy to move in but boooy he provides Allura with amazing (and fashionable) protection.
  • His episode reveals that he’s being chased by phantoms so he’s pretty shaken. He’s been hiding in alleys and scavenges dumpsters. 
  • Allura fights off the phantoms with Lance and Shiro then she takes Hunk in to her care. 
  • Hunk and Lance become best friends and they’re always chilling in the shrine after Coran makes them do their chores. 
  • He’s also an amazing cook! He and Coran often bonds in the kitchen and the team’s meals became 74539% better after Hunk joined the family. 
  • He’s a gentle sunshine child. Pure and too good for this world. 


  • Keith is the fifth regalia Allura took in. It was actually a last minute decision for Allura. She went off on her own (despite Shiro’s protests) to ‘run an errand.’ Since Shiro was occupied with some duties as her Divine Vessel, Allura went off with Hunk and Lance. 
  • Keith is a blade type regalia. A black bladed katana with a red slit that ran the length of the blade. 
  • Lance and Hunk are good but the phantom Allura fought was too fast for bullets. In the heat of the battle, Allura spotted a floating tongue of flame flickering in the darkness and knew that it was a spirit. 
  • Lance was like, “My lady, what are you doing? Are you even sure?” and Allura’s like: “We don’t have a choice right now, Lance!” then Allura takes Keith. (This scenario is similar to how Yato named Yukine.)
  • Keith is pretty hot headed and he can get quite crass sometimes but on the inside, he’s actually a tender cinnamon roll. 
  • He and Lance always butt heads, pretty much every goddamned minute when Keith was new. But over the course of time, the two started to bond more and they make a great team (range/close combat combo).
  • When Lance underwent the purification process, Keith was one of the three that participated and it hurt him so much to see Lance in pain like that. 
  • After Lance is cleansed and he falls it was Keith who caught him and cradles him in his arms. 
  • Not that he would admit it. But he’s a pining dork, according to Pidge. 
  • Keith usually trains with Shiro to hone his skills and the two become like brothers but Keith still respects him as his superior. 
  • When he’s not training, he usually takes quiet walks around the shrine and read the wishes that the patrons hang on the posts. On rare occasions that the wish plaque had the handwriting of a child and the wish was simple (ie. finding a lost cat) Keith asks permission from Allura to go out and ‘grant’ the wish. This also boosts Allura’s credibility towards shrine patrons too. 
  • Keith’s wish-granting-mission partner is Pidge. They’re such bros. 


  • Pidge is the latest addition to the team and the one who is the youngest. Actually, it was Lance and Keith who found her wandering around when Shiro sent them out for an errand. There was a storm that day. Lance and Keith were fighting in a train station platform because they got off the wrong stop and they blamed the other.
  • Believe it or not, Pidge’s regalia form is actually a headband. (The same one she wore as Katie Holt in the canon VLD). But besides being a fashion accessory, Pidge actually extends to a glass scope over Allura’s left eye. (Her abilities are very much similar to Kazuma’s in Noragami.)
  • “Shut the fuck up, you two are making a ruckus. You should just kiss and go on your way.”
  • Klance: “!!!!?????!??!?!” *intense tsundere blushing* 
  • However, there was a phantom in the train station and the three of them have to fight their way through and get away. Lance and Keith can’t just leave this smol sassy salty girl on her own and it was obvious that she was just like them so they bring her home to the shrine. 
  • At first, Pidge didn’t want to because she didn’t want to be a burden, but Allura has a kind heart so… yeah. 
  • Lance’s memories and the way he died might have brought tears to Allura’s eyes because of how sad it is. But Pidge’s story actually leaves Allura frozen in shock and horror because of how traumatic it was. 
  • She does all the tech stuff that aide Allura in her hunts for phantoms. Maps, calculations, aura readings, google,… Just leave it to Pidge.
  • Pidge is the one who guides Shiro, Lance, and Keith during offense for a more exact hit on the target. 
  • Pidge is a sass master and she’s comes up with unbelievable conspiracy theories. She’s hella intelligent and is often the one who comes up with plans. 

So, there you go! I don’t think I’m dedicated enough to write this and I have a ton of project on my plate already. But if you’d like to use these for a fic, just let me know and please give credit! I’d love to read it! 

Voltron Headcanons

For all Lance’s flirting and innuendos, he is actually very shy when it comes to romance.

Keith is secretly a huge romantic.

Pidge and Matt blew a mission because they kept singing the “don’t be suspicious” song and kept dancing to it while making weird noises.

  • Shiro could hear them the whole time.

Allura knows everybody’s secrets because late at night before bed she and the mice will just sit down on her bed and gossip for a good hour about what is happening with the castle and the paladins

  • Allura is Pidge’s source for gossip about her OTPs.

Shiro calls everybody “son”.

  • Except for Allura.

 Allura and Lance have developed a new game where they’ll just flirt back and forth to make Shiro and Keith jealous.

  • Because of this Keith and Shiro are panicking late at night.

Lance and Allura have weekly spa days in Blue.

  • Even Blue gets her nails painted.
  •        Blue is the fanciest lion.

Keith watches watched Lance’s silk show on a laptop after he left for the BoM.

Lance is actually very perceptive and cares deeply about people, even if he just met them.

  • Even Keith.
  • Especially Keith.

Lance calls Keith every night before he goes to bed.

  • Even if he doesn’t pick up Lance will leave a voicemail to let him know what’s happening at the castle.
  • Keith listens to the voicemails every morning to start his day off on a high note.
  • Keith gets extremely worried when Lance doesn’t leave a voicemail and makes a point to check up with Kollivan as subtly as he can to make sure Voltron didn’t, like, blow up or something.

Lance sleeps in Keith’s room.

  • Like, he’ll still use his own room, but when he starts missing Keith he just curls up on Keith’s bed with a Red plushie.

Hunk and Pidge created a small mansion for the mice in every paladin’s room that includes automatic doors that can lock, a pool, a kitchen with working appliances, AC, and heating.

  • Except for in “Shiro’s” room.
  • The mice don’t like Shiro.

Coran gets homesick.

  • When he does he just goes to Lance, and the two will talk about their homes together and listen to the other when he talks.

Coran had a husband back on Altea.

Allura sometimes slips up when she’s tired and calls Shiro “Daddy”.

  • Pidge busted a lung.
  • They had to put them in a healing pod.

Hunk had two moms.

Hunk is Hawaiian.

Hunk stress eats.

  • That’s why the paladins typically eat a huge amount of food for dinner.
  • They never finish it all, so they give some to the mice for the mice’s smol fridge and use the rest as compost/fertilizer for Kaltenecker’s little grassy space.

Lance gardens sometimes when he’s sad and Coran isn’t there to talk.

  • He talks to Kaltenecker.
  • Kaltenecker and Lance have a bond.
  • Nobody else understands it.

Allura is scared of Kaltenecker after Lance showed her how to get milk.

  • Coran accepted it after Lance told him about his family farm on Earth.
  • He just accepted it as a weird Earth culture.
  • He still avoids Kaltenecker, though.

Pidge, Hunk, and Lance found out Allura’s birthday.

  • They fixed Alfor’s broken thingy so that Allura could talk to him again.
  • It was her birthday present.
  • It was Lance’s idea
  • Lance freaked out when she started crying.

Lance was the oldest sibling.

  • His birthday was forgotten a lot, so the paladins threw a huge party for him.
  • He cried.

Back on Earth, Lance’s birthday is like a sad holiday for the McClain household.

  • They don’t believe he’s dead.
  • Lance’s youngest sibling before he left went full-on Pidge/Katie mode.
  • He’s in the Garrison now looking for clues.

Coran makes weird Altean dishes.

  • Lance is the only one who eats them.
  • When the other paladins make icky faces he glares at them while chewing.

  • It scares the fuck out of them.

  • They eventually try Coran’s food.Coran is a happy man.

  • They like the food.Coran is a happier man.

anonymous asked:

You asked for Shallura headcanon requests, and I am here to provide. How about some headcanons on Shiro and Allura cooking together?


ok nonny, these headcanons are from their pre-relationship phase (just look at my precious bbs dancing around each other aaaaaaaaa) enjoy!

  • shiro sucks at cooking (ya boi lived off of instant ramen and kraft mac&cheese for years let’s be honest)
  • allura has never had to cook for herself before
  • hunk and coran are on a mission to the balmera again, keith and lance are “training” together, pidge is working on her altean skills, and the food goo machine is malfunctioning, so they decide to give it a go
  • pizza seems to be a shared concept in both altean and earth cuisine
  • kneading the dough is super fun and allura refuses to give it up
  • shiro comes up from behind, wraps his arms around her and tries to pry her away from the counter so they can move onto the next step
  • he gets hit with a puff of flour to the face
  • cue Utter Chaos™
  • by the time they’ve stopped, the kitchen looks like a war zone
  • finally, they move onto toppings
  • to shiro’s horror, he discovers that allura likes pineapple-esque fruits on her space pizza
  • they launch into another all-out battle, but shiro finally surrenders when she pops a piece of fruit into his mouth and admits that “ok this…isn’t that bad”
  • when they finish with the toppings, they realize that they forgot to preheat the oven because amateurs
  • they wait out the time by cleaning food bits out of each others’ clothes and hair
  • shiro is feeling bold and wipes some sauce off of allura’s cheek with his thumb
  • allura responds by pressing a kiss to his thumb to lick it clean
  • they freeze because “oh no, what now, mayday mayday”
  • but then the preheat alarm goes off and they jump apart to finally get the pizza into the oven
  • they are thoroughly tuckered out by all of these shenanigans and pass out on the couches before the pizza is done baking
  • coran and hunk return hours later to see the fire alarm blaring, lance and pidge frantically waving smoke away, and keith hurling the burnt pizza into the garbage disposal
  • shiro and allura are still curled up together peacefully as the debacle unfolds in the kitchen behind them

anonymous asked:

What is your fav headcanon for Shiro? I have one that he loves rock gardens and he has a bunch of mini ones that he uses when he's upset or anxious cause they help him calm down,,, but since they're mini he's rly gentle with them cause he's afraid or breaking them or messing them up,,,, it's just so cute to think abt to me!!,

I LOVE THIS okay headcanons for Shiro because I love him and any excuse to gush about him:

  • Mini rock gardens? I’M SO DOWN
  • Also consider: Shiro keeping bonsai trees and taking care of them and very carefully pruning them and looking after them
  • Pre-Kerberos Shiro was really friendly and kind but like… lowkey a perfectionist who could get really stressed out about exams and things
  • When Shiro was in the Galra prison, he did pushups and squats and lunges in his cell everyday to try and feel in control of what was happening to him
    • That’s why he was doing pushups in his room in 1x02: force of habit
  • Shiro has adapted different coping mechanisms for different moods:
    • Scared? Go to the gym and punch a bag for an hour
    • Anxious? Run laps of the castle
    • Sad? Glom onto one of the other Paladins. Usually Hunk, who’s a very comforting presence
    • Insecure? Goes and sits in the Black Lion’s cockpit and bonds with her. She always makes him feel better.
  • Everyone gradually starts to learn how to decode Shiro’s mood, so now when he’s sad, someone just… turns up
    • Pidge will just lean against him and work on her laptop and not say anything
    • Lance entertains Shiro with wild stories from the garrison days, and Shiro always ends up laughing
    • Keith is Terrible At Emotions, so he just sorta… lurks around trying to be supportive until Shiro bursts out laughing at how ridiculous it is
  • Allura finds Shiro in the cockpit of the Lion looking forlorn and he admits why he’s there and she just hugs him and tells him what a great leader he is and she’s so happy she met him
  • Shiro Will Not Cry in front of anyone - anyone - except Allura.
  • Coran basically adopts Shiro as his son

So yes as you can see my favourite Shiro headcanon is Shiro getting the love and support and validation of his team to help him pull through his terrible PTSD and anxiety :)))

I love my gremlin daughter, Pidge. She is unapologetic in her disdain for everything that makes her uncomfortable (14 y.o. still know how cooties work) and so unapologetic with her special interests! I can see her being happy for Keith and Lance, Shay and Hunk, Shiro and Allura/Matt and showing her pride by making snide comments. Like, I get why people are irritated that her fic portrayal is showing only her disgust, but she grew up with Matt. A male who makes off comments about peas. She’s gonna be disgusted by everything cause I bet you he teased her about EVERYTHING. (That’s what big siblings do.) So, she complains about Klance flirting being “gross” as a compliment, much like she tells her parents when they’re kissing in the kitchen.

anonymous asked:

wait what if the kids learn Altean and Japanese on top of English CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW WILD THE ARGUMENTS COULD GET IN THAT HOUSEHOLD

omg, this is an ask from forever ago and I am so sorry

IT WOULD GET SO CRAZY. I mean like, I totally expect that both Shiro and Allura have done their best to teach each other how to speak Altean/Japanese (they probably just know the basics, but they do well enough to hold a simple conversation), but man. All the switching of languages would be insane. LOL. Especially if their children learn to be completely fluent in all three languages. 

I’m sure if one of their children decides to start spouting off in Japanese, Allura’s just like, “Slow down. I can’t–I can’t understand–SHIRO PLEASE SPEAK TO YOUR DAUGHTER.”  

materassassino  asked:

I'm going to inaugurate my own Shallura day tomorrow but I'm gonna start with: interstellar academy AU, high school romance.

  • shiro (17) is studying interplanetary relations while training to be a deep space pilot. allura (17) is an exchange student from altea in the academy’s new species-inclusive program. she hasn’t decided on a focus yet and is determined to sample every part of the earthling curriculum
  • the garrison is stationed on a moon base, where everyone has been boarding for several years now. these exchange students are the first new faces they’ve seen in months since the freshman class came in
  • allura, being the only female humanoid in the program, catches everyone’s attention (it doesn’t help that she’s beautiful and rumored to be royalty back on her home planet)
  • she only has eyes for one person though: the tall, handsome one with the warm smile who escorts her to her classes
  • they bond over their mutual love for astronomy and share tidbits about altean/earth culture as they walk slowly through the hallways
  • after a month, shiro finally admits that he’s in trouble with the administration and won’t be able to walk with allura anymore (apparently he was only supposed to accompany her on her first day)
  • he’s cited for leaving his lectures early and slinking in after the bell, just so he can meet allura to walk her to her next class
  • after shiro’s mandated detention is over, he comes out of the office to see allura waiting so that they can go to dinner hour together
  • as a result, the only times they get see each other is during meals (where lance, keith, hunk, and pidge are always ready to tease them about liking each other) and study hall (but the library is not conducive for flirting)
  • so they start sneaking into the botanical greenhouse after curfew to meet
  • that’s where they have their first kiss, after spending hours together looking up at the stars through the glass ceiling
  • allura eventually publicizes their relationship when she plops down in shiro’s lap during lunch
  • lance and hunk whoop and holler as pidge begrudgingly slips keith a $20 bill, muttering “they just couldn’t wait one more goddamn week”
  • their hallway interaction are to die for:
  • sometimes shiro will reach out and tickle her side before disappearing back into the crowd
  • sometimes allura boops him on the nose and then hurries off to class
  • sometimes, if one of them is having a bad day, they’ll just say “screw it” and kiss with wild abandon against the lockers (keith swears that they do it in front of his locker on purpose)
  • weekends are for day dates and sneaking into each others’ dorms to cuddle
  • shiro gets highkey anxiety and becomes weirdly cold/distant to everyone when he realizes that allura’s semester abroad is ending soon
  • allura comes up behind him at his locker on her last day and whispers in shiro’s ear that her father is permanently transferring her to the garrison
  • he squeezes her tight and spins her around. they stay there holding each other long after the bells have rung for class

The Real Shiro

Shallura Holidays: Day 8, paladins/lions

The real Shiro returns to his team after escaping from the Galra…again.

  • He finds a man that looks too much like him standing with his team.
  • But he stands far away from Allura. Does she know that that person isn’t him? That the real him would always be standing by her side?
  • Allura’s eyes are scanning him and he hopes that she can see him. Really see him.

  • He quickly scans the room for any other oddities.
  • And doesn’t see Keith anywhere. Where was his brother?
  • Next he finds Slav and the words “space centipede” pops up in his head.
  • Then he spots Matt and Pidge standing together and he’s filled with happiness for a moment because Pidge did it! And Matt is alive! This is wonderful!
  • But everyone is looking at him skeptically.
  • So, his eyes go back to his doppelgänger.

  • “Alright team, don’t worry we’ll figure this all out together,” he says.
  • Allura speaks first. “Shiro? How did you get here?”
  • “Are you from another reality?,” asked Pidge, making Shiro think “huh?”
  • Then Slav, “There is a 67 percent chance that in this reality there are multiple Shir-“
  • “Shut up, Slav,” his doppelgänger said.
  • Hunk and Lance remain silent but they stare at him. Eyes searching.

  • “I can prove I am the Shiro that found Allura and Coran with you all. The one that went with Pidge to find her Lion. The one that trained with you every day and learned to form Voltron with you. I’m the Shiro that fell in love with Allura,” he said and met her gaze head on.
  • Everyone stared talking/shouting at once but Allura stood stock still staring at Shiro. “Please see me,” he thought.

  • Hunk and Lance grabbed his doppelgänger by the arms and Matt and Coran grabbed him.
  • They put him and the doppelgänger in separate rooms to ask him a question.
  • Shiro wondered if they would ask him about his journal. If if his look alike knew anything about it.

  • The whole voltron team entered his room. Allura stood in the center with her hands behind her back.
  • Before they could get to questioning him he brought it up: the journal. “Do you have my journal? Did one of you ever find it? Hunk?”
  • Hunk, Lance, Pidge, Matt, and Coran shook their heads.
  • Panick started to build in his stomach. How else could he prove he was their Shiro?
  • “I hid it in a compartment by my bed. All the entries were addressed to Allura? Hunk you didn’t find it?,” Shiro said
  • “I found it, Shiro,” Allura said. And he sighed in relief. “I thought your feeling for me had changed.”
  • “No, never. I love you. The journal, it’s mine, Allura. Not his. I wrote those words. Pidge suggested I start keeping a journal. I wrote to you every day since I started writing. I told you about everything. My feelings, what I was thinking, my wants, my worries. Everything. Please believe me.”
  • Allura and the team questioned him for hours until finally they said they believed him.
  • Shiro felt relief and anger and a whole bunch of other things. He had so many questions. Who was this other person with his face? Why was he here? What did he want?
  • Shiro asked to speak to him and they told him he could but later.
  • Allura hugged him then. And the team surrounded them in an embrace. “At last,” he thought, “he was back with his team, his family, his Allura.”