Isn’t there a way I can make you interested in this record without subjecting you to some five thousand word treatise on why it matters and nothing else does? Do you have to sift through some computer-generated algorithm from Pandora or Spotify to find this record? How can I help you find this record? This record is not going to change your life. But this record is worth interrupting your day for. And I don’t really think there are five records released every fucking day that are worth interrupting your life for.

deactivated-shallowrewards  asked:

At some point I could no longer list "favorite bands" because there are no perfect bands, only perfect songs. Granted when someone says "Fleetwood Mac" they mean that Fleetwood Mac's "sound" is one of their favorite sounds and the band's total identity and track record are resonant or superlative in their eyes, but no band is unimpeachable. Where, say, "Hold Me" is.

There are some excellent points in your second and third sentences, but you make a weird move in your first one (which then bleeds into the second one, but I still like your point about what someone means when they say a band for something like this).

If you’ve decided/feel/are convinced that your favourite bands have to be perfect bands, that is absolutely something you are free to do. But I agree strongly that there are no such things are perfect bands, and that’s never stopped me for a second from having favourite ones. Why set such impossible standards for what you love?

ETA: In a broader sense, collapsing “favourite” and “perfect” together, or even just “favourite” and “best,” has never made sense to me.