shallow promises


“Because you’re like this all the time, even your neighbourhood bum found you overbearing and moved away!”

srslythough said: A look of warm, reminiscing, friendship, I know :) Nothing more, though. Unless she’s a terribly shallow hypocrite, and after promising Stefan she would still remember him and their moments 100 years from now, she’s getting wet at a simple friendly letter from Klaus?

I will have to respectfully disagree with you here, as I can tell from other posts you’re not a fan of KC and that’s perfectly fine with me. But, Stefan of all people was someone that proved that you can move on after epic loves, seeing as he had Valerie, Katherine, Elena, and now Caroline. When you live longer than the expected lifespan, you will have more than one epic love.

I think the idea that Caroline being chained to a man for the rest of her immortal life who died centuries before she ever will is an incredible misogynistic way to look at it. Life doesn’t stop when someone dies. It moves on, and it continues. Her life isn’t going to stop when she loses someone. The most human thing she can do is eventually move on and find happiness in her own way. It’s not downplaying her connection with Stefan, but it’s showing that there is always a light at the end of the dark tunnel. That moment was to show that Caroline was going to be okay, which as a Caroline fan, something that you should want. She’s not a hypocrite for moving on with her life. She a person. She’ll always remember Stefan, but that shouldn’t keep her from living her life. If you want her to be miserable for the rest of her life and sit around waiting to die for a guy, then you don’t want whats best for her. Clearly she’s not going to fall in love right away or even move on ASAP, but she’s going to live for CENTURIES like JP said. She’s going to move on with her life. Life doesn’t stop when she dies. She’ll always remember Stefan and their connection, but that doesn’t mean she can’t fall in love with ANYBODY (not just Klaus) for the rest of her IMMORTAL life. 

Like I fucking hate my life. I can’t enjoy it anymore really.

I don’t really have decent friends in real life, and it’s probably due to some fault of mine. I’m drowning in school work 24/7. I can’t do anything else. No hobbies, no interests, no side projects… Just fucking school all of the fucking time.

Like fuck. What’s the point? Some shallow hollow empty promise of a better future? What kind of fucking future do I even have if I can’t even form human relationships? Basically every relationship is… just not… genuine. Like fuck.

Life Goals

10.) Find someone who sings like Oscar Isaac

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9.) Find someone who dances (awkwardly) like Oscar Isaac

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8.) Find someone who hugs like Oscar Isaac

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7.) Find someone with the same priorities as Oscar Isaac

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6.) Find someone with the same sense of (dark & dirty) humor like Oscar Isaac

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5.) Find someone as suave as Oscar Isaac

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4.) Find someone as talented as Oscar Isaac

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3.) Find someone who smiles like Oscar Isaac

2.) Find someone who plays a hot(-shot), sarcastic yet totally humble and loyal pilot (who has an adorable droid for a best buddy) like Oscar Isaac

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1.) Find Oscar Isaac

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“And one last thing; never mess with Gibbs’ coffee. Ever. If you value your life.” Tony stated seriously, but then gave a small shrug. “Or at least your job.”

You grinned and even giggled a little, but you were prevented from laughing fully because of the sadness that tugged on your heart. Tony had pulled you to a quieter area of the office floor, right behind the stairs, for some privacy. The senior field agent was leaving NCIS, and though he already said goodbye to his friends, or rather, family, he also wanted to give you some time.

Which you didn’t understand. You were just a Probie; arriving onto the team not 4 months ago. But you and Tony clicked instantly. You guessed he wanted to say some kind of awkwardly-shallow goodbye. Promise to hang out sometime, but never really call back.

But then Tony kissed you; a little hesitant and awkward, on your part, but it was nice. His hand came up to lightly caress your face, his fingertips carefully gliding across your cheek. When he pulled away, he seemed to take your breath with him, because you were left light-headed and wanting more.

Tony was smiling. An honest and warm smile, not some mischievous smirk. “Ya know, since I’m not an agent anymore, Rule 12 doesn’t apply to me now…”

“R-Rule 12?” You echoed, taking only a second to regain your composure and blush wildly at his implications. “Oh, Rule 12. Right.” You muttered, causing Tony to laugh a little. “I’d really like that.”

The ex-agent nodded slightly, then heard Gibbs call out for him. “I better go. Just because it’s my last day, doesn’t mean he still ain’t my boss.” Tony smirked, then turned and walked away. You stayed where you were for an extra moment before following him back to the squadroom. You had to make sure you weren’t blushing too bad as to let Gibbs find out.

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not quite what i promised but i swear tobio is going to be adorable in this au

  • tobio is born three days before christmas on the winter solstice
  • kuroo and kiyoko thought he was going to be a christmas baby so they could shower him with gifts every year
  • the name tobio means flying hero and he really took that into stride when he was three
  • kuroo was swinging him on the swing and he’d gotten relatively high when he noticed a orange haired baby start crying after tripping on the wood chips, so he “flew” to help
  • luckily there was only a couple of shallow cuts
  • kuroo made him promise that he was never going to do something that scary again because daddy’s heart almost popped out of his chest
  • kiyoko’s the tough parent in this family and gave him a solid half hour scolding without ever raising her voice once
  • she asks kuroo to still take him to the doctor because she just wants to make sure he’s 100% okay
  • the akaashi practice is run by an old man who gives out the best stickers
  • “kuroo, i think i’m going to be retiring within the year.  my grandson’s going to take over and he’s great.  you’ll take care of him, won’t you?”
  • kuroo doesn’t really know what the old man who used to be his own pediatrician means by that
  • tobio gets a cow sticker to jump over the volleyball moon he got at their last check-up
  • kuroo is talking to the animated tobio showing off his new sticker when akaashi slides past him

one thing i’ve always really enjoyed about the Cloud/Tifa dynamic is the reversal of expectation. one of the things people remember most clearly about the pair is the promise they made on the night before Cloud left for Midgar, that Cloud would become a hero and he would “rescue” Tifa if she were ever in danger

the childlike innocence of that promise makes it easy to overlook the fact that the reverse has been true almost the entire time they’ve known each other. friendless, alone and ostracized, Cloud was the one who needed rescuing, and Tifa was the daring hero that came to his aid time and again. it’s no less true five years later, when he returns to Midgar in his fragile mental state, and Tifa takes it upon herself to ensure he stays somewhere she can keep an eye on him and find out what’s wrong

i think it’s generally believed that Tifa’s character is a bit shallow, and the promise she made seems to be the most damning piece of evidence, but i like to believe Tifa made that promise in the hope that Cloud would become strong someday. it’s not so much that she wants or needs to be rescued, it’s that she’d like Cloud to get to the point where he actually can make good on that promise, she’d like to help him get there

or maybe i’m reading too much into it, who knows

i mean can we talk about how when Nux sacrificed himself to help Furiosa and the Wives and Max escape he ushered himself into Valhalla, therefore taking back his own faith from the dictates of Immortan Joe and that’s fucking huge

he knew he was going to die one day because of the two cancerous growths on his neck/shoulder or something else like poisoning or in battle or whatever

so he had a chance for his death to mean something and he fucking took it

Nux is a shining example of a character who seemingly diverges from their place in the world yet fulfills the very destiny that place condemns him to

it’s both tragic and overwhelmingly happy because we now know that Nux is exactly where he wants to be and the fact that he made that mean something other than the shallow promised platitudes of some warlord is so so sweet

I went to a fortune teller today in hopes she’d say what I needed to hear, even it it wasn’t the truth. She claims that at some point in the next three years I will find the love of my life. I hope it’s you standing in my door way when the time comes. She said I’ll get into a car accident and I asked for her to not tell me whether it ends in my fatality or if I become another survivor. She tells me I’ve already endured the worst of it- that in three years time I will sell my soul to a man dressed in all black in exchange for a hand to hold, a lover. Someone who looks like you. This woman, nameless in the face, stranger to the depths of my soul, unknown to the shallows promises me that in the end I’ll get just what I deserve. I try to listen for the tone in her voice as she says this, I search for some sort of clarification that she isn’t talking about all the men I fed to the wolves in my attempt to become more than a woman. I’ve done unforgivable things. Fed a mans pride to my ego just to prove something people don’t need evidence to believe in. He loved me. So did you. In different ways but in the end, love. I left him. You left me. Our goodbyes sounded differently, your voice told me all I needed to know: you were here to teach me about the inner workings of the world, how being the one who doesn’t stay results in loving the one who can’t stay. your one of many purposes in the world has been to give back to me all of my cruel and bitter intentions, along with the bones of the men whom I quietly put to rest years ago. You were meant to teach me that good things eventually circle the world and so do bad ones.

Her bobby pins will fill the sky
and you’ll swear they
were lost between the sheets.

You’ll only think about her at night,
stripping away the stars
to find her.

Her strands of hair choking
the life out of clouds,
the twilight lovers,
the midnight survivors.

She isn’t the moon,
but she pulls you closer.

Her forgotten kisses,
you’ve tried to write it down.

Her empty words,
her shallow promises.

For the times you’ve felt alive,
it’ll match up with the dead.

Everything has an expiration date,
lovers, flowers, words,
humans, souls, and hearts.

I’m sorry,
love letters
are all we can
will keep.

—  To the cut-throat lovers