shallow promises

i’ve read every interview there is where Ross talked about playing Zach so i’ve been trying to piece together his descriptions and clues about his characters and let me just say i’m so blown away by his acting! he paid so much attention to detail and the accuracy of his facial expressions in every scene is amazing. i love how he changed his body language entirely when Zach was with his family, you can see in the way he stood when Karen was around that Zach both fears and respects his mother. you can see the look of adoration on his face whenever he looks at his little sister. the whole Dempsey family dynamics is my absolute favorite, and Ross made it feel so real and relatable.

I REALLY dislike when Air Moons are constantly considered “shallow.”  Just because you don’t connect with someone on the same basic emotional level does not make them shallow or any less of a functioning emotional being then anyone else.  

The moon rules over the mind, thinking process and reaction to the world ; Air Moons do this through logic and thought process.  Just because we don’t cry or react at a hair triggers notice to every piece of stimulation does not equal shallowness.  I promise the stimulation is being rationalized, considered and heavily contemplated for importance upstairs in the mind.  It doesn’t have to show on the outside to be valid.

Our Father

Our father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name,
hollow be thy promises
and shallow be thy shame.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
On a scale of one to ten,
our Lord is totally eleven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
toasted close to dawn,
and forgive us our trespasses
as we shoot those who trespass on our lawn,
and lead us not into temptation,
such as pot or porno,
but deliver us from evil
(if not delivery, then DiGiorno).

—  Bo Burnham, Egghead
Life Goals

10.) Find someone who sings like Oscar Isaac

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9.) Find someone who dances (awkwardly) like Oscar Isaac

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8.) Find someone who hugs like Oscar Isaac

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7.) Find someone with the same priorities as Oscar Isaac

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6.) Find someone with the same sense of (dark & dirty) humor like Oscar Isaac

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5.) Find someone as suave as Oscar Isaac

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4.) Find someone as talented as Oscar Isaac

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3.) Find someone who smiles like Oscar Isaac

2.) Find someone who plays a hot(-shot), sarcastic yet totally humble and loyal pilot (who has an adorable droid for a best buddy) like Oscar Isaac

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1.) Find Oscar Isaac

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Every fic must end eventually.  We are at a point in the story where people need to make decisions and start taking full ownership of this relationship instead of half-assing it like they have been.  I can’t keep them in limbo forever.  I’m very early in writing the next chapter - so this will take a while yet.

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Besides, I can’t handle having too many series going at the same time and I have ideas for two more series I want to start.  One of them will feature Jungkook as the lead character and I’ve been excited to start this one for a while.  I really can’t handle writing two different versions of Jungkook at the same time (especially since these characters are very different) so The Fitting must end in order for me to move on to new things.

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May I request the chocobros and their S/o chillin out having fun on a beach? 😄 w some frank sinatra songs playin in the background or different songs w the same genre? Just carefree fluff w the boys on the beach :D who would chill in the sand and who would throw their s/o in the water LOL

Carefree fluff is the best kind of fluff, anon.

Writing this spurred this beach-lorn lust inside of me, and now I can’t shake the desire to go on vacation.🐳

As far as music goes, I’m positively elated to hear that you’re requesting some Sinatra! 

He’s honestly one of the first vocal jazz artists that got me into the genre itself, launching me into what now has become a love affair of big band, classic, and modern jazz alike.

He really was a class act, wasn’t he? ❊


Song: “You Make Me Feel So Young” by Frank Sinatra

  • While the prince may not look it, he’s an aboslute natural stripped down in his colorful swim trunks at the beach
  • Being able to be outside basking in the glow of the sun alongside you, without the trouble of worry of daemons really puts him at ease
  • His somewhat hidden cheekiness will shine through, as he suddenly scoops you up in his arms and runs to the shoreline, you playfully writhing and squirming within his grasp, before he finally throws you into the water
  • The look of your shocked face will send him to his knees as he positively dies of laughter, mumbling apologies and words of affection, promising you that you couldn’t be any more adorable
  • He won’t even stop when you pull him in alongside you - only chuckling against your neck as he pulls you close and presses suple kisses to your jawline
  • All worries of PDA are out the window; Noct is on vacation, and nobody or nothing could take that blissful lack of care away from him

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Last Call (part 1) - Sherlock x reader

A/N: Hello, everyone! So, this is my first time ever writing anything Sherlock related, and I’ve also never in my life written anything with a reader, so excuse my ordinary attempt at it…
This supposedly takes place during 2x03, but I’ve changed some things to fit the plot, so the timing is a little bit different.
Also, this is a new writing blog, so if you want to read more like this, don’t hesitate to follow me!

Word count: 4252
Warnings: angst, mentions of suicide

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[Part 2]

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Word Count:  3,231

Author’s Note:  The best part of being back at work full time is that I’ve got ample room to day dream, which means killer (IMHO) one-shot ideas. I ended up knitting Scotty’s hat from 2009 this week (it looks badass), and I just  thought of this story idea.

I promised y’all a new story every Saturday, and it’s officially 2:46 a.m. on Saturday. So here ya go. Enjoy!

Disclaimer:  I used a handful of lines from Star Trek (2009), so all credit for those lines go to Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

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hindsight is 20/20

it would be unfair to say i did not love you, because i did. i loved you fiercely, i loved you adamantly. i loved you from the first time we spoke, to the last text you sent me (approximately three hours ago), to the moment i put you into words.

it would be unfair to say i did not love you, because i love you now. i love you still. i love you silently, passively, i love you from afar.

i didn’t want it to be like this.

i didn’t ask for a roundabout romance, where “no” means yes and “yes” means hurt me harder. i didn’t even ask for a romance — i offered friendship and you turned it into ugliness. a hand to hold that held me back, that dragged me down into your damning embrace. a hand to hold that fed me, kept me satiated with shallow endearments and promises that only i kept — promises you threw out and i scavenged.

writing this is healing, but i wish healing had come sooner.

you threw me below and filled my grave with your guilt.

“you don’t deserve this.”

“find someone better.”

who was i to find?

i opened myself to give you a home. you tore me apart and left me a shell. my insides you replaced with your secrets. a noose, a gun, a knife, a car veering off the road while i screamed for you to STOP.

i gave you a hand to hold, and you chose my breasts instead.

(i feel you to this day, cold and clammy and so desperate, because you knew one day i could stop you. one day, i did stop you.

i couldn’t stop your hands, but i stopped letting you hurt me.)

it would be unfair to say i did not love you, because i did. i loved you for your vulnerability, your hard work. i loved you for the days we spent in joy, rare as they were. i love you for who you are now, that you are trying, that you’ve stopped making me drag you along.

i love you and you love me.

but i cannot come closer. i do not want to, lest the boy i loved resurfaces and reaches for me once again.

i do not know where he is. i do not want to find out.

it would be unfair to say i did not love you. but i love me, too. 

i love me, now.

In My Dreams It’s You

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count:

So you’re at a wedding, because doesn’t it always start that way? It’s one of those vacation weddings – a long weekend at a resort, a ceremony on the beach. There’s another guest there, a man named Bucky, and he is absolutely gorgeous, but wow is he a dick about it.

But still… there’s something about him. He’s outgoing, too, and funny, and confident (and at first you thought it was in an annoying, cocky kind of way, but you realize that no, it’s in a grab-life-by-the-balls way). And after the welcome dinner party that first night, you start to warm up to him.

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I think your writing is really good, so I'd like to order a "62". With some extra tears, is that possible?

Order up, “please don’t leave me alone” with a side of extra tears. Did you want cries with that?

The Lonely Alone

You came to from a haze, completely unsure where you were. Your mouth was dry and your body was stiff. There was the whirring of machinery some way away, and the floor you woke up on was cold and hard like metal. You could smell and taste the tang of blood in the air and something else, something that reminded you of the daemons burning away, it drilled in to the back of your brain when inhaled and made you nauseous.

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Clony + pool party! :D

1. There was a week left until summer break and Zach was holding a pool party at his house. The entire class was invited and Clay was the one who persuaded Tony that they should go. (“it’s like… 90 degrees outside! and besides, there’s nothing better for us to do on a Saturday.”)

2. They both wore white tank tops and swimming trunks; Clay’s was black while Tony’s was red. (Tony shamelessly checked him out during the entire ride there and wondered if he would even last the duration of the party)

3. Once they arrived the party was in full swing - music was playing, there was a game of beer pong, and people were either chatting in the water or on the sidelines. Tony offered to grab them 2 beers while Clay got them seats.

4. After awhile, the heat became unbearable and Clay stripped his tank top off. Tony’s eyes followed every movement as he tossed it aside and finished his second beer. Clay then noticed Skye calling him over from the shallow end and he promised Tony that he’d be right back.

5. Clay ended up joining her in the water which caused him to get wet, something Tony thought was a sight to see. He loved the way Clay’s hair hung over his forehead as he saw water droplets race down his body. Ryan walked by and noticed his staring, to which he replied, “wow, you seriously got it bad for him.”

6. Another few minutes pass and Clay walks back to Tony, oblivious to the hungry gazes he made towards him. Whatever Clay was about to say got cutoff as Tony claimed his lips against his own. Tony might not be the biggest fan of swimming, but seeing Clay like this was a plus.

What Once Was His

Anonymous asked: Hi Megan! Can I request a Sandor x female reader where they were in love with each other but she dies by the hands of Joffrey :(

Here you go, anon! I do not own Sandor or Joffrey. They belong to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: Angst! Mentions of blood and death

Pairings/Characters: Sandor “The Hound” Clegane x fem!reader, mentions of Joffrey

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(flashbacks are in italics)

Every man Sandor cut down had the same face in his mind now. Joffrey’s face. Sandor Clegane was not a man who let his emotions get the better of him, but when it came to Joffrey, he couldn’t help it. After all, it was Joffrey’s fault you were taken from him. You were the only woman that ever loved Sandor and the only one he loved in return. Now, you were gone and it was because of Joffrey.

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“Because you’re like this all the time, even your neighbourhood bum found you overbearing and moved away!”

Thoughts On “The Orville”

The Orville is the type of sci-fi that could only be made in the Trump era. It’s shallow, doesn’t keep it’s promises, and made for simple people. At it’s best it’s inoffensive. At it’s worst it’s inoffensive and boring.

Imagine Star Trek:TNG with a much bigger budget, but didn’t bother using any of it for real writers. But blew it’s entire wad on carbon copy paper, a trailer for Seth MacFarlane’s ego, and the rest was used to pick up a cheap knockoff from a South Asian country.

It’s like MacFarlane’s Family Guy, basically he took a better show rubbed his taint on it. Then because there is no God someone at the Fox Network gave him a shit load of cash for it. 

Speaking of Star Trek: TNG, The Orville takes everything it can from it. The art direction, it’s sterility, its concepts (holodeck and android science officer), its sets all crib from TNG. There’s homage, there’s inspired by, and then there’s blatant rip off. In the latter is where The Orville lives. 

So if you’re one of the bro’s “That loves Seth man because he’s so un-pc.” Congrats, you ruined this country and he made you a sci-fi show. 

If you’re anyone else, when The Orville is on turn on Netflix and watch TNG. It’s a better way to spend an hour, and it has more episodes than what The Orville will ever have.

Medics and Enemies

Anonymous: I am loving the Hotch’s daughter fics! Can you do one where Hotch’s daughter (reader) is walked into the bau with the unsub pointing a gun at her. The team tries to calm him down and it ends up with the reader being shot in the shoulder.

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Intern’s fled, those who were not trained in the field stumbling away from the immediate danger as he emerged through the wide doors. The man growled, teenage girl held close to him by her neck, arm wrapped tightly around her with a gun pressed firmly against her temple. As the man pulled her through another door, the girl immediately recognised the room, looking up to find her father’s best friend with his back turned to them.

“David,” Y/N yelled, the panic in her thunderous voice caused David to look back immediately to find her flailing her legs as the unsub pushed her fiercely against the closest wall with the gun now pressed against her chest.

“Hotch, get out here!” David roared, hoisting his gun from his belt as Derek came onto the scene behind him, aiming at the broad man. Aaron immediately rushed out of his office, tears prickling his eyes at the sight of his bruised, tear-stained daughter.

“You took my son away from me.” The unsub spat, not leaving Y/N’s eye contact.

“You don’t need to do this. Drop your weapon and we won’t shoot.” Derek ordered, lowering his gun slightly to encourage the man that he wouldn’t hurt him. Aaron stood, frozen, fingers trembling around his gun as he stared in fear.

“You took him!” The unsub growled, his hand around Y/N’s throat tightening.

“D-dad,” Y/N gurgled, attempting to breathe through the mans harsh grip. The sound of his distressed daughter begging for him turned a switch in Hotch’s brain. Without thought, Aaron’s large body lunged towards the aggressive man.

“Aaron!” David yelled, knowing that the unsub wouldn’t back down until he hurt Aaron one way or another. As Aaron come in contact with the large man, the man panicked, pulling the trigger while his grip loosened.

“No.” Aaron cried, falling to his knees beside his hunched daughter.

“Y/N,” he muttered, cradling her in his weak arms as she stared up at him, eyes wide with fear while David pressed firmly onto her bloody shoulder. Tears fell from her pale cheeks, her grip tightly holding her father’s arm.

“D-dad,” Y/N trembled, her fathers tears falling into her hair that was damp with sweat, “I-I love you.”

“Don’t Y/N, y-you’re going to be fine I swear.” Aaron said sternly, smoothing back the stray hairs from her reddened face, breath shallow and uneven.

“I promise.”

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How does Sokka and Azula make sense? Not bashing just confused. I have attempted, really, REALLY attempted to read the fanfiction with them but I can't fathom it. Personally I can see Azula and Aang or Azula and Ty Lee better...

Oh, boy. Gotcha, I understand you’re not bashing, but this is going to be hard to explain if that’s what you think makes a better match for Azula.

What I’m getting from your preferences is that this really is a matter of tastes. You may be choosing Ty Lee and Aang over their gentleness, maybe? You think they’re happy, they’re sweet, so they’re ideal counterweights to Azula’s cold, abrasive nature? If that’s what you’re thinking, naturally you won’t see how Sokka and Azula make sense. This may be how you’re looking for Azula’s “happy ending”, if we may call it that, and I’ll say there’s nothing wrong with you thinking that way, Anon. You are allowed to have your own opinions and shipping tastes, regardless of what they may be. 

But, alas, as it must be obvious, I find Azula’s “happy ending” can be very different from what Ty Lee or Aang could provide, and it happens to be extremely fulfilling for me to see Azula and Sokka together instead. Below, a longer explanation of why I choose Sokka and Azula over any other ship for them.

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Me, a fool, watching MOR for the first time: wow aloysia is such a bitch lol

Me, now an intellectual: aloysia was pressured to find a man who could help her launch her career because women in that time couldn’t do a lot of things by themselves so she latched onto the first one who showed any interest in her and while she may have used him for personal gain he was also shallow and making promises he couldn’t fullfil because he ABANDONED her to try to make a name for himself in Paris while ignoring that she needed him to make a living, leaving her with no choice but to find another husband to support her even though it was clear she did have some feelings for him and felt incredibly conflicted and betrayed, she was allowed to insult his funeral outfit

Petyr bringing Ned to Catelyn in the first book reminded me of a little old something...

“You are a hard man to fool, Stark,” Littlefinger said with a smirk. “Was it the sun that gave it away, or the sky? Follow me. There are niches cut in the rock. Try not to fall to your death, Catelyn would never understand.” With that, he was over the side of the cliff, descending as quick as a monkey.
Ned studied the rocky face of the bluff for a moment, then followed more slowly. The niches were there, as Littlefinger had promised, shallow cuts that would be invisible from below, unless you knew just where to look for them. The river was a long, dizzying distance below. Ned kept his face pressed to the rock and tried not to look down any more often than he had to.
When at last he reached the bottom, a narrow, muddy trail along the water’s edge, Littlefinger was lazing against a rock and eating an apple. He was almost down to the core. “You are growing old and slow, Stark,” he said, flipping the apple casually into the rushing water. “No matter, we ride the rest of the way.” He had two horses waiting. Ned mounted up and trotted behind him, down the trail and into the city.”


“When Dontos lifted the bar and pulled open the door, Sansa felt a cold breeze on her face. She passed through twelve feet of wall, and then she was outside the castle, standing at the top of the cliff. Below was the river, above the sky, and one was as black as the other.
“We must climb down,” Ser Dontos said. “At the bottom, a man is waiting to row us out to the ship.”
“I’ll fall.” Bran had fallen, and he had loved to climb.
“No you won’t. There’s a sort of ladder, a secret ladder, carved into the stone. Here, you can feel it, my lady.” He got down on his knees with her and made her lean over the edge of the cliff, groping with her fingers until she found the handhold cut into the face of the bluff. “Almost as good as rungs.”
Even so, it was a long way down. “I can’t.”
“You must.”
“Isn’t there another way?”
“This is the way. It won’t be so hard for a strong young girl like you. Hold on tight and never look down and you’ll be at the bottom in no time at all.”

OF HOW PETYR PLOTTED SANSA’S ESCAPE IN A STORM OF SWORDS. Unless, I’m mistaken, that was a big clue as to who set it up and it also means Sansa is using the same cliff passage her Father had used, unknowingly. A cool, minor detail. They also both pass the same room of old Targaryen armor, so it must be the same.