shallow fashion cravings


Culling my clothes and holding a sale is definitely in my future, because I am falling in love with long and skirted riding-style jackets, and less enamored of waist-length blazers and whatnot, (I’m even thinking of (eventually) getting the skirted waistcoat in black AND red, which would make the RealHusband very happy. He likes it when I wear deep red.)

idreamofcorsets answered: could you find a pattern online and make it yourself? some antique patterns are on amazon.

Heh. Frock coats involve princess seams and sleeves, two things which have historically thwarted my sewing attempts. The Infamous BlueJay, bless her black and bitter heart, has tried to teach me the ways of doing such things. Multiple times. 

Altering and tailoring thrift store finds? No problem! Making full, ruffled skirts? Sure! Sewing something with princess seams or sleeves. ::twitch twitch twitch::