shallow fame

The signs as things the signs are tired of being typecast as

Aries: angry ADHD bossy dickhead that never stops yelling and punching.

Taurus: fat lazy antisocial slob with no social skills.

Gemini: fake dishonest conniving weedy bitches that never stop talking shit.

Cancer: overemotional moody smothering clingy brat that can’t take a joke.

Leo: vain self centered narcissistic asshole that thinks they’re flawless and everyone else is just a hater.

Virgo: stuck up prudish up tight extreme OCD neat freak germaphobe

Libra: shallow pretentious manipulative fame whore.

Scorpio: psychotic sociopath assassin depressive control freak pervert.

Sagittarius: slutty loud mouth fuckboi predators afraid of commitment.

Capricorn: boring routine powerhungry moneygrabbers.

Aquarius: distant loopy skitzo delusional airhead.

Pisces: sad stoner oversensitive mega emos with so many issues