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Raw-ish Pad Thai

  • zoodled zucchini and carrots, 
  • red and yellow capsicum, 
  • edamame, 
  • shallots, 
  • red cabbage
  • cubed firm tofu sautéed in tamari & sugarfree sweet chilli sauce
  • salad dressing: ½ tsp crushed garlic, 1 Tbsp @mayversfood almond chia spread, 1 Tbsp lime juice, 1 Tbsp Tamari, 1 tsp @natvianaturalsweetener , 1 tsp sesame oil whisked together with a fork 

Signs of Life

I’ve had a few friends ask me why I post food pics on FB. I guess some people love seeing “food porn”, while others find it annoying for reasons I can only guess at. This being said, I’ve given the question some thought, and here is what I’ve come up with…

I post food pics because I have a complicated relationship with food and its consumption. I sometimes go through long periods of fasting and at other times, I eat quite well.

I’m a good cook, and I don’t mind saying so. If I ever ran a personal ad, this would definitely be an attribute I would include in my description of myself.

It was while making these quiches during the wee hours of this chilly, February morning that I also realized something: Cooking and eating are affirmations of life, signs of life for me. Seeing as I am a person who often hasn’t the energy to feed myself, let alone cook for myself, this is a major accomplishment for me.

I am proud and pleased in these moments. And that’s what I’m really sharing, bits of my life, the little, everyday things that give me joy.

Side Note: These quiches both have bacon and shallots in them. The left one also has spinach. The right one has red peppers and chives. Both are incredibly tasty and satisfying.

Have a lovely day, folks. May your hearts be filled with signs of life.

Azuki Lynn



Danny’s garlic and shallots are now ready for use, having been dried for a month or so, and the oregano and peppermint I harvested a few months ago  are also crisp for processing. I tie them in bunches and hang them in the garage with a tissue paper sheath to keep out the dust. (The purple string comes from Great Dixter garden in England). The peppermint goes with the dried camomile I grow for tea and the oregano lasts us all winter for sauces, soups and other mediterranean dishes. It is so good and satisfying to have these products of the soil so close at hand, to witness their progress through the seasons and to finally enjoy their use, knowing that they are free of chemicals and grown in clean country air.