My addiction is getting out of hand.
(Yassss, Taco husband as background. )


… Yeah.

I love how Yoshitsune and Munenori is drawn like sparkly bishounen but in their real “portraits” they are big burly guys. With heavy moustache, in Yoshitsune’s case. And Benkei has even bigger moustache and beard.



I have to say it: Nobu looks more or less exactly the same as he did in reality, except he has longer hair and different clothes. Pffft. Did I mention he really did have a reputation for being a looker? Oh yeah, I did. I repeat it a dozen times over just because it’s too funny (in Ninja Love’s case anyway).


All the free otome games I am currently playing. I wrote up a full list of where to download and invite codes for bonus for anyone interested haha. Real reviews will be posted when I finish routes since all I wrote down is my impressions so far. I already finished Mononoke Kiss so that will be the upcoming one first as review… After Sakura Con.