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(1/2) could I get a DL, free!, & shall we date: ninja love matchup? im 5'3 with light brown corkscrew curls, hazel eyes, pale skin, high cheekbones, & more of a bootay than chest. i get told i look really kind & sweet but im the exact opposite. I tend to be insensitive & extremely offensive x10000. I curse a lot as well. I either like to party hard & have my day packed, or do absolutely nothing & play video games. I have a strong sense of adventure and love sports, my favorites being-

You did this right by the way! (: Since it’s more than 2, the descriptions will be the main points. (:

Shu Sakamaki

Sousuke Yamazaki

Munenori Yagyu

I have to types in mind for Shu, and yours is one of them. Okay, Shu is like a closet perv; therefore, he may not completely show it, but he would find you interesting, amusing, and extremely teasing. With that said, he would then tease you right back. Also, compared to his brothers… He would be the only one not tempted to kill you when you insult him..

I picked Sousuke because he would be the only one to not take offense to your insults, or language, either. In fact, just like Shu, he would find it amusing. Both of you would also have a ton of competitive fun together. He would also be extremely attracted to your sweet looks and fiery personality.

Munenori is a butthole, and this butthole deserves to get smacked around. Especially since he’s not one to give respect to those who aren’t higher than him. He would definitely not like you at first, but the more he was around you, the more he would actually enjoy and love being around someone who wasn’t scared to step on his toes. 



Few months ago, my tablet went into this reboot loop, and it’s practically dead. Like, I tried all fixing methods, brought it to be serviced, no dice. My otome games were all THERE. With the English apps I was often playing on multiple devices, so I’d had them all logged in, but the Ninja Love JP app is NOT. Don’t know why I forgot to login, maybe I was too excited about Nobu, I don’t remember.

So I emailed Solmare for help. The problem is, I don’t have my ID, and my name was just the default MC name.The only thing I could give them was the date I started playing and a purchase invoice, and that I kinda remember what routes I did (I have all the Nobu ones saved, of course, and some loose ninja events).

I was so nervous because I didn’t know if any of that was helpful, or if they could even do the login thing for me, but IT WAS POSSIBLE AND NOW I HAVE ALL MY NOBU ROUTES BACK, WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~~!!!!

That’s the shot of my old account on my new device, and I’m super super super happy awawawawawawawaaaaaaaa

*rolls around*

Now I seriously should be screencapping all the routes, just in case something went boom again.

momokitty27 asked:

Holy smokes! You otome!? *ahem* I would love a match up from Shall We Date: Ninja Love. I'm 5'1 with shoulder length dark almost black hair and eyes. I'm a naturally pecan tan with an INFJ personality type. I'm a generally happy person that is a bit shy with first meets. After you get to know me I'm quite the sass master. Positive things about me is my laid back persona, cooking abilities and positive attitude. Negatives: Introvert, suffer in silence, and I can have a temper on some days.

I may or may not be into english otome games for le iPhone… I’m actually going to add more to my list eventually! I’m experimenting with Ninja Love because I didn’t know if anyone actually knew much about them! Anyway, on to you! (:

Sasuke Sarutobi 

This reckless, childish ninja would need someone like you: a bit like Saizo and a bit like himself. Since Saizo is the one who tries to ground him and fails, you would be the only one who would be successful. However, with you generally being happy all the time and him always being happy, that’s why I could really see this work! He would think that your shyness at first would be absolutely adorable, and after he spent more time with you and the Master of Sass started to be revealed, that’s when he would find you absolutely irresistible because for some reason the whole game is like sexiness this and sexiness that

Sasuke would love how laid-back you are, he wouldn’t mind your temper, and he would love how well you cooked since he eats like everything. Plus, he would protect you from not only outside threats but your own inner silence. He would never want you to suffer in silence and he’d make sure you always told him what was wrong considering he is rather *ahem* persistent. Plus, your short and I’m pretty sure he has a thing for shorter girls… That way he could feel like more of man rather than a boy when it came to protecting.