I think it’s weird how Wizardess Heart is one of the stingiest otome games on Facebook (my only experience with the games is through FB). And kind of funny how the other games are generous in different areas.

Like Destiny Ninja 2 WANTS YOU TO USE DRAWERS. They’re just as expensive in WH (5,000 a pop, in-game currency) but they are constantly shoving drawers in your face in give-aways, log-ins, and bonus wins for everything else (the latest event, Mr. Dressup has awards of 15 drawers or storage house. 15. And if you played twice, you got a bonus of 5 drawers; three times, a bonus of 8 additional drawers!).

AND RECOVERY ITEMS. This is a NINJA game, you must fight, literally all the time!!

I am so done with skill bout at this point. >.<

You seem to get more tickets more often in Oz (not that it matters anyway because each one plays for about 0.5 seconds), mostly because of the daily log-in bonus is a WHOLE ticket, not a FOURTH of one, thankyouverymuch WH.

But I’ve also had heaps of tickets in DN2, to the point where I actually said “Yeah I’ve got 14 tickets left, but I really am done for the day.” (I just can’t stand to see Kaito & Kikyo whine at each other some more. I can’t.)

And then WH just sits over there.


You can’t even buy recovery items with in-game currency. So make sure you stay on top of your daily ‘Extra Curriculum’ or you will be stuck for weeks on end stopping by to play it five times and leave because you’ve hit another checkpoint.

And story tickets might be ‘cheap’ but who honestly came up with the idea of literally selling you a quarter of a ticket?? Like????

And even the results of Extra Curriculum vs. the other games are skewed. You play Oz, and you get +100 skill, +100 currency every time, doubling when you win 5 times in a row.


Nah, we don’t need that. I mean, who really needs in-game currency? Definitely not these people, who are only going to need 45,000 just to accept what’s in their present box. Forget the stuff you have to buy to progress in the story itself.


Stop it.


Well well…today updates!

On Fairy love tale the new (old) event has started!
It was one the first that I’ve cleared when I got back on this game, so I’ll take it easy. 😊

New gachas on Office lover 2 and a new upcoming event!

On Destiny Ninja 2 there is a new (old) lottery!

The new event has started on Sweet scandal r, and I’m happy it’s a collect one! 😝

On Several shades the new gacha is out! I wish I hadn’t wasted my tickets before…😭

Also, I didn’t post it yesterday but there is an upcoming old event also on My sweet proposal, the one where the MC is in high school.


I am so happy to have some sort of common ground with the otome community when I say that a fictitious person has, on more than one occasion, saved me from myself.
Fictitious people aren’t there just for scenery. They help provide some kind of escape from your day, week, or month, whether it was stressful or not. The longer you’re around them, the more tangible they become.
Their humor, their sincerity, their personalities…stick with you. Maybe even to you.
They start turning into real people that you laugh with, cry with, and may throw marshmallows at. Klaus and Saizo. They can take you away for ten, no, fifteen minutes. Maybe an hour. They may unknowingly support your dreams and give you the strength to keep going.