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We all love new lists for our bullet journal, right? Well, I do. And since I got a new bujo this week (post coming soon!), I’ve decided to bring some list ideas for you, primarily focused on us, the geek part of the Tumblr! Soon, one focused on the studies will be released! My favorites are in italic! Shall we play a game?

  • Comics / books / movies / series recommendations
  • Comics tracker
    • Can be every issue or the years
  • Books tracker
    • Can be every chapter or every book in a collection/serie
  • Series tracker
    • Can be every episode or every
  • Favorites adaptations
    • I.e. Draco Malfoy’s Julian Albert
  • Character / teams dreamcast
    • I.e. Daniel Craig as Barney Barton in a Hawkeye solo movie
  • If I could change an arc…
    • A.k.a. “What if..”
  • Favorite quotes
    • Can be per character or per book/comic
  • Dream teams
    • I.e.: Dream Team Titans team
  • AU (Alternative universe) ideas
    • I.e.: Royalty AU
  • Favorite writers / directors
    • You can also include your favorite work of them!
  • Character / ship playlist / theme song
    • I.e. History Has It’s Eyes On You - Hamilton for Captain America

That’s all for now! If you have more suggestions, you can always send me an ask or a message! You can check all of my posts here (x)! Thank you so much for reading! 

this is for @ilgaksu because she had a bad day and we’ve been chatting spy au and she gave me an idea and i want to cheer her up. all those reasons

Running the surveillance van is generally considered the boring job, but Matt doesn’t mind it. He can people watch to some extent, and he has Neil here to keep him company in watching the screens. It’s quiet and requires no acting, which makes it preferable to being in Andrew’s position right now.

On Matt’s screen, Andrew is leaning back in his seat, cards held in one hand and a low glass next to the other. He’s pretending to be a Russian magnate with a taste for the dirtier side of capitalism and also for killing people he doesn’t like. He looks relaxed, swimming with sharks. Probably because he’s the deadliest predator swimming in these waters.

They’re well into the game in there when Neil says something low in a language that definitely isn’t English, and then, “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

“What?” Matt asks. He’s instantly alarmed, because it takes a lot to make Neil lose his cool – the last time he said something similar, he was bleeding out from a hole in his gut.  

Neil is already on his feet. “I’ve got to go in there.”

Neil is definitely not supposed to go in there. He’s only here in the van because of a concession on Wymack’s part, mostly because they’d all believed he’d find a way to get involved in the worst way possible if he weren’t included in an official role. Things have gotten a lot more complicated since he and Andrew started working together, including the frequency with which Neil gets bullet wounds.

“You can’t,” Matt says. “You’ve got your orders.”

“Do you really think I care?” Neil replies. “Andrew’s about to get his cover blown, and I can’t warn him from here.”

They couldn’t send Andrew in wearing an earpiece because everyone inside was searched for tech, so the only support they could provide was watching like this. “How do you know you won’t get him killed storming in there right now?”

“What would you do if it were Dan? Sit in your ass here in the van, or go?” Neil asks. Matt looks away from the screen to his face, taking in the brutal determination with which he looks back.

Matt and Dan are married, but he suspects mentioning that might not be worth the air he’d waste in the process. Whatever bond it is that Andrew and Neil have, it’s probably just as significant, as close and as unbreakable. He says instead, “Who did you see?”

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[ENG] 170823 [BANGTAN BOMB] BTS (방탄소년단) ‘네시’ Recording Moment for 613 BTS HOME PARTY by ‘R&V’


[#방탄밤] 농구 게임 기계도 내 열정은 막을 수 없어… 뷔가 농구 게임하는 거 구경하러 가요 🐯 #포기모르는남자뷔 (

[#BangtanBomb] Even the basketball game machine can’t block out my passion… Shall we go watch V playing the basketball game? 🐯 #VTheManWhoDoesntKnowWhatGivingUpIs (

Trans cr; Alli @ bts-trans



yellED about w @soleilos dcnfv

hcs and other stuff under the cut

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Happy Smut Appreciation Day!

Summary: It all starts as a way to piss off Dean…

warnings: Cas x Reader, unprotected sex, grace!kink, oral sex (male receiving)

word count: ~2500

The four of you had just finished a hunt and decided to celebrate by going out to the local bar, have a few beers, and play some pool.

That was all well and good, until your two on two (you and Sam vs Dean and Castiel) game of pool had been interrupted by some blonde skank catching Dean’s eye.  You were now perched at a high top table, nursing a beer and seething.

So what?  You didn’t necessarily like Dean that way, but it still pissed you off when he ditched you and the boys for no good reason.  The feeling of jealousy and anger came from the fact that at the end of the day, these boys were yours. Dean, Sam, Cas – they were all you had, and you never wanted anyone to take that away from you.

Yeah, you could be a selfish bitch, but whatever.

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a compilation of various lyrics from Marilyn Manson’s latest album.


  • “ One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. ”
  • “ Revelations come in 12. ”
  • “ I say it again. ”
  • “ You will burn in the terminal fire pit. ”
  • “ Just playing with matches and praying to ashes. ”
  • “ Too stupid to call themselves evil. ”
  • “ So they just call themselves heroes. ”
  • “ Is it the Devil or us? ”
  • “ We’ll paint the town red with the blood of the children. ”
  • “ Traded every traitor. ”
  • “ This fucking game has no fucking players. ”
  • “ You got something to say now? ”
  • “ You’re welcome. ”
  • “ You’re fucking welcome. ”


  • “ So fuck your Bible and your Babel. ”
  • “ Make a psalm into my dirty bomb. ”
  • “ So dance, motherfucker, dance. ”
  • “ Racing through red lights. ”
  • “ I’m unstable. ”
  • “ I’m not a show horse. ”
  • “ I can’t be bridled, of course. ”
  • “ I’m outstanding. ”
  • “ I’m unregretted. ”
  • “ I got tattooed in reverse. ”
  • “ You can’t play this game and host all the pieces. ”
  • “ Hold your breath and just wait. ”
  • “ Someone else will pay for your sins. ”
  • “ Woah! ”
  • “ Your confession means nothing. ”
  • “ So fuck your attrition. ”
  • “ There ain’t nothing in my hourglass, just sands from the Dead Sea. ”
  • “ And I’m aiming my weapon. ”


  • “ Let’s make something clear. ”
  • “ We are recording this as it happens. ”
  • “ We don’t need to move a single prayer bone. ”
  • “ Hi-def is still life. ”
  • “ So, what’s a nice place like this doing ‘round people like us? ”
  • “ We know where you fucking live! ”
  • “ We’ll burn it down, burn it down. ”
  • “ They won’t even recognize your corpse. ”
  • “ The world was stripped of its superficial surfaces. ”
  • “ We will sleep on the skin of its nightmares. ”
  • “ Time to just kill this crowd. ”
  • “ Scream as fucking loud. ”
  • “ Fire, fire, fire fire, fire away! ”
  • “ I love the sound of shells hitting the ground, man. ”
  • “ I love it. ”


  • “ Devil’s got a cut, like a slit in a cattle’s calf. ”
  • “ Godless, fearless of the flood or the blood from the coming spring. ”
  • “ Something is shedding its scales. ”
  • “ Crying from the heat of the light or the empty shell on the stage. ”
  • “ Cash is a poor man’s money. ”
  • “ You say God, I say SAY10. ”
  • “ Say SAY10. ”
  • “ Open your mouth, love, like a gutted church. ”
  • “ A crown of thorns is hard to swallow. ”
  • “ You should pray now. ”
  • “ Is it above or is it below? ”
  • “ Cocaine and Abel. ”
  • “ I don’t baptize whores. ”
  • “ I’m a legend, I’m not a fable. ”


  • “ Let’s grab a gold switch blade and make us a blood pact, babe. ”
  • “ To love and to fuck and to only see ourselves. ”
  • “ Remember this. ”
  • “ Your hotel hall won’t be so vacant. ”
  • “ I can tell that you ain’t faking. ”
  • “ I take death threats like the best of them. ”
  • “ Would you kill for me? ”
  • “ I love you enough to ask you again. ”
  • “ You won’t be kissing me unless you kill for me. ”
  • “ Kill for me. ”
  • “ Bloody noses are just like roses. ”
  • “ What happens when we are betrayed? ”
  • “ Won’t you drag him to the shed and unload six rounds in their fucking face? ”
  • “ This is a sacrifice. ”
  • “ Sideways for attention, longways for results. ”
  • “ Who are you going to cross? ”