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One king left this world. In this realm, where kings have traditionally been chosen by the Holy Sword, it came time to hold a new Choosing.
Out of the many people who sought to draw the Sword, only one succeeded.
A peasant girl, neither knight nor royalty.

The girl remains confused about everything, but the legendary wizard Merlin persuades her to take up the crown. Then she meets the Knights of the Round Table.

The girl sets out to battle for the first time in her life. She grips the Sword tightly in hand, still not knowing why it chose her. Tears are in her eyes.

The girl learns what love truly is. The threads of fate twist around her, but through it all, she holds love dear in her heart for one man.

The girl takes up the Sword… the Sword that will allow her to cut a path for her beloved’s destiny.

I have high hopes for this game since it’s another Otomate one, but, once again, in order to make it a mobile game, Solmare removes all the voices from the game and that’s a huge part of Otomate is the voice acting.

It makes me what to create a publishing company. LOL

Ah well.

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This has spoilers for Yoshimasa's route...

So apparently, Leviathan tells us that “The life of every human whose body houses a god is short” then, after thinking about that quote made me realize that Kikyo, Fuyukiku and Ayu will die sooner than later. And I just can’t with it ;-;

But this is what I think only because of how far I’m into the route, so things may change?

battossai-san  asked:

How each character would react If they learn that their son is gay?

•Unsurprisingly, he’s really shocked.
•He may not react for a few moments after his son tells him this, and he will think he means something else at first.
•(“Like happy…or…?”)
•It takes him a moment to process this.
•After a good while, he’ll probably slowly begin to accept it.
•It’ll be hard for him because he never thought of this actually happening, but he will really try.
•In his mind, there’s nothing wrong with being gay. Hell, he’s even canonly accepted a gay joke from Wesley in Wesley’s route, so he won’t react negatively.
•So, once he really has time to process things and think more through it, he’ll be pretty supportive of his son.

•Crowlie, having read many psychology books, has read both sides of the “it’s a choice” and “its natural” scientific arguments, and he’s on the side of it being a proven natural phenomenon.
•For this reason, he won’t react negatively when his son tells him this.
•Like Leonardo, it will take him a brief while to let it sink in, but it won’t be a really long time.
•Crowlie is more of the type to think rationally about the situation which means that he can readily accept this after thinking it over briefly.
•Bottom line, he’ll be supportive of his son and won’t treat him differently for it.

•If you can remember, Heartmann rejects the gay joke Wesley makes about him in the latter’s route pretty off the bat and even scolds Leonardo for keeping the joke going.
•Despite this, however, he is not the father to reject his son because of this.
•Due to his quick refusal in canon, I believe he’ll need some time to think about things.
•Heartmann will probably ask his son to drop the conversation for a few days just so that he can weigh the situation and process things at his own speed.
•(His son may be pretty hurt by this, but he’ll know it is something that will take time when it comes to his father.)
•While Heartmann is processing everything, he’ll slowly begin to accept it.
•He loves his son and he is also aware that being gay isn’t a choice.
•He knows that it is not his son’s fault that he is who he is, and that it is something his son probably struggled with for a long while.
•Hence, after a few days of assessing everything, he’ll tell his son that he has no qualms with it.
•They’ll probably have a really long talk about it though just to make sure that they’re both okay.
•After this talk, Heartmann will readily accept his position as a supportive father.

•Oz is a big flirt and charmer when it comes to women, so he was naturally under the assumption that his son would follow suit.
•He has also canonly rejected anything perceived as homosexual in Leonardo’s route (I think?). In that scene, Crowlie asks for Oz to give him the flowers the latter was intending for MC, and Oz, ticked off, states that he “isn’t in the practice of giving flowers to men”, and he later continues to deny this simple request until MC doesn’t take the flowers.
•Notice that this is a pretty innocent gesture that he rejected because of the implication.
•For this reason I believe that, like Heartmann, he’ll need some time off.
•He won’t outright refuse to listen, but he will be under the assumption that his son is just confused.
•Oz will probably feign that he is okay with his son’s decision, but it will be pretty obvious he hasn’t accepted it when he acts awkwardly around him.
•Due to this, their relationship will become strained for quite some time.
•Eventually, as time moves forward, Oz will slowly come to realize that his son is not “going through a phase” or “confused”.
•He’ll begin to accept his son’s sexuality more and more and will later come to realize that, despite their different tastes in gender, his son can still follow after his flirtatious nature.
•Hell, Oz will even teach him seductive tricks that will work on both males and females.

•When his son comes out to him, Wesley will also need some time to think things trough.
•However, this isn’t because he truly has any problems with it, rather, he will take a moment to process things because it is simply so unexpected.
•He never once imagined his son would be the way he was, but he knows that things don’t come out the way you plan.
•Like Crowlie, it’ll just take him a short period of time to accept things.
•And it will be short simply because Wesley has always told himself that he would support and care for any children he had. Remember that he never had either of those things growing up, so he has always told himself that he would make sure his kids had this.
•So, yes, he is pretty supportive and acceptive.

•Out of everyone here, Solomon is the best one at looking into a person’s character. (Remember how can always tell what a person is feeling because how good he is at reading people).
•For this reason, he probably knew his son was gay before his son even came to terms with it.
•This early insight has allowed him to come to terms with things on his own.
•(Though it probably wasn’t all that long; Solomon is a very loving father as well as an open minded person.)
•So, when his son comes out, Solomon doesn’t really give it much thought. He’ll probably even admit to having been aware for a long time now.
•(“You never showed any interest for the girls around you, yet you always seemed to pay attention to the boys around you…”)
•With that said, Solomon is very supportive with his son and a huge tease.
•Seriously, his son can’t even innocently befriend a guy without Solomon making jokes about it or trying to set them up.

•Like Solomon, Norton is pretty quick on reading into a person’s character and has probably been aware for a very long time.
•Even if there were no prior indications to anyone, or his son himself, Norton has really keen attention.
•Due to this, he has probably long since accepted it to the point where he isn’t bothered by it.
•(In the beginning, he might have been under a little denial simply because it seemed so surprising.)
•So, when his son finally feels comfortable talking to him about it, he is ready to listen calmly and discuss it.
•They’ll probably have a serious talk where they both really consider their situations and make absolutely certain there isn’t any issue on the matter.
•But, once this conversation is over, that’s it.
•From then on, everything is back to normal because Norton won’t really find it something that really needs more discussion. He loves his son whether he is gay or straight, so there isn’t a change anywhere in their relationship or behavior towards each other.
•Although, it can be said that he becomes even more fiercely protective over his son.
•No one is allowed to say anything even remotely hinting at homophobia around his kid, and guys can not go near him if Norton feels like his son is interested in them.
•(At least not until Norton makes sure they’re the right one for his little boy.)

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