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NTT Solmare/Shall We Date MC Default Names

Mina Hambleton - Blood N Roses +

Saya Hiramatsu - Lost Island +

Isabella Kirkland - The Niflheim +

Akari Watase - Guilty Alice

Kana Saeki - Can’t Say No

Liz Hart - Wizardess Heart +

Yukina Suzumor - Demons’ Bond

Yui Takao - Ninja Assassin +

Marget Watson - Magic Sword + 

Shiki - Scartlet Fate 

Ayame Kushinada - Destiny Ninja 2+ 

Mariko Nakagata - Ninja Love +

Akane Tonami - Angel or Devil +

Sakura Yagami - Mononoke Kiss +

Luna Nolan - My Fairy Tales +

Sakura Kushinada - Destiny Ninja

Mai Ogawa - My Sweet Prince +

Celestia Annette - Castle Break

Haru Yoshino - Never Look Back

Angela Rampling - War Of Prayers

Karen Azuma - Hero in Love

Julia Darwin - Love Tangle +

Most names came from this post. I just decided to make a post having them all together!


all my virtual bf. i have 10 virtual bf, don’t have time for the real, sorry


Sooo… I made a lot of emma’s reactions, now my threads will look a lot more cute! also, if that motivates you in rping with me, wink wonk ;-) you know where to find me

Otome invite codes & IDs

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If some codes don’t work, maybe it’s beacuse iOS/Android codes are different on some games…

The ones written like this: I’m not gone forever on Android, but currently I’m inactive. 

Others games with this: on iOS, read HERE and HERE

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be my princess party:

Lysithea; (invite code 9a635d0a); ID 269306

(the) cinderella contract (iOS):

Lysithea; invite Code NRMige

midnight cinderella:

Lysithea; ID: pDUJwg4D

my forged wedding party:

Lysithea; (invite Code c7da16c); ID 130309

my sweet proposal (iOS):

Lysithea; invite Code hEEsCy

office lover 2 (iOS):


once upon a fairy love tale (iOS):

Lysithea; invite Code FT8Hmx

rental boyfriends (iOS):


royal midnight kiss (iOS):

Lysithea; invite Code wEAfsF

shall we date +:

blood in roses:

Lysithea ID MZQrv5WFnW

destiny ninja 2:

Lysithea ID jwV0vRj3G


Lysithea; ID DwHB6SSyW

wizardess heart + :

Lysithea; invite code H5Y4sLBgJ0; ID H5Y4sLBgJ0

seven hotties, all my husbands (iOS):

Lisythea; invite code KMTrNv

sweet scandal Returns (iOS):

Lisythea; invite code CYMYGB


Animal boyfriend (not really an otome…):

Lysithea & Alli

Still there (iOS) but not really active

arabian nights love story lamp of destiny:

Lizzy; invite Code YV6y3d

arabian nights desert heat love:

Lizzy; invite code 3BaLAJ

bakumatsu shinsengumi (iOS):

Lysithea; invite code 7a4Viy

contract marriage (iOS):

Lizzy; invite Code Ph5W7J

contract marriage plus (iOS):

Lysithea; invite Code n7zg8s

gossip girl party:

Lysithea; ID 1364860

it’s our secret:

Lizzy; invite code cii3712

office lover:

Lizzy; invite code n5aACz

oriental  bride of the emperor (iOS)

Lysithea; invite code sHqpBk

samurai love ballad party:

Lysithea; ID 2149459

samurai night romance (iOS):


shall we date - destiny ninja :

Lysithea; invite code BxJyVRzww0

magic sword + :

Lysithea; invite code DLRsvWWexg

my fairy tales + :

Lysithea; invite code LMzxCNypks

my sweet prince + :

Lysithea; invite code CPDiGiJqW

sleepless cinderella party:

Lysithea; (invite code fb201ec1); ID  523000

starstruck love:

Lizzy; invite code XdfTHg

sweet scandal:

Lizzy; invite code m27GGT


Otome on Android where I’m inactive - Kurumi

cinderella contract (Android):

Kurumi; invite code Kqmd3V

contract marriage plus (Android)

Kurumi; TgsHPG

love legend of sengoku (Android):

Kurumi; invite code ukpQPD

my romantic three kingdoms:

Kurumi; invite code Rr4D56

once upon a fairy love tale (android):

Kurumi; code fpC6PR

seven hotties, all my husbands (Android):

Kurumi; invite code 3wYb6U

royal midnight kiss (Android):

Kurumi; code DUGE2G

the idol dormitory:

Kurumi; VtBJxv

The Cosa case

You can find me on some iOS otome as Cosa. I’m Cosa where I used to be active as Lisythea (Lisythea is not dead, but not active for various reasions).

I don’t play the following otome seriously now, BUT I login everyday and if you want to add me let me know here or on the game since I’ll invite you in lessons and send you items if I get them. You don’t need to send me back items because I’ll keep a very low charm and like I’ve said I’m not seriously playing these otome. I’m here just in case. I think it’s not a bad thing for you to add me ‘cause of the items, but remember that I’m not playing to get high charm or anything, so you will get a few items, but maybe I could help you. ^.^ 

If you want to help me too add me as Lysithea on the games that you can find above and send me all that you can! (The cindereala contract, My sweet proposal, Royal midnight kiss, Sweer scandal returns, voltage party and more but it’s another story).

Sooo…these are the otomes where you can find me as Cosa:

I’m back everywhere as Lysithea! <3


I’m reading Skeletiano’s route right now… …. *cries* Ahhh… God. It’s too much… TOO MUCH! Started the romantic ending now… Still don’t know what happens! *sob sob*

I was on the train for a bit… So I wanted to sketch a scene with the three of them. My pumpkin prince is so fluffy… XD! I also may colour this after my dissidia aces entry… We shall see.

Enjoy! *goes grabs tissues and sobs passionately in a corner*

So are Carter and Henrik trying to tell MC that someone planted that good kush in the leopard area? Is that why the leopards are so damn interested?

(I meant to post this earlier but tumblr was being an asshole. I’m way past this now but I still wanna throw the joke out there.)

Shall We Date?: My Sweet Prince How The Guys Are With Their Children

‘Tis now 2AM so this is probably going to be my last post for tonight, hope the requester likes it(Also super weird writing this as my cousin who is coincidentally named Ivan is sleeping on the floor next to my bed, so there’s that :))

Prince Lambert

Lambert was very good with your child, but not in the way most parents would be. He would often just lay with your toddler before they fell asleep, your little child would never fall asleep without their father next to them which was always hard when Lambert wouldn’t finish until late. 

Lambert made you smile when he would lay down with your toddler in his arms, holding them close before he would finally let him go when they’d finally fallen asleep. 

It was rare for Lambert to fall asleep next to the child but when it did happen you would walk in and giggle at how cute the scene in front of you was. You wouldn’t give up having this little family, he was so cute with your child especially when he would fall asleep with your little angel.

Prince Chezem
Chezem was the type of father who allowed his child to drag him into the games of make believe and though he would sit there silently, he was always smiling, making small gestures and sometimes saying things that he felt mattered. 

He was always telling the child just how much he loves them, how he was going to protect them, every night before they would sleep, as though it was some kind of a mantra. The kind of sweet mantra that you were very proud to hear from your Chezem especially after how long it took for him to begin to become attached to you you were shocked how affectionate and how quickly he became attached to your child. 

It was fun watching him in the games when he was made to dress up, or when he was simply playing the board games with a soft smile, or even when he would just sit and watch your child as they drew themselves some pictures. 

It didn’t shock you that your child was quiet though considering this is Chezem’s child, but there was no way you would change that. 

Prince Nagit
Nagit, you’d been scared how Nagit would be as a father being so young, but watching him run around after your child, it made you smile softly. 

Both of you would take turns running around after your toddler, it was like they never wanted to have a moment away from the two of you, always grinning, and running and calling out to mommy and daddy. Playing random games, tig, stick in the mud, the two of you would be pulled into so many little games. 

It shocked you both how energetic they were, but then in the late afternoon, as a family you would all sit down and eat Japanese sweets, with differing mixtures of tea every day. Nagit wanted your child to appreciate the culture that meant everything to you and him, and at the very least he knew that they loved the sweets, and he loved the smile on your face every time he would do something extremely special such as import sweets from Japan. 

The grin on their face as they ate the candy, that meant the world to Nagit, all that he liked was watching your child grin, it warmed his heart, he’d never thought he’d be that happy. Then again, you also had never thought that would be that happy. 

Prince Alvah
Alvah was almost a child himself, and the way that he was always playing games with the child, running away from his duties to play with them, your husband really did seem like he was a child as well. 

Playing competitive sports with your child, sometimes dragging you into it as well. The both of would also play other games within the castle gardens, he had even gotten a trampoline so that your child could always have some way to get rid of their energy when he was dragged back to work by Ivan. 

Your child, they were so attached to Alvah, they would run and jump together, the lovely games of basketball reminded you of old dates in town. 

Alvah was still just as energetic if not more now that you had a child of your own to look after, and he loved sneaking away from work to play games, to run around, and to be around his family, after all no one else could make his heart beat as fast, and no one else had given him his own little angel to play games with and do sports with. 

Prince Jun
Jun would often watch you and your child from the side, the way that you would sit with your child as they would just sit quietly and draw pictures, often whispering things to you that Jun could never quite catch. 

This would’ve hurt his feelings if it wasn’t for the smile on your face and the childish laughter. 

He enjoyed the way in which your child would run up to him when he gets back from his duties, and hand him a pile of drawings, some of them were well done, and some days they weren’t but he loved them all the same, keeping a file full of the pictures they’d drawn. 

He’d hold the child in his arms as he asked them to explain every picture that they’d drawn and he enjoyed the pictures that they’d drawn, especially the family portraits. Jun wouldn’t give up your child for anything, and he especially wouldn’t give up those pictures they really did mean everything, not that he wanted you to know he kept them all, in a folder under the bed. 

Prince Melchiorre
Melchiorre was always taking time off of his duties, he’d take calming walks with your child, and when they’d run off he would then lift them in his arms, he’d tickle them. He enjoyed that soft look on your face and you with that soft smile as you would follow behind them. 

The two of them kept sweet little secrets and exchanged laughs but you didn’t mind you enjoyed watching the both of them bond, everything about the way that they were together meant the whole world to you, watching them giggle, or watching Melchiorre tickle your toddler.

 Every smile exchanged made everything perfect. 

Melchiorre would often sing to your child in a slightly off pitch voice before they go to sleep at night and even though this made them laugh, while you stood in the doorway you often found the scene would warm your heart, everything about it would, the way that he would sing, the way that your child would laugh, it was almost perfect. 

The final thing with Melchiorre was the other time that he would sing, when your child was sad, the way that he would softly sing to them, to try and calm down their tears, the way that it would stop the tears, everything about it. You would giggle softly as he would kiss your child’s forehead, it meant the world to you, as you watched the both of them, because this was the image of what you thought a perfect family would be, you were just happy. 

Ivan had been so happy when you’d finally gotten pregnant, and he was always around, getting off work as early as he could, you always enjoyed laughing when the toddler would try to follow him to work. 

Running to try and find their father some days when you went out, you’d often find the toddler sitting there watching Ivan from a distance with a focused look, you never wanted to take your child away, enjoying the look on their face as they would hide in corners to watch their father, and it always made you happy that your husband would act like he wasn’t being watched. 

Ivan would always come in and sit down with your child, reading short stories and smiling at your child, he enjoyed the time spent reading with your little boy. You’d often sit on the sofa on Ivan’s other side resting your head on his shoulder. 

Everything felt so perfect to you, you enjoyed every moment of him with your son, reading aloud, you enjoyed the sound of his voice, it was so soft, and velvet like. Ivan and you couldn’t be anymore pleased with the way that your little family works. 

King Tamir
It’s funny for you to watch Tamir with your child, he is always running after them, you swear he has a ridiculous amount of secrets, the both of them seem to work very hard to keep secrets from you and allow you to then find out. 

The secrets were always fun little things, and you loved them both very much, you loved the way that they would interact, and you loved that Tamir would try and spend time with the both of you despite the fact that he was King of a country and busy. 

Tamir was renowned for falling asleep while holding your child close to him, whether they were watching one of the children’s television shows or he was putting them to bed, somehow he always ended up staying with them, although you had to admit you enjoyed the knowledge that he was sneaking into your room in the middle of the night after realising where he’d fallen asleep. You loved being around Tamir and your child, and couldn’t remember why you’d been so scared about him as a father because watching him share secrets and play with your child, you knew your life couldn’t be anymore perfect.  

Headcannons/ Love Letters/ Stories/ Drabbles 

I’ll be honest: I totally get why people like Dake. Hell, my first time playing ep 9 I went for him (cause I had no interest in forcing Lys-baby to strip and knew I would need to replay for my Cas illustration anyways) and I totally understand. It’s fucking refreshing to have

“Hey Candy, I find you very attractive!”

“What a coincidence, I am attracted to you as well!”

“Alright, let’s move on to the next step.”

Instead of the BS everyone else has. And I’ve played enough otome games to accept that to a certain extent, the pursued and unpursued versions of characters aren’t exactly the same (I love Jun in Shall We Date: My Sweet Prince, but he’s not exactly the same sweetly-sadistic character when you play in a route where he tries to rape you). That being said:

1. The MCL team did not have to make him King Fuckboy when you’re not after him. Boys that don’t the meaning of the word “no” are terrifying

2. The MCL team did not have to write him as a creep that think it’s all hunky-dory to go into the dressing of the girl he likes  because she likes him back. Boundaries don’t work that way. And then to bring it up in front of other people is some macho-bullshit of “I saw this girl in her undies and it was hot >D” is also fucked up. And no, a girl changing into underwear in private is not the same as a girl wearing a bikini on the beach for SO MANY reasons, the main one being her consent to the situation.

Seriously, there’s a lot of potential for this character that gets wasted when he gets written as such a creep, and I will not like him even a little until the team stops doing that