And here is Valentine Knight looking like she’s been invited to the Oscars. 😂 I apologize for the tattoo though, Vincent’s CGs show the design only up to his elbow; anything beyond that, I kinda invented it based on the patterns.

Also, I’m laughing at your comments from the Elias headcanon I posted earlier. (One made me choke on my milk 😂) I swear, I love Elias and the last thing I want for him is a future like that. Still, it was a scenario that seemed to fit him well, what with him living under Klaus’s shadow for most of his life. To compensate (and to also oblige with the request in the comments section), I’ll make a fluffy Elias scenario next! ❤

date someone who:

- makes your heart go !!!!!!
- makes you genuinely happy
- will never force you into anything
- knows how to listen to you
- doesn’t negatively judge you
- has a positive impact on you
- loves you for YOU

Explain A Wizardess Heart Route Badly

Elias: A spoiled brat gets turned into a pig, and then he learns how to love.

Luca: A bisexual prince with mommy issues cons his girlfriend.

Yukiya: A boy goes through some body changes so he compensates by meeting half naked women at midnight and listening to his pet dog.

Klaus: A girl dates a dick for two weeks and doesn’t know it.

Randy: A girl falls in love with a candy-crazed lunatic with an identity crisis.

Azusa: A sociopath drugs and abuses his girlfriend and she’s totally okay with it.

Joel: A girl falls in love with a famous singer that was secretly a girl at some point.

Vincent: A guy friendzones a girl to fight his pedophilia.

Leon: A unicorn pulled a dick move to be a human.


Random Sketches of the Goldstein Brothers, once I read a comment of how would Elias look if he used long hair (Because he wouldn’t want to be mistaken with his brother) and I like to imagine that when Elias gets older he gets to be more confident on himself and becomes the new Prefect *w* And I want to see Klaus wearing a knight Uniform!!!

all Wizardess Heart guys in ONE gif.

Elias Goldstein:

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Luca Orlem:

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Yukiya Reizen: 

Klaus Goldstein:

Randy March (and Taffy):

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Azusa Kuze: 

Joel Crawford: 

Vincent Knight:


Cerim Leiado: 

Guy Brighton: