shall stare at these forever and be happy

I am ready to talk
I am ready to let it all out
Too long I have crushed my thoughts inside
Steven Wilson changed my life
The key to life is to live dangerously
Excessive reading and writing will make you go mad , the doctor said
You are this and you are that
You are in everything I see
I can’t stop I can’t stop I can’t stop can you please make me stop
Nature saved me for some time
It is magnificent
I am nothing and I am every one
If you had to live life again and again , go through the same thing over and over
Would you do it or would you not ?
Live life, challenge suffering
Suffering is the key to happiness
My biggest flaw is my empathy
I can see where you get your ideas
They are all noble and ideal
And your flaw is that the depth of internalisation of ideas that u read of
Especially tragedy
You do it so well
You understand it so well and you are so insane
If we look at how people behave and strive towards,
It is always going to be towards power
Empty values of our herd promoted by over abundance of personal choice
Timid mediocrity , fooling themselves that they were happy
The religion of comfortableness
Stare long into the abyss , and the abyss will stare back at you
You have been my 11:11 wish forever
And I have so many thoughts and ideas that you communicate with me
And I can’t communicate that I even think of them
Because u do it in a way that takes me aback
And I have to think for a bit
You make me think and I love you for that
And I love to think and I am afraid I shall only think of what you make me
You are the master of disguise and lies
Fuelled by idealistic pessimism and perfect internalisation of noble ideas
You are magnificent and dirty
A paradox I love and hate
And every opinion I have has a flip side to it
Even my opinion of you
And your brother is more magnificent than all of us
And i being a stupid human shall still continue to follow hierarchies
Continue to club things as one better than the other
When in every reality , but that of humans,
Ratings don’t exist, nothing is better than the other
How can we strive to achieve that which is completely and fully equal?
Our race is doomed towards destruction
Robots everywhere , fuelled by ideas they read on internet without enough introspection
Shallow depth of mind is so beneficial
To a few people of the world
That control you
They control what you see and what you eat
What you wear and what you just tear
You are being fed into , and you believe that the reality you are fed is yours
Oh dear oh dear , it isn’t
You pretend to be someone you are not
Because you are nothing inside really but that what you are fed
You are programmed to receive , as some great musicians said a few decades ago
Mankind is doomed and I shall never be happy for too long
Unless the trees cover me and give me a safe spot to lie on
The river flows with my feet in it
Reminding me of how small our existence is
And how quickly everything flies
And the only thing to remain will be the heat of the sun and the violent waterfalls
Soon you will be a part of the ground they stand on , just as our ancestors are
No one really understands death till it comes to them
And often it is their only salvation
It shall be mine as well.

buttsonthebeach  asked:

You’re an amazingly talented writer! Pass this along to 10 writers you admire to spread around the love! (Only if you want to!) I am going to turn around and shoot this one right back at you! I am still in love with that "Apple Pie" short you posted and I love seeing the little snippets of your other work. You are on my Marked for Later list on AO3 for sure! Thank you for sharing your talents with us :)

Oh! I didn’t see this earlier! Thank you so much for this! *squeezes you tight*

I’m honestly surprised so may people like that Drabble! I’m really happy you enjoyed it in all of its angsty wretchedness! And thank you for these kind words. Hopefully when you get around to reading some of my other stuff, you find it enjoyable!

*hugs you forever for this nice message.*

I shall stare at this for a long time.

Fic: This Love Is Ours

In the words of the immortal TSwift: “It’s not theirs to speculate if it’s wrong and / your hands are tough but they are where mine belong and / I’ll fight their doubts and give you faith / with this song for you.” – Badboy!Blaine/Cheerio!Kurt, ~1700 words, PG with some making out.

Kurt tried not to show his impatience on his face as he listened to Britt ramble on about her cat while he dug around in his locker for his math book. Lord Tubbington’s lingerie stash sounded concerning, yes, but Britt was really cutting into his precisely scheduled morning routine, and if she didn’t shut up soon, he’d miss the best part of his day.

“So I’m thinking I’ll have to block the Victoria’s Secret site on my laptop,” Britt finished, just in time for the warning bell to ring.

Damn it, Kurt thought, pressing his lips together tightly to keep from scowling at his friend. He waved goodbye to her and started heading for the math wing, feeling his phone buzz in his pocket as he walked. Once he was in class and seated, he checked the message, not surprised to see that it was from “Loverboy.”

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