shall out of my mind

Spell to Forget Someone

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 red candle
  • 2 white candles
  • 1 piece of paper with the person’s full name written on it
  • Best done in the Waning Moon

Place the white candles left and right from the red candle. Light the red candle and then the two white from left to right. Set the paper aflame and chant:

“As you leave my life,
I leave behind my pain.
As you turn to dust,
So does all my hurt.
As I leave you in my past,
I leave with you my sorrow.
I burn they name _____________ so it shall be,
Cast out of my memory.
Your memory erased from my mind,
No longer held by the constrains of time.
I accept this made manifest, So shall it be!”

Let the paper burn out in a safe container and blow away the ashes in a safe manner away from you. The spell is done. 

Cal me what you like... within reason
( darkiplier )
Cal me what you like... within reason

Anonymous asked: This could be for both dark or Anti. How do you feel with people calling you daddy? I mean for them to even think that they would have to give their all to you. Are you for or against?

[Darkiplier response]

“I’m well aware that Anti has already answered this question, but the veiled asker did request the chance for me to answer as well, so I shall hand out my thoughts on it now.

To be fair, I don’t mind anyone addressing me as "Daddy,” if they use it as a term of endearment while also displaying respect for my position. I see all humans, save one, as underlings, so I suppose the name may be fitting in this context. 

Use it as a joke or any sort of indignified manner and I won’t hesitate to demonstrate some harsh discipline and remind you of your place. The same rules apply for any other names you may wish to call me. Do I make myself clear?“


Citadel Green Place.

Though the more I worked on it, the more I felt like they were probably going to find someplace private and do dirty things tbh and the wives are going to regret being so snoopy orz

About the flower Max is holding… I don’t really have any explanation for it I just wanted him holding a flower. Maybe Furiosa gave it to him or or maybe he’s going to give it to her? I dunno.

Reacting To Youtubers Instragram

Laying on the bed, scrolling through Twitter, I quickly grew bored with the same old tweets I had reread again and again. But just as I went to pull up Instragram, my phone beeped with a new text.

The device slips from my hand and I turn my head quickly, wincing as it hits me in the face.

“Ow.” I mumble to myself, picking it back up and switching over to check the message, wondering what Marcus wanted.

Just posted a new video that you may want to check out ;)

Raising an eyebrow, I sent a quick reply back to him: What did you do now?

Just go watch it, Y/N.

Rolling my eyes, I reach over the side of my bed to grab my laptop, quickly pulling up YouTube and loading Marcus’s channel.

“Reacting to Youtubers Instagram…oh gods, you did Joe, didn’t you?” I say to myself as I click play.

“Hello everybody!” Marcus waves to the camera, and I settle back against the pillow, watching as he introduces himself and explains how he’ll be going through another Instagram today. “Now, you are all probably wondering who I chose, because I kept it out of the title and thumbnail…so drumroll please!” I chuckle as I watch him tap on the table I know is in front of him. “We are doing Y/N!”

“What?” I exclaim, even though I know he can’t hear me.

“Who is Y/N, you ask? She is the girlfriend of Joe Sugg, yes that Joe Sugg. Sorry ladies, he’s taken. For just over a year now, actually. But anyways, she has done YouTube for a while, and I’ll leave her links below. Go subscribe and check her out. She makes pretty good videos, although not as good as me.” Marcus winks at the camera and I let out a small laugh. “Let’s check her Instagram now, shall we?”

My mind quickly darts to what I’ve posted, but before I can remember, he’s already got it on the screen.

“Isn’t this just adorable?” He coos, glancing at the camera. “There’s so many photos of her and Joe!” I blush at that, not having realized before just how many pictures I’ve posted of me and my boyfriend. “Oh look, another photo of them. And here we have a cheeky photo of them kissing. More than what Zalfie has given.” Marcus smirks at the camera and I laugh again, agreeing. Joe and I had been a little more open about our relationship compared to his sister, and the fans loved it.

He goes through a couple more photos, pointing out one that he had actually taken while we were all attending a Gleam function.

“Let’s see if we can find the first photo of them together…” He trails off and begins to scroll. I watch the photos pass by, smiling at the memories they bring up. “Here we go! Look at little Joseph.”

It was a simple photo, us back in Wiltshire visiting his dad. It was also the photo that revealed we were dating.

“In all seriousness, and I know you’re watching this Y/N, I’m happy for you two.” Marcus grins at the camera. “These two are both good friends of mine, and I’ve watched their relationship grow into what it is. It’s nice to see Joe finally have a girl that makes him smile the way Y/N does. Also, they take much cuter photos then some couples…” He trails off, but its obvious he’s joking. “Anyways, that is it for this episode. Because lets be real, no one wants to see the photos on her feed prior to Joe.”


“And calm down, Y/N. I’m joking.” Marcus laughs. “I hope you enjoyed the video. If you did, make sure to give it a thumbs up. Also, remember to subscribe! And I will see you beautiful sexy people tomorrow.” He waves before the video ends.

Shaking my head, I reach for my phone again, sending a quick message.

You are such a dork. But thank you xx

Any time. Just, stop flaunting your happiness all over social media ;)

You’re one to talk. Have you seen your snapchats recently?


anonymous asked:

Hello! In the show, Caroline and Demelza's friendship seems to happen almost without our really realizing it (it seems more gradual than ex. Demelza and Verity's) but one thing I wonder was what drew them together in the books? Caroline seems the one more actively pursing that friendship earlier on in the TV version, and that was intriguing. She's not the snob she pretends to be, but she's not like Dwight where class is almost a non-issue. Thank you for your analysis :)

Their friendship in the books is definitely slower to grow, and at first it’s entirely about Caroline being Dwight’s fiance - that’s the only real connection between them. They’ve met socially on a handful of occasions, of course - and Caroline has, of course, saved Ross and Demelza from bankruptcy - but the first time Demelza meets Caroline on a more intimate footing, it’s when Ross brings Caroline and Dwight back together, and brings them both to Nampara for Christmas, at the end of ‘Warleggan’. To my mind, it’s a much nicer beginning for them as a quartet than the wedding in 3.01, but ah well:

‘Have you three extra bedrooms you could get ready for tonight?’
Three? … Why, who is coming? What have you arranged?’
‘I have brought Caroline back with me. Caroline and her maid.’
Demelza opened her eyes. ‘Where is she? Do you mean at her uncle’s?’
‘She is with him now. But I invited her here to supper, and I want you to put her and her maid up over Christmas.’
‘Over Christmas? Gladly. I’d lay special carpets for her if I had them. But it’s awful short notice, Ross! And I don’t quite understand …’
‘We stayed a night in Plymouth and then came on. The story of her engagement was overhasty. There was no truth in it. When I heard that, I felt most of our old misgivings should be set aside and I tried my hand as matchmaker. Of course I hadn’t your skill, and at first she would have none of it. But on my second visit she decided to nibble at the bait. We saw Dwight in Plymouth.’
‘I believe they have made it up. He travelled back with us and, if we can fix him in, will stay here too.’

Demelza, being Demelza, is rather anxious about the arrangements, but it all comes off nicely. And it’s on this evening that Ross makes it clear that, with Dwight away, he and Demelza will be there for Caroline:

‘When Dwight has gone, so long as you stay with your uncle, I hope you’ll come and sup with us once or twice a week. It will help the time to pass.’
‘After Dwight has gone, I shall wake up sometimes and wonder if all this week has been a dream. I think I shall have to come here for reassurance. I hope my uncle improves so that I can tell him the truth.’
‘If you are in any difficulty, come straight here,’ Ross said. ‘We will put you up for as long as necessary.’
Caroline looked at Demelza before replying. ‘Your husband’s committing you very deep.’
Demelza said: ‘Well, no deeper than I’d want to go or be willing to go tomorrow.’

So they don’t really strike up a friendship at this point as such, but they do begin to know each other much better and to become friendlier. But yes, at this point, it’s about Dwight. Dwight is the connection between them, the reason they have for knowing each other and for growing to know each other better.

It’s once Dwight is away at sea, and then captured in France, that the friendship really blossoms between Caroline and Demelza. Because really, there are very few people who don’t grow to love Demelza once they know her, and Caroline proves to Demelza, quietly but quickly enough, that she’s not such a snob as to turn her nose up at Demelza’s background, or her working life, or any of it. Her snobbery is, as you say, a lot of pretence - and I maintain that when she acts the snob to/with Dwight, it’s to provoke him into a reaction! - but she’s very aware of class distinctions in a sort of casual, every-day manner. I think, with Demelza, Caroline sees Demelza’s insecurities and never teases her about them, never chides her for still feeling like that. She must know that she’s an example, to Demelza, of how gentlewomen behave, but she never demonstrates that she’s aware of being an example. Does that make sense?

Anyway, the scene I’m talking about where Caroline proves to Demelza that she’s not a real snob, is a beaautiful scene. Normally it would be far, far too long for me to post, but it’s one of my favourite bits of interaction between them, so I’m going to put it under a read more. It really shows how they begin to relate to each other not just as ‘Dwight’s fiance’ and ‘Ross’s wife’, but as two women, two human beings. There is a subtle understanding that begins to grow between them, stemming from this scene, which is why I feel it’s so important and why I love it so much! I wish, I dearly wish that they’d kept it in the show in some form. Afterwards, they simply are friends: Caroline becomes Demelza’s greatest female friend, the person to whom Demelza turns when she cannot turn to Ross (about Hugh Armitage, for example). But this scene is a turning point for them. This scene begins to make their friendship about something other than Dwight.

I will edit a few odd bits, just for brevity.

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“Shall we skate ?”

I can’t take this song out of my mind (that and “Theme of King JJ” or basically every frickin’ YOI music xD).

I made this illustration on Paint Tool Sai (except for some details), it was kind of the first time I used it (I tried it a bit before, but mostly with doodles only). I usually use FireAlpaca but for some reason it has not been working well for the past couple of months. I thought it was because of my tablet that was getting pretty old, so I recently bought a new one but it still does weird stuff like not considering the pen pressure after a while or lagging like crazy. If you have any idea of what could cause that feel free to contact me, even when I upload the newest version it still does the same thing.

Anyways, I drew Phichit because I love him and he is my favourite character in YOI, just before Yurio (b̶e̶c̶a̶u̶s̶e̶ ̶s̶h̶o̶t̶a̶c̶o̶n̶ ̶b̶a̶b̶y̶ ̶8̶D̶).

What about you ? Who’s your favourite character ?

I wish I could say that our love was soft as a fawn’s hide;
That our passion waxed and waned with the tides in our hearts.

But there is something of this sweet destruction that is addictive to my sensibilities.
I have come to learn the crashing, the breaking, the spinning-madly-out-of-control as our language.

So don’t speak softly to me, love?
Don’t take a foreign tongue for this ancient song.

Submitted to me......Maksyl thoughts today.....

This has been an excellent week in the Maksyl kingdom!  I am so appreciative of the updates, gifs and pics.  Since last Wednesday, two things stand out in my mind.  Let’s discuss, shall we?

1) Monday night’s dress 2) When did the relationship change?

Ok the comment about the two snaps on the dress made me think that since last week, I don’t just have AD thoughts about these two.  I have DTD (during the day) thoughts and AA (anytime, anywhere) thoughts.  Yes, I’m crazy, a little embarrassed cuz I’m older but I certainly remember what it feels like to be young, in love and, I’ll admit horny!  All I’ll say is this - the two snaps don’t matter cuz that dress had easy access from the top and bottom!  SEE WHAT THIS HAS DONE TO ME!  Tricia, I also love the goatee.  It must tickle in all the right places!  I AM A MESS!

When did the relationship change?  I also agree with you in that it was after Italy.  I believe that it was Mary who stated that it would have been a PR nightmare had they come out together right after DWTS.  They had to keep it quiet and despite their feelings, had to be aware that it might not last the summer what with their schedules. Yes, he gushed about her continually over the summer and now the roles are reversed.  But, the turning point was after the debacle that was Italy and he knew what he wanted now!  Like my dad used to say, “Shit or get off the pot.”  Well, I think he might have said the same thing but much nicer….”look, Mer, I love you and always will. I want to be with you but we have to be on the same page and we will put ourselves out there slowly.  Yes or no?  Italy was a week before the premiere and post-premiere was glorious.  Yes, I am speculating about the change but take a look at it from both perspectives.

The Maks Perspective - this is a man with strong family beliefs who has stated what his future looks like in his mind.  He is kind, he is caring, he is nurturing but the outside persona is the bad boy who is a chick magnet.  (Not that I am a Bethenny Frankel fan, but some of the interviews on her show are great, especially the one with Hank - Kendra’s husband).  So his PR decisions for this year were based on what could give him the most exposure.  He decides to do DWTS for his grandma (watch the red carpet interview on week 8) and his life changes within a matter of minutes.  I don’t think he quite realized the full extent prior to and in week #1, he had loads of fun with the ass on week #2, realized there could be romance week #3, missed her week #4, was falling in love with her and happy to be reunited in week #5 and something happened in week #6 that changed everything.  Besides holding his hand, maybe a kiss that wasn’t supposed to happen?  We’ll never know.  After that, I think he had to re-think what he had planned for himself.  So, they spent the summer in secret.  Meeting up in LA, FL, MI, NY and HI.  And he spent the summer squashing rumors and changing the attitude of how he was perceived - slowly but surely.  Italy was a nightmare, plainly written on his face even though planned well in advance.  Your avatar was proof of that.  Dealing with bad publicity was what he has done for many years but after Italy (it wasn’t publicized), he got the People article downplayed, he has been working on his own dance studio and stage production and jewelry, supported charities and monitored what pics have been posted about him.  How quick did Alina go by the wayside? And, Meryl may have put her little foot down and stressed how important his image was to their relationship.  His foot may be bigger but how long can you publicly gush with no one reciprocating.  Besides, he knew Val was a loose cannon.

The Meryl Perspective - this is a woman kind and good, strong but shy, confident yet closed off due to her sport.  Cheryl was interviewed a few months ago and stated that she was worried about Meryl being out in the world due to the bubble she had lived under when skating competitively.  My kids were involved in sports from the age of 4, not at Meryl’s level, but still they went to school, went to sports, did homework and went to bed.  Their friends were their sports friends. I get it.  And, Meryl had just gotten out of a terrible relationship.  Unfortunately, with someone in her world of skating.  She agrees to go on DWTS for a new journey and gets the sexy bad boy Russian.  I’ll admit, when I first saw their pairing I thought he was going to eat her alive.  I kept visualizing episodes where she was in tears.  Boy was I wrong.  Her entire world flipped upside down which included new friends, a new venue of opportunity and love.  Her life had been working toward a goal which surrounded an image of America’s OGM, America’s sweetheart.  She really is a sweetheart, but that image did not include a man with a reputation.  She is known to be calm but must have been completely overwhelmed with emotion over this man whom she knew was not as he was perceived.  Deep down she could have been afraid.  It says so much for her that she secretly supported him even during the rumors and bad publicity.  I agree, it was her holding back until his arrival from Italy.  After Monday’s skybox cam, I think Val may have played a big part in coming out slowly.  Listen, Meryl I just can’t keep my mouth shut!

Theirs is an all-consuming love.  Honestly, I do not know how they are away from each other.  If you are talking every day a couple of times a day you are establishing more than just a sexual relationship.  If you are touching the way they did on DWTS, you are already closer than most relationships are.  Once the kissing starts, you know how close you want to be.  The ultimate goal of making love is becoming one person wrapped in and sharing emotions.  I believe they have achieved that.  I have said this before - I have not seen a love like this in a long time. It is absolutely amazing!

A comment regarding the Midwest Perspective…..I often hear from anons and others that they really want Meryl to move to LA or NY.  No disrespect to the East or West Coast and I understand that she does want to explore new opportunities but I know she will always be a Michigander. We are a different breed in the Midwest and are proud of it.  Michigan has taken so many hits over the last decade.  We are a hard-working people and we are resilient.  Meryl gets her work ethic from that very basis.  We spot our celebrities and are very appreciative.  That is why where Meryl is is highly documented.  Once I was in the casino in Detroit and it was right after the Tigers won the pennant in 2006, Jim Leland the manager was in the casino and as he walked through we all started cheering for him.  He was touched and very humble.  He started clapping back for us.  It was a great moment! I remember when comments were made over how Charlie dresses.  A polo, a pair of cargo shorts and dockers or flip-flops is the way we roll in Michigan.  If anyone has a question about Michigan or the Midwest please feel free to ask - with Tricia’s permission - I will try my best to answer.     

Final notes:

Meryl has to follow these blogs, she found that DWTS All Access video complete with description way too quick!

DWTS are jerks….they haven’t even said anything about Karina! 

I am beginning to love Val more than I should - from his love of Meryl to his violin video.  Wow! You have a great boyfriend!  The hidden gem is Nicole, she is the voice of reason for those brothers.

Finally, a shoutout to the wonderful fanfic by pinkcupcake.  Loved the 14 chapters.  And, I can’t remember who is writing New York, New York but it is great!  Also whoever did the photoshop of Maks in a tux and Meryl in the white dress….OMG!

Thank you for letting me babble.  The USS Maksyl and its Chmertinis (priceless) are soooo much fun!  Love you all, Anon Sue