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“What Shall I Do, Lemony Snicket?” from one of the special paperback versions of A Series of Unfortunate Events. I think this was from The Bad Beginning, or Orphans! 

I took these back in June of 2015 right after I graduated high school and was going to the campus university bookstore after our orientation and class scheduling. I’m glad I did because the bookstore doesn’t carry it anymore or else I would have totally bought it now. 

I just love these questions and answers, so I wanted to keep them as a means to laugh or smile when I was bored or upset. Now I felt like sharing them with you all. 

Everyone: *having fun with their OCs*

Me, continuing to latch on to one canon character after another: if you can’t make your own walking human disaster, store bought is fine

the marvelous adventures of germany: bro
  • Germany: bro what are you doing
  • Prussia: making dinner bro
  • Germany: why bro
  • Prussia: cuz you are the beer to my wurst bro

“That’s not even a real insult.”


seven half-bloods shall answer the (mc)call
 ↳ kira yukimura ; daughter of hermes

George Washington in Turn: Washington’s Spies, Episode 207

Did he really suffer from “acute melancholia”?  No.  In all of the reading that I have done over the years on Washington; I have never come across anything suggesting that he ever suffered from hallucinations of any sort, or any symptoms consistent with what we might diagnose today as clinical depression” I also do not think he was the kind of man who would allow a decision such as the one he agonized over in the show to unhinge him is such a way.

This episode of Turn takes place at Valley Forge.  At this point in Washington’s life, he is a veteran of the horrors of war, with years of experience making these kinds of decisions.  He spent much of his twenties fighting in various ranks during the French and Indian War.  He witnessed brutality towards innocents on the frontier.  He suffered much in his personal life as well, with several very serious illnesses, experiencing the deaths of loved ones including his father and his step daughter.  By the time the show arrives at Valley Forge he has seen his own men slaughtered in battle, and has witnessed death many times.  He has faced dissension with Congress, food and supply shortages, and seen disease sweep through the ranks.   These were problems that would make even the strongest of men buckle.    Were he the kind of man to crumble under the weight of such stress, I believe it would have happened before Valley Forge.   Yet he remained a pillar of strength through it all.  Calm, determined, and steadfast; he was renowned for these qualities.

However, he was human.  He did have a temper.  He unleashes it and gives General Lee a verbal lashing during the battle of Monmouth.  Even as president, he became so angry during a cabinet meeting that he ripped off his hat, threw it to the ground, and stomped on it.  We also know that he doubted his own ability to lead.  When he accepted his commission as Commander in Chief of the army he declared that he did not think himself equal to the task. He felt deeply for those who entrusted him with their well being.  He felt the weight of responsibility.  During the war he wrote a letter saying that if he were to wish the most bitter curse upon his worst enemy, he would wish them into his stead, with his feelings.  Yes, he was human.  However, through it all, when making decisions he always carefully weighed every option and he always, always did the right thing.  Honest and moral, he was a gentleman.  He never would have choked anyone. The only violence Washington would have condoned would have been fighting honorably on the battlefield.   This is the real legend, the real man.

All of that being said, I thought that episode 207, Valley Forge, was great.  Yes, the writers take liberties with the history.  That ceased being a problem for me last season, around episode 2.   Turn: Washington’s Spies is art.  It is an artistic interpretation of the real history.  In episode 207, as Executive Producer Craig Silverstein says (in the video linked below), “each man is in prison.” Each man has sunk to their lowest, but finds the strength to uplift themselves. They do not give up. Washington’s fight in this episode is perhaps the most important as his story will determine the fate of the other two men.

Washington struggles. It was, at times, hard to watch.  Angry, almost desperate, experiencing hallucinations that are very vivid, Washington says and does some hurtful and irrational things.   But, we also see the love and respect this man held for both his brother Lawrence and for his slave, Billy Lee. Before this episode Washington always asks for information, so that HE can make the correct decision.  For the first time in the series, Washington asks, “What shall I do?”  He relinquishes control.  He has lost faith in himself to make the right decision so he looks to someone he trusts, Billy Lee.  He would not have asked this of just anyone.  Are we to believe however, that there is no one else at headquarters in whom he could confide? That would not be the case.  We know General Nathanial Greene was with Washington at Valley Forge.  He was perhaps Washington’s closest confidant.  Martha Washington was there as well.  Still, he chose Billy Lee.  

We also, for the first time, see Washington smile, really smile, and laugh, as he reminisces about his brother Lawrence.  Lawrence guided his young brother through his youth.  He taught him how to behave as a gentleman.  He obviously loved Lawrence and as a younger brother, looked up to him.  Lawrence was his hero. So we see him question as well, what would Lawrence do?  

What follows is disturbing to witness.  We see his darkest side as he lashes out at the one person he sought counsel from. He is no longer the hero we recognize. He is angry with Billy Lee, but he is mostly angry with himself.  I think he would have lashed out physically at anyone in that moment, but the image of a master choking a slave is very hard to process.  Extremely jarring, it sharpens the point that Washington is lost.  Physically dominant, Washington could have seriously injured or even killed Billy Lee, and no one would have challenged him.   Instead, he removes himself from the confrontation.  

Washington retreats to the woods and in a scene that has become my favorite of the series, reunites with Lawrence.  Either a spirit or a hallucination, Washington seeks council from the one man he most wished to see.  He asks for guidance.  He pleads, what would you do?  What is the purpose of this war?  Is it a mistake?  Have I been wrong?  Washington has given his all in support of the cause.  He has gained great fame, but he is brought to his knees by doubt. “I am not who they think I am.”  Lawrence reminds him first of his mistakes, but implies that making mistakes teaches one how to overcome them.  What is the advice Lawrence gives? Trust yourself.  I never could have done what you are doing.  And with a lift of his chin in encouragement, it is almost as if he says, hold your head up.  I’m proud of you.  In that moment our hero returns.  

By reentering his tent, having reigned in his temper, he tries to make amends with Billy Lee.  He resumes the calm leader and slips his pocket watch into Billy Lee’s bag.  This is no small token of apology.  This is giving something of high value to Billy Lee.  The watch was Lawrence’s.  Billy knows how much it means to Washington.  When Billy finds it in his bag, we see him come to understand. Washington is sorry for his actions and wants Billy Lee to know how much his council, service, and unwavering loyalty means to him.

Some may have viewed this episode as portraying Washington as weak, or crazy.  I viewed it as the opposite.  His ability to overcome whatever obstacles he meets is clearly evident here.  This episode illustrates that Washington had both light and dark within him, as do we all. What matters is those influences he chooses to act upon.  In the end, he chooses not punishment but life, to save lives.  He chooses not to wallow in despair or indecision, but  to find resolution through confidence and trust.  He chooses to right a wrong.  He chooses redemption.  He does the right thing.

Celebrity Crush #3 : You're His Celebrity Crush P.2 (1/5)

your tweets are in bold italic

his tweets are in italic

Harry : (YOUR POV) *Flashback* I straightened out the ends of my dress before stepping out of the limo and onto the red carpet for the TCAs. I made my way down the walkway posing for pictures here and there and answering some questions from interviewers.

As the show went on , my band had won almost 6 awards and also i presented an award to One Direction which made me quite nervous since i had a crush on one of them but management had told me i wasnt allowed to ‘date’ him because he had a bad title to his name which i didnt believe one bit.

He was just mis-understood. Harry was just mis-understood , but since he was in a band as so was i , it wasnt a good vibe seeing as we were rivals. I honestly didnt have a problem with the boys. It wasnt until after the show when i had accidently bumped into him. “oh im so sorry” i apologized quickly as i met his gaze. “Thats quite alright love , your Y/N right ?" 

"yup thats me.”

“can i get a picture with you , im a big fan , im sorry if thats weird i-”

“no no! not at all ! of course.” we took multiple pictures together , laughing and smiling. “ It was so nice to finally meet you Harry but i must go-”

“It was lovely to meet YOU babe , maybe we could go out sometime , to dinner ?” he paused “ i mean if thats alright with you of course !”

“I-I…Harry im flattered really but im so busy and so are you with your tour and all , im sorry i would love to but i cant.”

a look of hurt flashed in his eyes and i wonered if its because he thought i believed the lies that were told about him. his mouth opening and closing many times to find words but none were found. *End of flashback*

A couple days later you were scrolling through twitter when you came across a tweet with the headline 'Y/N Y/L/N REJECTS HARRY STYLES DINNER DATE!’ . you were interested seeing as it was about you so you read through it and saw a small clip attached to it . You watched the interview and saw that harry styles did indeed have a crush on you and you couldnt contain your excitement until you remembered about management. “Honestly Y/N if you really like the boy then screw management!” Y/bandmates/N said as she passed you , instantly knowling what was on your computer screen. I mean it was all anyone could talk about. You nodded before quickly typing a tweet

@Harry_Styles you still available for that dinner date? x(:

Your phone buzzed minutes later indicating that someone has mentioned you on twitter

’ @Y/T/N of course babe :D  ! Dm your # love xx’

’@Harry_Styles wow “babe” and “love” in the same tweet , must mean something..’

’ @Y/T/N (; ’

 a bit long but which boy shall i do next ?

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