shall as a puddle

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Can you take a pic of you holding your angry puddle of a cat?

it shall be done. although lord knows ill spend the rest of the day picking its fur outta my jacket 

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I feel like my mind belongs to Hux. Like, whenever Ren is canon or a piece of shit, I think of him as Ren. But when hes nice and great, he's Kylo (mostly cuz of kylux). Phasma is Captain, Mitaka is Lieutenant, FN-2187 always comes before Finn, Poe is resistance scum(even tho i luvz him), Rey is that scavenger girl, BB-8 is a droid, Leia is Organa and well Snoke is a puddle of hellish bantha shit that shall be disposable when no longer useful to the FO.


In which my daughter is the best human on the planet

If anyone was watching my Twitter feed yesterday…I had an absolute crap day. Suffice it to say I was locked in battle with the DMV. Don’t attempt an enhanced license. Just skip straight to a passport. It’s officially easier to travel OUTSIDE the United States than it is INSIDE the United States. If the DMV requested one more piece of identification I’d have to submit a DNA sample.

But I digress. So, my day was utter crap. And my wonderful husband was on the receiving end of probably the most expletive filled rant of my life. Sorry baby.

Anywho…I completed the day by buying leather pants for Heroes and Villains. Why leather pants? Because Em told me to buy them. She liked how they looked and I do what Em says. Especially on fashion advice. It’s a law. @olicity-i-believe-in-you

After leather pants, my mood moderately improved. Time for pizza and Supergirl with my daughter. Before we could watch Supergirl, she had to finish her math homework. 

Me: Okay, we’re done. Good job on your math homework. Now you get to watch Supergirl for your reward.

Daughter: Mommy… do you know what the best reward is?

Me: What?

Daughter: Having you for my Mommy.

Why Jesus decided to bless me with this absolute angel of a child I shall never know. But if anyone is looking for me….I’m in the puddle in the corner.