It pisses me off when people call Lightning an “egoistical bastard” who “only cared for himself”. Like no. Did you see how hard Lightning was trying to win. Not for him at the most.
But for his dad.
He tried so hard and he wanted to win to make his dad happy and proud. The reason it makes me so mad is because I understand Lightning. I’m like his female counterpart excluding the athletic part.
It’s not easy trying to impress your parent and trying to make them proud of you. You have to be the best. You have to work so hard. You feel like you HAVE to make them happy. I know because I do everything for my mom. I don’t work well with people or go out or do anything, so I can stay home and do academic things which I dearly hate with my whole heart. But it’s for Mom, so it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters when it comes to a parent’s happiness.

Lightning didn’t want his dad to lose his rings, and he tried to win for his dad.
His dad who didn’t even bother to turn to look at him.
Lightning didn’t want to fail his dad.
Lightning cares for himself and hardly had no friends in the game because it was for his win.

He wanted to win.
That’s all Lightning wanted.
To impress his old man and make him proud if him. Maybe hoping his dad would turn to look at him.
Not make friends.
Not get in romances.
To win.
Because Lightning is a sha-winner

So of you ever hate on Lightning because “he only cared for himself” or was “so annoying”, I’ll be judging you in my corner while eating chips.

In TDAS or all the screening time he tried to get was probably to get the camera on him because he knew that his dad was watching.

So believe it or not, Lightning is sha-extreme character who better never sha-shut up. Because he is one I can personally relate to.

Gaaah!  Lightning :). He makes me happy. You guys have no idea how much I love this guy. I could make a long ass post on why I freaking love him.

After the TDAS finale, I remember screaming,“ WHERE IS MY QUARTERBACK! I WANT MY QUARTERBACK”

I was really mad on how they made him this season. It frustrated me.