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How Do I Look? - Jughead x Reader

Request — Anonymous asked: Hi! So I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is chubby and she has a crush on jughead but she doubts herself? Thanks so much

A/N — Aaa, I thought this request was too cute! I related to this a lot, since I do have BDD and I constantly put myself down for my weight, I know how hard it can be to accept yourself for you are. If you are going through a rough time about something similar and if you ever feel like you don’t fit in because of the way you look, I’m sure you guys are absolutely stunning. Everyone has their flaws and it can be hard to deal with on a daily basis, but trust me, you’re beautiful. I hope you enjoy!

Words: 1135

Warnings: Negative self talk, weight issues

(Y/N) , (S/C) , (Y/L/N) , (E/C) — Your name, skin colour, your last name, eye colour

She just stared at herself through the mirror in her room. She stared over what she was wearing, how she was wearing it, and what she thought about herself wearing it. It started from the top of her head to the bottom of her ankles. A shaky exhale managed to escape her lips, fighting back negative thoughts that surrounded her mind. (Y/N) was getting ready for a party that night. Her best friend and childhood crush, Jughead Jones, was over at her house as he was staying the night. You picked out what you were planning to wear to the party, something casual and not too fancy, just anything that made you feel comfortable. Once again, you eyed yourself over at the black skirt that clung to your (S/C) hips with a grey shirt tucked into it. Jughead walked out from the bathroom, finished getting changed as he didn’t want to invade your privacy.

“Almost ready?” He said, looking down at his phone as he was texting Archie for details. “As much as I hate parties, free food and music isn’t too bad.” He chuckled still keeping his eyes on his phone as he finished off writing his text, putting it in the back of his jeans as he finally made eye contact with you. His eyes widening, so captivated by such a beautiful sight, he was literally speechless. He swallowed hard, stuttering for the right words to come out so he didn’t make a full out of himself in front of such a stunning being. (Y/N) turned around from looking at herself in the mirror, now facing Jughead as her (E/C) eyes met his blue ones.

“W-Why are you staring? Is it the outfit? I-I knew I should have changed, and God it’s last minute, we’ll be late for the party!” (Y/N) blurted out, everything that could possibly go wrong rushed through her head. Jughead knew that she was freaking out about going the party, honestly he wouldn’t blame her, as he himself wasn’t in such a party mood, but anything to please the luck of the chances of getting somewhere with his all time crush, (Y/N), he did anything to make her happy.

“(Y/N), (Y/N), (Y/N), d-don’t freak out. What’s bothering you, can I help out?” Jughead asked, now scared that he did something wrong like walking in while she was still getting ready. He places his hands on her shoulders keeping her still.

“It’s just…” She paused. “I look so fat. What am I saying, I am so fat. All I see all the time is fat attached to my skin. Why can’t I just look like Betty or Veronica or Cheryl? T-They have the most perfect ideal bodies and I’m just the chubby girl.” You explained, tears now forming in your eyes. Jughead now could clearly tell that this issue had been upsetting you for a while as she told him. Although to Jughead, he never noticed her weight or her appearance in a bodily manner until she pointed it out until now. Jughead, since he could remember, loved (Y/N) for her beauty as well as her personality.

“So what you’re telling me is that you think you’re fat? (Y/N), come here for a ‘sec.” Jughead pulled you over to him, staring straight into your eyes, before he slowly turned you around as you now faced the mirror that knew you so fondly. “What do you see?”

“Everything wrong with myself. My hips, my thighs, my arms, I see an ugly person.” She fought back breaking down in front of him, as she closed her eyes so she didn’t want to look anymore longer. She paused, opening her eyes. “Juggie? What do you see?”

“Well, do you want to know what I see? I see the most beautiful girl a guy could ever meet. I see the most beautiful best friend who I’ve come to cherish for so many years. Do you really want to know what I see?” Jughead walked closer behind you, now standing against you as he wrapped his arms around your waist from behind as he laid his chin to rest on your shoulder, leaning down to match each other’s height. “I see you as I’ve seen, a-and came to love.” That caught you by surprise. In a million years, you never thought that your crush, Jughead Jones, loved you back. Yet again would use that specific term in general, as you knew so much about his past and his family and friends. You turned around, now facing him as his hands still held onto your waist. His gaze was deep into yours, gulping hard once again as he figured out something to say, that was until (Y/N) caught him off guard.

“Jughead Jones, do you realise that you are the most gorgeous human I have ever met with the most beautiful soul?” She asked, placing her hand up to rest on his cheek, as he smiled down at her.

“I agree to disagree, but thank you. It… it really means a lot.” Jughead smiled back at her.

“Also, about what you said before… d-do you love me?” She bit down on her bottom lip. Jughead looked down, before adjusting the beanie that clung onto the back of his head.

“I… yes. I have for, God, I don’t even know how long. But yes, I love you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” He looked down at her, hoping there would be a hopeful reaction to have come out of her. A tear quickly ran down her cheek, her first instinct before she broke out into a cheesy grin. Jughead quickly freaked out, thinking it was a turn for the worse. “W-what’s wrong? W-Was it something I said?” You giggled, looking up at him as he wiped that tear that was still stuck to your cheek.

“No, no, no! Jug, I’m okay, just relax will you?” You laughed, feeling now both of his hands now placed on your cheeks. “I’m crying out of happiness, I-I never thought you’d like me back.” At this point, Jughead was now laughing along with you as he held onto your face.

“Can I kiss you, now?” He asked, trying to stop laughing until you stood up onto your tiptoes to meet your lips with his, closing both of your eyes as you shared your moment together until finally pulling away.

“Do you mind if we ditch? I’d rather stay home and have a horror movie marathon.” (Y/N) suggested, placing her forehead against Jughead’s.

“Can we please?!” Jughead asked in such an excited tone, removing his forehead from hers, taking her hand as they both rushed downstairs to the living room.

A/N — No offence, but I’m incredibly proud of myself for writing this. I thought the ending was cute and honestly, would you rather go to a party or stay home alone with Jughead to have a movie marathon? Once again, I hope you enjoyed!

First Time Inked

Genre: fluff

Summary: After purposely bailing out on your brother’s request for a brother-sister tattoo session, today he finally got you to uphold your promise, dragging you to his two hot and gorgeous friends’ tattoo parlor shop. 

Word Count: 1206

Requested by @wendzkells! thank you & hope you like~

Written by: Admin Smutty Wangfairy

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Bully (Sehun x Reader Angst)

Part 2

Summary: After three whole years of bullying. You’ve stayed strong… But this time was way too far. You’ve have enough.

Every goddamn day, you thought to yourself as tears finally made its way out of your bloodshot red eyes. You gripped tight onto the edge of the sink in front of you as you stared at the hideous reflection of yourself in the mirror of the school bathroom, crying and sobbing. The stream of piercing red blood trailed down your face, tickling each area of skin as it made its way.  The look of the weak, scared, angry girl in front of you infuriated you more and more the longer you stared at it. You hated it. You hated it so damn much. You hated everything about yourself…You hated everything about him.

Earlier that day

It was lunch and being the incredibly popular person you were, you sat alone on a table at the far end of the cafeteria. Away for the center, away from the crowd. You sat with your textbooks and worksheets, all scattered across the smooth surface of the wooden table. You were stressed out, mind pacing faster that any runner in the world. You just wanted to get all of your work done and over with so you’d have enough time at the home to get at least a good, full six hours of sleep. That was because, after school every single day, you had to work at the restaurant below your apartment to pay for its rent and other bills. You lived alone. Your parents passed away a long time ago, killed themselves for some reason you had no clue of, leaving you, a nine-year-old at that time, by yourself, none of your relatives, aunts, or uncles were willing to take you in either. You had to live alone, you had no choice. The only reason you got into the hell of an expensive private school you were attending was because of your good grades and outstanding standardized test scores which earned you the scholarship to go here. Though you hated it, for specific reasons, but you had to keep it no matter what. So because of your job, lunch was the only time in the day you had to do your homework for the day and you tried to use every single second of it. Up until a dark shadow cast over the paper in front of you making you stare up to the person you least wanted to meet in your entire life. Your eyes met the one and only, Oh Sehun. 

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anonymous asked:

Is there aaany chance that you'll write a Hogwarts!AU in which Astrid is in the quidditchteam and Hiccup is pretty amazed by her? Anyway, I love your storys!

I don’t know if this is what you wanted, anon.  This turned into something horribly cute.  Like grossly cute.  I’m sorry in advance for how cute this is.


Hiccup grips the handle of his sleek, black broom tighter, crossing shaky ankles and staring down at the pitch.  Astrid gives him a snide look, blue eyes brilliant and hostile even from far above and he shudders, knees clamping together as he tries to hold on. 

 She’s amazing. 

 He never asked to see it from this angle. 


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