The Pathway of the Two Serpents.

Gold Solar Serpent and the Black Lunar Serpent are alchemical opposites with different paths through the alchemical container of the body. When they meet, the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon takes place and this is when there is a possibility of immense energy. When the two serpents reach the crown, they become known as the Uraeus, which anoints the higher brain centres and leads to increased intelligence.

As they ascend, they crisscross one another to form nodes at each chakra, and magnetically energise them, as they go. The chakras spark into life as each one is touched in this alchemical weaving dance. In this way, with the interwoven pattern, the two serpents create what’s called the Central Column or Central Pillar. Eventually the two serpents reach the crown and then the hypothalamus, which is visualised as a Chalice. 

Beware all of you who are calling out for your soul mates.
The soul mate is not the soft one you expect.
He is Shiva and she is Shakti, the embodiment of the storm.
You will not live through the night when the soul mate comes.
Something you have held onto for lifetimes will be ripped away from you.
And the gods will dance on your torn body.
For they know, you have finally been humbled and vanquished.
—  Paul Ferrini