What THE FUCK! I forgot to tell ya about this morning……

As I was watching VH1 SOUL Kirk Franklin smile came on. I proceeded to turn my television up because it is an inspirational song and it really was putting me in the mood I needed to be in. If you didn’t know I live in philadelphia and I stay around Martin Luther king. I am on a really busy block and I decided to live (brilliant me) on a corner apartment. I wanted some fresh air so I decided to open my window. “Smile, even though I hurt I still smile”; singing my melody. I sat back down. I look to my right and a man is sticking his head through my window…………………….WTF! 46% of me was scared and 54% of me wass pissed off! I just looked at the dumb ass! I just yelled, “may I motherfuckin help you??he runs out my window and shit. I mean WTF? A bitch can’t get fresh air. Smile……..

Where do all bad friends go?

Have you ever had a friend that you were close with? I mean you guys did everything together. Later on in the friendship maybe years later you guys either bump heads or just grow apart. That is natural for human relations. I think wise men( black folk) call it seasons. “People are here for a reason and a season”. What about the ones that caused harm to you? The ones that pretended they loved or cared about you and maliciously made your life hell for no reason. You did nothing to them but be loyal and trustworthy. What happens now? Where do they go? That’s a season that made absolutely no sense! You go to work on time. You rush to go to church but you still make time for the fireman in the street asking for change to put in the boot. You let people cut in front of you when your in line if they have 2 things and you have the whole damn store in your grocery cart. You remember all your friends birthdays and make it a priority that they have the best birthday. Why? Because that’s your friend and your a nice person. So why do you meet people that do us harm? Where do they go after they burn you? Well I think they move on to the next victim. I have learned and respected life and excepted that it is a bitch and then you die. S/o to Mac Dre🙆. Any way there is a lot more good in the world than evil so we should practice taking negative energy and making it positive. Sometimes I’m evil and don’t know why. I’m serious! Have no clue,BUT☝I would never intentionally hurt a friend, stranger or family member…… Unless I get a laugh out of it. Never give anyone the benefit of the doubt! That shit stupid! Your setting yourself up for the okey doke. Continue staying you! I like you best that way.💁so in conclusion all bad friends go to hell! They do! What? If you don’t believe me spy in and I swear he/she will be going through turmoil. Don’t say anything! Just watch em burn and walk away! It’s always a plus when you can see them going through karma but when you can’t the feeling of forgiving and getting over that person is the greatest reward.

I made a rap song about my residence…

I live on the corna
Paying rent
Can’t believe I talked myself into some dumb shit

Ghetto birds

Section 8 neighbors don’t have a life.
They know my hours parties every night.
Kids playin outside my door. Man stick his head through my windo
Man what you want?
This broomstick bout to give you a few lumps.
Gotta move
Move out of PHILLY(rose’ voice)
Fo I break a bottle up yo head and don’t call me silly…..💂💂💂

Ok so I’m at work. It has been a loong day. If you didn’t know I am a wonderful c.n.a. What’s a c.n.a? It is abbreviated for certified nursing assistant. I am state tested and certified. I have been a c.n.a(slave, bell hopper) for 6 years. I didn’t know I signed myself up to take care if people in your family that you can no longer stand. Yup that’s me. I get cursed our, spitted on, yelled at, under paid and over worked, pushed and shoved around. My current job had nurse appreciation week………it was more like a damn job fair. Banks came in to try to gain customers. Thanks but no thanks. 😳😳😳.O but we had a Zumba class. Yea work me to death and then let me exercise. Thanks. O and when I wanted to put the Zumba scarf around my waist someone shouted, “that’s 10 dollars!”. 😳Thanks. O there was a massage lady for us. Didn’t find her but its the thought that count. OMG😳😳😳.any way I am so sickened. I have invented something really rad. I am putting my heart and soul into that. It’s time to be a boss lady. (Sigh) 😔😔😔whoa is me. Whoa whoa whoa waaaaaa! Lol