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Michael doesn't know why this random girl gang keeps showing up on their missions, but he knows it's the one that kidnapped Gavin since one of em (Dollface says Gav's dreamy voice in his head) is winking at his boi every two minutes. Whatever. Gav ends up in his bed more often than not. "Gross, huh? Like honey flavored cotton candy." Ruby Rose hip checks him as she passes. The blooming rose tattoo on the back of her neck makes his lips tingle, like he wants to kiss it. "Yeah. Totally gross."

“y-yeah. really, really totally fucking gross.” Michael manages. he is not blushing, he is not blushing, blushing is not a thing that he does, He hates roses anyway, Ray strangled that vague interest in them in the crib with all  the Minecraft.

 “ha, are you fucking drooling? gay.” Ray teases.

 “Shut the fuck up ray, we only need one sniper in this goddamn crew and Jeremy’s fucking better than you. or at least less high on heists.” Michael snaps back. “Besides. I’m not fucking drooling over Ruby Rose. She’s got a partner already, in fucking fact, im almost completely certain its fucking Dollface.”

“you would be correct.” Ryan cuts in.

“ok so why the fuck is that bitch winking at my boi!”

“Damn Michael, you sound jealous.”

“shut your goddamn mouth Jeremy. I’m not fucking jealous but if she fucking hurts him, I will skin her.”

“and then Rose will skin you. Look Michael, its not like Gavin hasn’t been the crew whore since he got here but he’s been staying in your bed pretty damn faithfully for the past 6 months. Meg is also a good friend of mine, so I can tell you she isn’t planning on hurting him and she’d also be happy to share. You haven’t lost your ‘boi’ just yet.” Ryan tells him. At this moment, Meg looks over at them all and fucking waves at him. “YOU’RE WELCOME TO COME JOIN US MOGAR. I DO LOVE A FOURSOME!” She called, and giggled into her palm when he spluttered, flaming red in the face.

Lindsay walked up besides her, snaking an arm around her waist. “Me and Gavin arent enough for you?”

“You said he was cute first!”

“He is cute, i just wanna know how much i have to step up my game.”

“Are you trying to tell me you weren’t just trying to entice him with your ‘womanly wiles’ Lindsay? I saw you bump hips with him, He never took his eyes off you.”

“Well my hi-“

“Do not make a Shakira joke,”

“…..My neck tats bring all the boys and girls to the yard. and by all the boys and girls I mean, Him, Gavin and you.”

“You are such a loser, and  Mogar over there hasn’t agreed to join us yet. Neither has Gavin, officially, for that matter.”

“Well, you still owe me that date, so we can just bring our plus 2′s and hash out all the less important details over dinner tonight.”

“What? Are you telling me that hour you spent on my face wasnt payment enou- you know what? Fine, fine, i stole this really cute outfit like 2 days ago anyway, fine. You go tell Gavin, I’ll go convince Mr. Grumpy-Gills over there to join us..”