shakira is perfect

innerjoker  asked:

Class's reaction to catching Bakugou, Todoroki and Tokoyami having a "Just Dance" battle on the dorm's living room(imagine there was an Xbox there all along), but they're purely doing Shakira songs with perfect scores. (You don't have to actually do the entire class)

(I always imagined the class having some kind of gaming platform in the shared area. This is such a funny request haha)

  • It all started as a friendly competition between the Bakusquad and Dekuclique, mostly at the wish of Uraraka, Ashido and Kaminari with the intent of getting everyone to have a little fun.
  • It’s quite easy to get Bakugou to join a dance competition as long as you give him a good challenge to sign up to. He promises he will kick anyone’s butt who claims they can beat him.
  • With a little persuasion, Todoroki joins as well, but remains in the game in order to shut up Katsuki who thinks rules the game. He gets so into the dance moves he doesn’t notice more and more classmates gathering in the shared area.

  • People are already placing bets on who’s going to to go down first.
  • Tokoyami would probably be the hardest to convice to join from the three of them. Dark Shadow would want so bad to get in on with the fun, Toko will be practically dragged towards the other two.

  • Surprisingly, even though he’s so awkward dancing, Tokoyami sweeps the floor with the other two just because Dark Shadow gets so into it.
  • Make place for the new dance lord, edgy bird boy.

Shakira: “Milan is obsessed with football. He’s the biggest Barça fan on the planet. He sleeps with the Barca jersey on, he sleeps with the ball, and he doesn’t miss a single match. He knows every single team, including those in the Premier League, and he wears all of their shirts.” The last time I tried to make a song was in the car with Milan. A melody came to my mind while he was singing the Barcelona anthem loudly, and I had to stop and memorize the melody until we reached home. But once there, my inspiration had gone! I had recorded it on my mobile but I could only hear Barça’s anthem.“