shaking leg

A gentle breeze rolled by bringing along the fresh scent of spring. Zhen watched the sun steadily set over the horizon with a sense of anticipation. Soon they would be able to set foot off this forsaken tower for the evening and take a leisure around the region. Yet a steady shake thumping against their leg brought their attention to the egg by their side.

Was it shaking from the cold? It was known to get cold at the peak of the tower when night fell.

The thought of leaving the egg alone immediately put a stop of their flight plans, a wing enveloping the egg in a soft cocoon of feathers. 

Being a father… Not once was that a thought in their mind until this egg appeared here.

At first, they thought to deliver it back but it was simply leave here as an offering on the golden cushions of their altar, simply abandoned when they weren’t around. 

They thought burying it half way in the soil of cherry blossom tree garden to the west of them. This was a Shaymin egg after all. Maybe it responsed best to the nutrients of the soil. 

But the Ho-oh was protective and unsure. Keeping it by their side was the most sound option to them. 

Zhen sighed. “I am clueless when it comes to parenthood…” They would seek another Kami assistance in this. Though they hardly trusted it alone or even cradling it in their beak or talons.

So small. So fragile.

They gazed at the entrance leading up to the peak with a look of expectancy and irritation. “He was supposed to be here already. Where the heck is he…”

  • someone: hey i haven't seen you in a while how are you?
  • my adhd ass: i've been in a hyperactive swing and i've been awake for eighteen hours. i learned everything there is to know about chocolate chip cookies by listening to twenty seven youtube videos simultaneously. my leg started shaking twelve hours ago and i can't get it to stop. my last meal was the vague idea of a piece of toast. i have no idea where i am or what day it is, sharon. that's how i am.
Jumping on the "Humans are space orcs" train

So I read a bunch of these posts but one thing I didn’t see covered was those little repetive actions you sometimes do for no reason. Like, tapping your fingers, or shaking your leg, or repeating an action cause it didn’t feel right the first time. Stuff like that. Just like,

Alien A: Human-Sharon, what are you doing???

Sharon: huh? What do you mean?

Alien A: why do you keep running your fingers along the side of the control board?

Sharon: oh, that. I dunno.

Alien A: what?

Sharon: *shrugs* I guess cause I like it? It’s calming, I guess.

Alien A: are you in distress??

Sharon: no.

Alien A: then why …?

Sharon: Like I said, not sure why I do it. Just kinda do.

The alien walks away confused and decides that they’ll have to look into this more.

Monsta X reaction to their s/o suddenly asking them if they could have sex

“Can you do a Monsta X Reaction to their s/o suddenly asking if they could have sex? Like they’re just casually watching a movie, or they’re both on their phone doing whatever, and their s/o randomly turns to them and say they want to fuck” “`requested by anon

a/n: okay, i’m got flustered while making this ;^; 


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Shownu; The two of you were just casually watching ‘Hello Counselor’ when you suddenly felt horny. Shaking your leg as you tried to control it, your eyes would constantly land on Shownu. Unable to hold it in anymore, you grabbed Shownu by the shoulders and blurted out your desire to fck each other that very moment. Well, ofcourse, Shownu would literally turn beet red and would giggle before asking you if you really want it. Then after asking that, he would probably bring you to the room and maybe start the heated session.

“W-what? Are you sure? *blushes*”

“I said fck me right now.”

“Alright, calm down. *picks you up bridal style and brings you to your room*”

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Wonho; I don’t think Wonho would hold back. May it be in the kitchen counter, wall, floor, bed, couch or bathroom, he’d make love with you no matter what. By the second those words left your mouth, he’d push you down and start kissing you, his arms roaming around your body until it gets quite intense.

Well, do you really want me?”

“I really really want you in me right now.”

“If that’s the case then… I won’t hold back babe.”

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Minhyuk; The whole room would be serious. The atmosphere would be intense as the two of you would start to get turned on with each other… ever since you asked him if the two of you could have sex like asap. He’d look at you with hungry eyes and wouldn’t speak for a couple of seconds. But when he speaks up, you wouldn’t be able to reply since he’d kiss you without any hesitation until it goes to that part that you really wanted.

Babe, can we have sex…. like right now?”



“We have the whole evening so… *crashes his lips onto yours and starts with his moves*”

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Kihyun; At first, he’d think that you’re just joking. Asking him out of the blue wasn’t really your thing. After a couple of minutes of being quiet, he’d look up and would literally ask you once more if you really want him badly. When you answered sternly he’d put down all of the things he’s currently holding and tells you to strip while he starts to remove his clothes one by one.

Hahaha, nice one babe.”


“Do you really want to do it right now?”


“Alright, start stripping baby.”

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Hyungwon; This Pepe wouldn’t be able to fathom every single word that you’d say. The only thing that would repeat on his mind would be the word ‘sex’. It was in the middle of the night and the two of you were just chillin around when you decided to be horny. He’d start stuttering to be honest and it would probably take time for him to give you his answer BUUUUT you’d be attacking him anyways before he could even give you his answer ;)

Babe, can we have sex right now?”


“I want to have sex with you right now.” 


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Jooheon; This boy would space out. He’d stare directly at your eyes and start blushing. The two of you were busy writing some stuff for his new mixtape when you sudden blurted out what you wanted to do with him that moment. He’d look at you then would start fanning himself, asking if it’s just him or is the room hot. But then he would pull you into his lap and start making you with you until yeah.

Babe, I want you right now.”

“W-woah, babe…. Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?”


“C’mere *pulls you into his lap*”

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I.M; The two of you were just sitting right across each other when you texted him your womanly needs. He’d immediately glance up, only to meet your gaze. Changkyun would actually chuckle before giving you that look (gif). He’d actually make you go over to him, acting as if he’s gonna give it to you right away. By the moment you get there to his side, he’d start teasing you, not really giving you what you really wanted, until he decides to give in after seeing your expression.

How bad do you want me inside of you?”

“So fcking bad Changkyun.”

“Alright… Omo, I’ve made you wet already without even touching you yet?”

“Shut up!”

Did you notice how Aaron was all jittery and his leg was shaking and he wasn’t really concentrating or listening and he couldn’t relax in his therapy session - until Robert walked in??

He looked at his husband like he had just hung the moon and stars and his entire body relaxed and his face completely changed. You actually, visibly saw the tension leave his body. His entire world spins for and around Robert.

And vice versa. Robert being a complete twat to Rebecca is totally IN character for Robert. He has been and always will be a sly little fucker. He has changed - for Aaron. That’s the important thing. When it comes to Aaron he is sensitive and caring and loving and he genuinely wants to make Aaron happy.

Everyone else though - gets the same old Robert. Rebecca included.

Once I realised this last night I sort of made peace with how he has been acting lately.

He made a horrible, huge mistake. The shit will hit the fan eventually because let’s face it it’s unavoidable. But I know he is going to EVERYTHING he can to keep Aaron and try and make it right.

Because he loves him. And Robert Sugden will do anything for the people he cares about.