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Bravery and Allegiance

AN: I felt like a little Royalty AU… anyone with me? ;)

Her heart was breaking. Surely that was the source of the breath-robbing pain in her chest. Her blood ran cold and a white noise filled her ears.

On shaking legs, she stumbled backwards and turned sharply, catching herself on the back of an armchair.

‘Please forgive me,’ his soft, but firm voice only drove the pain deeper.

Forcing herself to nod, Molly choked back the sobs that threatened her. She wouldn’t let him see the damage.

She heard the click of his shoes as he snapped his heels together before leaving. The door shut behind him with a quiet thud and Molly collapsed.

Her hands covered her face as she cried. Racking sobs that tore from deep inside. For the future she lost and the future she faced.

For those few minutes, she let herself mourn. But when her tears stopped, when she sagged wearily like all the strings holding her up had been severed, she got to her feet and forced herself to stand tall.

She was to be married in three week’s time. And though her husband-to-be would not be the man who held her heart, she would be brave. For that is what one born of Royalty does. Her duty.

She would simply put this down to a moment of weakness and move forward.

Come the wedding ceremony, she would be bound to Lord Thomas and leave her home to travel with him, a stranger, to live in an even stranger land.

And Sherlock Holmes, Captain of her father’s Royal Guard, holder of her heart, would be a bittersweet memory.


It was the hardest thing he had ever had to do. She had handed him her heart and it destroyed him to cast it aside, to refuse her request to run away together. Watching her heart break right before him had nearly undone his resolve. Only knowing that she remained safe if he maintained his distance kept him from sweeping her into his arms and disappearing from this place, duty and promises be damned.

Standing on the other side of the door, he leaned against the ornate wood and closed his eyes. Her muffled cries beckoned to him, nearly bringing him to his knees.

He clenched his gloved fists and breathed deeply to control his emotions.

With determination, Sherlock pushed away from the door and walked away from the woman he loved, making a silent vow that it would be the last time.

The game was nearly won. And he wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize her life. Even if it meant breaking her heart.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm writing a character that grew up in an environment that strongly discouraged stimming, so she learned to cover it up (to be clear I'm aware this is a negative thing and I'm asking purely for a character not for real life). I was wondering what sort of motions an autistic person would do if they were trying to not stim (at least not obviously) - hand clenching or something? Thanks!

Sadly, this is a common need, though we wish it weren’t! There are a lot of stims that are not immediately obvious to others. Fidgeting with fingers, playing with hair, clenching fists, clenching and unclenching jaw, whistling, tapping foot/shaking leg… Basically, try to brainstorm actions you would think of as “fidgeting” or which allistic people do when they’re nervous, and they can often fulfill a stimming need.

However, if an autistic character is trying not to stim, while other actions might help a bit, they will likely still feel a buildup of stimming need which will eventually need to be relieved, and they might suffer increased stress or be unable to concentrate as a result.

-Mod Aira

As Aira said, this is unfortunately a common thing, whether the parents/caregivers/relatives/teachers/… know the kid is autistic or not. If the autism is diagnosed, some of the most common “therapies” for autism such as ABA therapy frequently have stopping the child from stimming as a goal, because it makes them look disabled. Even if the kid isn’t diagnosed, the adults in their life may discourage them from stimming because “normal people don’t do that”.

As for the consequences, they may be quite far reaching. It can go from hypervigilance because you have to watch all of you smallest movements to make sure they’re acceptable, to a profound shame (feeling like a freak and so on if you give in to the urge to stim in private), to being unable to regulate your sensory system properly and having frequent meltdowns as a result, to not being able to feel your emotions fully in a way that’s hard to describe.

-Mod Cat

The Mannerisms of the Signs

Bare in mind, I’m not great at these and other factors like the Rising and 1st House planets should be taken into account.

Aries: Usually very domineering even if they’re very quiet. They tend to shake their legs a lot.

Taurus: Appear very humble and tend to be quiet folk. Their movements are usually quite fluid and they might chew their lip idly.

Gemini: They tend to be quite fidgety and like Aries’ they may resort to bouncing their leg a lot. 

Cancer: Usually have very sullen facial expressions and tend to walk quite slowly.

Leo: They tend to have a way of standing out, whether it’s their smile or their way of talking.

Virgo: They walk like they have a job to do, they tend to be very orderly and efficient. 

Libra: They have a very relaxed posture and they’re quite soft spoken.

Scorpio: They’re usually very quiet and tend to look as though they’re mulling something over. 

Sagittarius: Very laid back posture but tend to look like they’re waiting for you to say something impressive.

Capricorn: Tend to be quite quiet and they usually lean forward when they sit, in a sort of attentive way.

Aquarius: They may have quirky habits and they like to occupy their mind by doodling or fidgeting.

Pisces: Usually very zoned out or look sedated, they’re known to be quite clumsy.