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tfw you double a quad combination and so you then throw in a quad-double and a triple axel and end up with a season’s best high score 

joji is truly a legend like he made the harlem shake meme famous he has two different musical personas he keeps up pretty well with (he currently has 10+ joji songs ready to drop and is already recording new pink guy music after dropping an album 10 days ago) hes a producer/musician/singer/rapper/beatboxer has recorded w so many people filmed party monster by the weeknd is on the spotify 50 viral 13 times at once with 13 different songs is number 76 on the billboard 200 like honestly when will any of your faves ever tbh

Translation: Dette er Even (This is Even) 01.12

Jonas: I’m pretty starving

Mahdi: Me too

Magnus: I’m really tired.

Jonas: Are you coming or not?

Isak: I’m not coming.

Jonas: Oh, come on!

Mahdi: It’s the best pizza ever!

Magnus: Just ask somebody in class if they can take notes for you?

Isak: It’s not so fucking simple. You guys don’t have to skip, but I’ll have to skip if I’m-

The guys: One hour??

Isak: Yes, one hour!

Magnus: You can just practice at home for that fucking test..!

Isak: No, I can’t..!

Jonas: You can, though.

Isak: No, research shows you learn much more by attending (a lecture).

(The guys laugh, and Even approaches)

Even: Hey boys.

Isak: Guys, this is Even. Even, this is the guys..

(Even shake hands with the guys)

Even: So, what’s up?

Mahdi: We’re ready to get some food, but he has one more class, so-

Even (mouthing): Too bad..

Mahdi: ..we’re trying to get him to join us, but he’s not so interested.

Magnus: OH! Oh, YOU’RE EVEN! Sorry, man, I’m Magnus! Nice to meet you!

Even: A pleasure.

Magnus: I completely forgot..! This is the guy who threw us out, right?

Jonas: Nah..

Magnus: No, it was him (Isak) who threw us out, because of him (Even) ! Yeah, you threw us out, because of this handsome lad.

Isak: I didn’t throw you out! They were going to a party.

Jonas: Yeah, with you.

Magnus: It was very sudden, like..”Guys, GET OUT! Even’s here!”

Isak: You were going to a party!

Magnus: Uhh yeah, with you. But then it didn’t happen ‘cause you wanted to hang out with him.

Even: Yeah, but I think it was for the best that you weren’t there.

(They laugh)

Mahdi: Totally agreed, we need to get laid, guys..

Magnus: Okay, done! We’re getting pizza.

Even: Enjoy, guys. Nice meeting you.

(they shake hands again)

Magnus: BYE! (goes in for a hug)

Even: Oh..! Bye..!

Magnus: Guuuys!

(Isak’s phone rings, no caller ID)

Isak: Hello, it’s Isak.

Sonja: Hello, it’s Sonja.

Isak (whispering): It’s Sonja?

(Even takes the phone)

Even: Don’t fucking call Isak.

Isak: What..why d’you do that?

Even: Don’t talk to her.

Isak: Why? What does she want?

Even: She wants to control you.

Isak: Control me? How can she control me?

Even: Because she doesn’t like people who lives freely and are genuine.

(Even kisses Isak, Isak pulls back)

Even: You’re so FUCKING HOT, Isak!

(Even leaves)


  • hearing this is gospel for the first time: hey this is pretty catchy I like it
  • hearing this is gospel for the third time: [flails arms] 'CAUSE THESE WORDS ARE KNIVES AND OFTEN LEAVE SCARS [falls to the the floor] THE FEAR OF FALLING A PART [digs nails into the carpet] AND TRUTH BE TOLD I NEVER WAS YOURS [one single tear rolls down cheek] THE FEAR THE FEAR OF FALLING A PART
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