I think it’s really important for people to learn more about stuff like Parkinson’s and tremors. I deal with tremors, and it’s not a fun thing at all. I’ve been made fun of a lot for it (for some reason, people think it’s funny to joke about me having Parkinson’s, which resulted in that being a nickname for me for a while).
I get it. Shaking in our limbs looks funny. We know we do it. It’s not funny though. It gets in the way of a lot. We can’t control it. Please don’t point it out. Please don’t make any comments about it.
Parkinson’s also doesn’t only exist in people of older ages. There’s a type of Parkinson’s that can come on in youth/teenagers.
Tremors, like what I have, can be a result of many things like brain damage, chemical inbalances, abuse, trauma, etc. mine is a result of chemical imbalances and abuse/trauma.
My point is that I think everyone should read up a little about Parkinson’s and tremors, so when you do encounter someone who is dealing with these things, you won’t react in a way most people have with me.
“Oh my god, why are you shaking? Do you have Parkinson’s or something lol?”
We know it’s happening, and we don’t think it’s funny.


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