You can’t actually think it’s okay to ship Regina and Emma together:

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But it’s incest:

But Regina is a villain:

Regina doesn’t even regret anything she’s done:

But Emma and Regina aren’t even GAY:

But Robin, but Hook:

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You honestly think Emma should be with the woman who tried to kill her and her family?!:

Ugh, that is disgusting. Take that lesbian crap elsewhere. It’s not going to happen:

Shut up with all the “Viva La Swan Queen” stuff. It’s annoying:

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They’re not going to make Disney characters gay. Regina and Emma already have their true loves anyway:

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Why do you ship Swan Queen?:

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me: im depressed
you all: actually sweetie you have 76,000 followers which means you get attention. you have no right to be depressed. shakin my dang head