shakin bacon

spawnn-ofsatan  asked:

“What’s shakin’, bacon?”

“In a while crocodi- wait… no I messed up… Videl! Redo! Let me redo!” How could he possibly screw that one up, but he did. Now he had to live with it. This was as bad as saying “Thank you” to the waiter. Boy he really was not good at things like this at times.

A Paying Gig [Miku & Marceline]


As an ex-photography major, Marceline knew a thing or two about cameras. She had one herself, and although it wasn’t very expensive, it was a good quality camera and she’d taken plenty of great photos with it.

Unfortunately, you can’t play in the front of a rock band and photograph yourself at the same time. The Scream Queens were in desperate need of some new images, and she decided to turn to an old classmate of hers for some help. 

Miku had been in one of her photography classes, before she decided to change her major. When she spotted the brunette sitting alone in the cafeteria, she impulsively approaches her and takes a seat.

“What’s shakin’, bacon? Long time no see. How’s the lens life treating ya?”