Esparza In The Park!

So here’s the little video I got while at Cymbeline of Raul singing. The ushers were super super serious about not having phones out so that’s why it’s been so hard for everyone to get footage or photos but I secretly shot this little beauty. Sorry it’s not that great. 

Of course seeing Raul again was incredible (and seeing his feet in flip flops is even more magical in real life) but the best part was getting to see the show with rauligan and grassysvu67! These two are the best Raul friends anyone could ever ask for. At the parts when he was on stage, we were grabbing each others arms because we couldn’t even handle it. rauligan totally drooled on her playbill, I don’t even care I’m putting it out there. grassysvu67 yelled out “come on!” when Raul got slapped during the play. I, of course, was calm, cool, and coll…just kidding I unf’ed the whole time, it was embarrassing, people stared. 

Also a shout-out to mrschiltoncat, thisismypatsy, skittle479, grassysvu67 and adarafaelbarbas who were there in spirit!

poesvliegtuig  asked:

I think what Shakespeareinthepark meant was more of a general 'let us not be assholes to each other because of differences nobody chose anyway' rather than 'let us ignore that there are problems'?

Maybe Im jaded from too many years on this hellsite, but 99% of the time someone pulls out the “dont be mean to white straight men for being white and straight and men, its not their fault!” What they are really saying is “people criticizing white supremacy, homophobia, and racism in tangible and measurable ways makes me uncomfortable, so stop it.”

Kissing Meme

I was tagged by @shakespeareinthepark and this is the first time I’ve done a meme like this, so here I go…

List 10 characters that you would make out with in no particular order.

#1: Jason Todd aka Red Hood. I find him a bit more attractive than the other Robins, not sure why.

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#2: Remy LeBeau aka Gambit. Honestly he was probably my earliest fictional male crush, and I guess I was pretty bi as a kid too.

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#3: Winter Schnee. Something about a dual sword wielding woman in a uniform just clicks with me.

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#4: Envy from FMA. Still angry about what happened with Hughes, so it would probably be an angry make out session.

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#5: Emerald Sustrai. I like her hair, her outfit, her weapons, and she’s pretty cute in my opinion.

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#6: Mercury Black. Again, cool outfit, cool weapons, and I don’t know what else to say.

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#7: Erza Scarlet. She has a lot of cool swords that I appreciate and I would probably thank her if she kicked my ass. I also enjoy cake a lot too.

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#8: Kara Zor-El aka Kara Danvers aka Supergirl. Not sure what kind of explanation I can give here. (I found this gif funny and it actually had Supergirl in it.)

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#9: Cobra or Erik from Fairy Tail. I’m starting to think I have a thing for villains and anti-heroes here…

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#10: Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman. She’s Wonder Woman. What else is there to say?

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And that’s my list. I’m gonna tag @li-ten, @nburkhardt, and @mr-marvel-hipster for the meme.

ajordansmitty Ernst Reijseger, composer of WALKING OUT score, after wondrous matinee performance of Hamlet at the public– with Oscar Issac, brilliantly interpreting the original dark prince. Special guest and all around genius Ruben Blades meets Ernst for first time. You gotta love NYC! Thanks Ernst for getting us tickets. #youmustseethisshow#ernstreijseger #oscarisaac#walkingoutfilm #publictheater#rubenblades #shakespeareinthepark

Nicole’s Tasertricks Fic Recommendation List - Part 2

OK, due to popular demand - here is part 2! ;)

Multi-Chapter Fics:


Fics On My To-Read List:

And again, if you guys have any recommendations I’m always eager to read them! Enjoy~

Nicole’s Tasertricks Fic Recommendation List - Part 1

Ultimate Tasertricks Fic Rec List ( edition)

* means highly recommended

Sogood Series:

** They Say Fortune is a Wheel  by LuvaGoodMrE

Thai, Tazers and Tricks by VillainObsessedGirl (companion fic)

* Thrice Blood Series by  labyrinthinemelange



This Means War (companion fic to Discord)


This series has no title but its awesome so read it

Lima Syndrome by CreativeReading

Stockholm Syndrome 

A Bad Choice  (companion fic for Stockholm Syndrome)

Tony and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (end credits scene to Stockholm Syndrome)

Marvelous Completed Multi-Chapters:

** Funny That Way by LuvaGoodMrE
This fic is very well written, but also very eccentric. All the characters are slightly wackier versions of themselves in the sense that their traits are emphasised and enlarged, like a worded caricature. Bottom line is, this is one of the most popular tasertricks fics for a reason, and that is the simple eccentricity of it.

* Redemption by GoldSilver02
This fic is amazingly written. I especially love the bracketed commentary. It’s written in a unique style caught somewhere in between casual and poetic. The plot behind this is simple but the concepts it takes you through are deep and phonological. Staring contests, chaos and the end of the world.

** Stolen by WorstPenNameEver
Told from Darcy’s point of view, this fic is goddamn poetry with avid descriptions and engaging plot. Taking place during the avengers, Darcy is revived by Loki for inexplicable reasons but suffers from amnesia. Loki wants to use her to gather information about Jane which would obviously be hard to do with the amnesia.

Seven Days to Home by AllIsButToys
All human AU in which Loki is just Tom with a generous sprinkling more sass. Well paced and fluffy, this is a good read overall.

Beautiful Lies by lokishorcrux
This fic has a very captivating plot. Its well paced and dives straight into the plot from the first chapter. Thor plops Loki with SHIELD and him and Darcy get inexplicably bound together by magic.

* Ink And Parchment by The Goddess Of Art
This is a fast paced fic that picks up immediately on the first chapter. It’s written eloquently and poetically with vivid imagery that is really amazing. Loki falls to Midgard (er…earth) and into Darcy’s care… And destroys her furniture.

* Woven by BonGarland
This is a hella damn awesomesauce good story. It’s told from Darcy’s perspective and jumps from past to present to tell the story of Loki and Darcy’s relationship. With a very unique style of story telling and an astounding plot, this fic is stellar. Currently, Darcy is old, sick and dying. Her daughter Alice catches Loki’s attention and maybe, just maybe, they can help revive Darcy.

Forever and A Day by her-little-musings
Darcy goes to Jane (read: SHIELD) for a job after college. Loki seeks redemption by serving the very organisation he despised during New York. The two meet and sushi and drinks get involved.

 I Don’t Like You by PeachyLana
Filled to the brim with snarky banter that leads to eventual smut comprising of kinda hate sex. So Darcy and Loki are both turned on by sassy arguments.

Magical Incompleted Multi-Chapters:
Note: since these are incomplete, I will not review/ rate them. You are welcome to read them and join me in the hell of waiting and praying for updates

Suddenly, Darcy by  magwitch

 Syllogisms by emily.down

Life’s Great Lie by shakespeareinthepark

Machiavelli’s Favorite Son by Lena7623

The Nature of Satisfaction by MildredJosephine

Cosmic Derp by happyapples

Suspend My Disbelief by LadyCharliEM

Courtly Matters by ArtificialAorta

On The Edge Of Madness by Rhiannon A. Christy

Ohwow Oneshots:

You Don’t Need to be Immortal by mispatch
Beautifully written and terribly sad. How one manages to shatter feels in a oneshot I do not know. Tasertricks wedding… with a dark twist.

Homonyms by mnemosyne23
This is not even a one-shot. Its like a drabble or a flashfic but its really good and I loved it. Its witty and sweet and smutty and angsty at the same time. I love the concept of this. (features Fosterson and Clintasha)

Prelude to a Seduction by jetplanejane
Skinny dipping, flirty Loki. A cracky, adorable fic.

Short by StarTrekFanWriter
Adorable pillow talk between Darcy and Loki on the topic of Thor’s hammer.

Sweet And Simple Utterings by Elliot Grace And Theories
 Loki is an invisible stalker. Darcy is the only one who can see/sense him. Post TDW. This fic is well written and extremely captivating.

** A Pen and Darcy Lewis by molescout
ABSOLUTE ADORABLENESS! So Loki and Darcy have a not exactly kinda maybe friendship via notebook communication and it eventually escalates into the ancient “asking out” ceremony.

When Duty Calls by Advena
Not really tasertricks centric. This fic focuses on a day in the life of Nick Fury dealing with Tasertrick’s shenanigans.

Put a Ribbon on It by Berry’s Ambitions
A cute fluffy drabble in which Darcy brings Loki a present.

Fringe Benefits (Loki & Darcy) by starhawk2005
EXTREMELY HOT SMUT in which Darcy teaches Loki about Midgardian customs and it is important to cover all aspects… including bedroom customs.

Worth My While by readbycandlelight
A petty argument somehow escalates into exchanging dirty pictures in the way only this ship can manage to do.

** Showering In The Rain Of Faces by LxIsxJustice 
Fluffy smut
Darcy invites Loki to join her for a shower. This fic is so poetic and beautiful and is one of my favourite on It’s the perfect blend of sweet and sexy and sentimentality. 

In Cold Blood by bs13
This fic is absolutely horrible I don’t know why anyone would write this (go read it). Its really dark and angsty and ITS SO TERRIBLE WHYYYYY.
The writing is incredibly fluid and enrapturing. The short storyline is a tasertricks shipper’s nightmare. It’s brilliant. 

** So It Goes by her-little-musings 
Deep, deep, abyss dark angst
This fic is so horribly, artfully written, I can’t help but want to revel in the fluidity of the words and vibrant imagery. Yet the plot is despairingly bittersweet and ughhhh. Just, why can’t you use your silken words to create something that doesn’t make me die inside? (Sarah-speak translation: I loved it)

~to be updated as new works arise~
note: I’m not really that active on so it would be very much appreciated if you could message me any amazeballs fics that I missed out or you think belong on this list. thank you <3