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shakespeareia  asked:

Prompt: Emmry, canon divergence - instead of Mary, Henry contracts typhoid fever from tending a dying patient.

One canon-divergent fic coming up - happy belated birthday, m’dear.

As a fever, longing still: A Mercy Street fanfic

My love is as a fever, longing still

For that which longer nurseth the disease,

Feeding on that which doth preserve the ill,

Th’ uncertain sickly appetite to please.

-William Shakespeare, Sonnet 147

An alternate timeline to season 2 - the spectre of typhoid has passed Mary Phinney by and landed on someone else. What will Mansion House do with a new head of hospital, the head nurse and the chief surgeon barely on speaking terms – and the chaplain abed?

Mary couldn’t quite place what seemed wrong in the tableau before her -  the soldier and the chaplain, heads inclined in prayer, hands clasped together so that their mutual admonitions to the Almighty might be better heard. A common enough occurrence here in the hospital. But still something seemed off to her, some small, imperceptible thing as yet escaping her notice.

Was she imagining things, or did he seem paler than usual? Did he sway as he stood, or was it a trick of the light - a trick that at the same turn made him paler than usual? He seemed a little dazed, pausing before resuming his walk - and he was wearing the first few buttons of his coat open, unusual for him, especially while he was on his own rounds of the wards. It was his uniform, he’d explained to Mary once, just as surely as the white coat of the operating theatre was Jed and Hale’s. “They expect it - and find comfort from it,” he’d said, and Mary had nodded, agreeing that there was reassurance to be had from the familiar. (How many Catholic boys, too long away from their churches and schoolrooms, had wept seeing Sister Isabella and her sisters in their habits, too glad for words seeing someone whose care and devotion was promised and guaranteed as a holy sacrifice?)

He paused a moment, coughing violently while he withdrew a handkerchief from his pocket. Mary’s eyes narrowed.

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if anyone ever tries to call you immature or insult you for refusing to watch a show after your favorite character dies, kindly point them to the english renaissance. queen elizabeth i was so pissed off when shakespeare killed off one of his side characters that she not only ordered him to resurrect the asshole, she royally commanded him to write another play entirely centered on the character and give him a happy ending