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Imagine that, when Loki is being brought to the Avengers Tower to carry out his punishment, he spends his time reading Midgardian literature like Shakespeare and Jane Austen. All the Avengers tease him because of that. 

When a new girl joins the Avengers, many of them want to impress her and win her affections, but she’s not interested in any of them. One day she sees Loki reading “Pride and Prejudice” and they start talking. She is surprised that Loki is into romantic literature and Loki is surprised that it impressed her. After that none of the Avengers teased Loki about his choice in books anymore.

Crossing Knives, Chapter 9: Cake, canoodling, cocktails and confusion

Well, as I promised yesterday, here it is at last!

A million thanks to the wonderful @hiddlesnlondon, who gave me all sorts of tips and corrections. Chef Tom is making you a special treat as we speak.

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Every Sunday, exactly at 9pm, a traffic control helicopter flew over the City of London, checking that the peace of the night wasn’t disrupted by a sudden accident or –almost worse– an unexpected traffic jam.

Every Sunday, at 9:03 pm, it flew over the Barbican towers. Three perfectly grey, elegant, monolithic statues raising towards the sky. Of course, the people on board the helicopter didn’t stop to wax poetic about the brutalist buildings. Sometimes one of them looked down and noticed if the lights on the penthouses were lit or not; but, like good Londoners, they didn’t care much about other people’s lives, not even if those other people were rich sods who lived in super expensive luxury flats on top of an architectural wonder.

If they had bothered to look towards Shakespeare Tower (and carry a pair of binoculars) on that particular Sunday, they would have seen a man standing on the balcony of the 42nd floor. A tall blond man, holding a bottle of beer and looking supremely depressed.

Tom emptied the rest of the bottle in one long swig, while his confused brain tried to make some sense of what had happened after dinner. It all started so well, he thought. Second date with Hallie, a home cooked dinner, some jazz music… The modus operandi had been the same he’d used in countless other dates, only this time he was really interested in what his date had to say. At least until she had bolted out, of course. He stood up and staggered towards the sofa, replaying the dinner over and over in his head and wondering what the hell he’d done to make a carefully planned night go to shit.

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I just gave one of those midterms that make people cry. Except for the last question:

33. If you were to meet Shakespeare, what question would you ask?
      A. “Dude. Hamlet and the pirates. WTF?”
      B. “Dude. Hamlet and Ophelia. Y/N?”
      C. “Are you now or have you ever been a sodomite?”
      D.  “Can I have your autograph? Your real autograph?”
      E.  “How about a selfie?”
      F.   Other:

headlesshunt: 10 Books That Have Stayed / Resonated With Me (in no actual order).

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea - Jules Verne

Julie and Julia - Julie Powell

Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury

Water for Elephants - Sara Gruen

Into The Wild - Jon Krakauer

The Graduate - Charles Webb

The James Bond Series - Ian Fleming

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

The Dark Tower Series - Stephen King

The Harry Potter Series - J.K. Rowling