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You know what makes me want to cry? Draco Malfoy in sixth year. Remember you had to sit by yourself at school for a minute, or listen to your parents argue while you sat upstairs hugging you knees? Now imagine your weren’t sat for a minute, but a whole year, and you knew it wasn’t going to change. Imagine your parents arguing, not over who did the dishes our why they’re late home, but over a sociopathic murderer who you’re sharing your house with. Imagine having to kill your teacher. I can’t even try to imagine that but what I can imagine is how lonely he was and and I’m crying again.

  • Teacher: you all need to read more, it will help you in comprehension and essays.
  • Younger me: ugh reading is boring.
  • Me now: *100 ao3/ff tabs opened on my phone along with the wattpad app* i love reading.
Otp Fluff

Imagine your otp playing Hide & Seek (can also be smut)

Imagine your otp building a blanket fort

Imagine your otp watching a shitty show and that they love making fun of together

Imagine your otp telling ghost stories

Imagine your otp stuffing their faces with candy

Imagine your otp making s'mores

Imagine your otp googling stupid stuff

Imagine your otp pranking each other

Imagine your otp goofing off in the store

Imagine your otp in tickle fights and blowing raspberries

Imagine Person A taking care of Person B after a rough day

Imagine your otp lip reading random people incorrectly and trying to make the other laugh

Imagine your otp giving suprise gifts to each other! Like something small that they enjoy or their favorite candy or a doodle!

Imagine your otp reenacting shakespeare or high school musical or both at the same time

Imagine Person A working but Person B wants to cuddle

Imagine your otp having a water gun fight

Imagine your otp babysitting

Imagine Person A trying to wake up Person B (mission: impossible) (dududurududu-) (sorry)

Imagine your otp watching disney movies

Imagine your otp cuddling on a Saturday morning

Imagine your otp cooking breakfast

Imagine your otp stargazing

Imagine your otp telling each other funny childhood memories

Imagine Person A trying to get Person B to smile

you love a girl made of stardust
constellations splayed across bare skin
and with a supernova at her fingertips
she is the stuff of dreams
a shooting star that burns too bright
her wings are tattered and jagged
feathers frayed with years of neglect
you start to wonder if she will ever see herself
as you do
you love a nebula waiting to explode
to become a star
a girl waiting to soar
a phoenix waiting to rise

you love a girl rooted in the earth
made of iron and steel and healing
you love a girl with ghosts in her eyes
with a lion’s mane matted with blood and dirt
you love a girl so broke with guilt
that she scrubs her hands clean with blood that isn’t there
you love a girl with shoulders heavy with a burden way beyond her years
you kiss the scars anyway
she appreciates the offer and you cling to one another
in the hopes that her spirit stays with you both yet

you love in a time of chaos and war
you love in a time of uncertainty
you love in a time of children marching in boots
fashioned for soldiers ages apart
you love in a time of casualty counts like competition
one on top of the other
you love in a time that does not give you the luxury
you love you love you love
you love

stars cross, uncross, then cross again.

—   i’ll crawl home to her | isha k.
If Scorpius loved poetry???

• Scorpius having a photographic memory and being able to memorize anything set in front of him
• Scorpius discovering poetry at a young age and spouting out Shakespeare and Alfred Lord Tennyson at random
• Draco being so proud of his son and showing off his skills whenever he can
• Scorpius being so disappointed at Hogwarts when no one else seems to be interested in poetry
• The boys being sorted into Slytherin and sharing their knowledge of poems together
• Albus challenging Scorpius in poetry battles to see who has the most memorized
• Scorpius teasing Albus by quoting - “More of your conversation would infect my brain.”
• Albus retaliating with - “Out of my sight! thou dost infect my eyes.”
• Albus and Scorpius beginning to date in fifth year when Albus blushes and quotes - “If I had a flower for every time I thought of you… I could walk through my garden forever.”
• Scorpius smiling and saying back - “Hear my soul speak:
The very instant that I saw you, did
My heart fly to your service.”

You aren't sorted by what traits you have but by what traits you value the most.

Else Fred and George would’ve been a Slytherin, Hermione a Ravenclaw, Luna a Hufflepuff and Cedric a Gryffindor. You can fight me on this.