So it is Sunday and I decided to make a masterpost for college students who might be reviewing English Renaissance literature soooo… are a bunch of links and sites for thee to enjoy! They might help you in case you decide to give a look to this amazing period!

I checked and you don’t need a membership or anything to read the articles from this magazines or online sources



Renaissance and Early Modern Literature:

Renaissance and Early Modern Studies:


Great Books 102: Renaissance to Modern


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The Bard: Why is Shakespeare Great?

First of all, I’ve always agreed with Woody Allen who said, “it wasn’t William Shakespeare - it was another guy named William Shakespeare.”  That’s a great line.

This has its origins in people who thought he was just too lower class.  A typically British idea, that he was just too lower class to have been so brilliant.  Ben Johnson, I believe it was, said he had little Latin and less Greek.  I think it is a canard.  Just snobbery basically.  It’s never really had - look, you know, you can put together a conspiracy theory out of anything - it’s never really had any basis in fact except that incredible idea that it couldn’t have been done.  And it couldn’t have been done.  It’s an amazing…it’s kind of like e = mc 2 .  How do think about that sitting in a patent office just fooling around? How do you come up with that?

I think Shakespeare is the same way.

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Hey! I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the scansion guide you posted a while ago. I majored in Latin in college and so learnt how to scan Latin poetry, but could never figure out how to do it in English. The guide completely clarified things!

Hey! I’m so glad! I actually really love scansion? It’s amazing how much more you can discover about a piece of text when you break it down. This is a thing I think all English majors should learn how to do and yet I have never had a teacher who satisfactorily explained it or even provided an opportunity for practical application. (If I ever get to teach Shakespeare, by the Bard my class will learn scansion and there were will be an exam where you’re given a random passage, asked to scan it and then defend/explain your decisions.) Anyway, thrilled to hear this is helpful.

Officially waitlisted for the English doctoral program at George Washington! It’s my number one choice, so I’m just thrilled it isn’t a rejection. 

I’m still waiting to hear from Virginia, UC Davis, and CUNY and I’ve already been accepted to Fordham and also waitlisted at University of Maryland. 

I’m just so pleased that this application cycle has been so successful; I expected to hopefully get into one program out of eight and now I have three possible choices. Just wonderful!