Some free time

This weekend, even though we decided to sleep in, we got to see some of the London essentials!
On Saturday, Daan and I already had something planned: visit the Tate Britain, to see the Hockney exhibition! One of my amazingly friendly co-workers had given me her membership card to use, so we didn’t even have to pay a fee to get in!

But first, we wanted to see the famous “King’ Cross” station, where a tribute to the famous “Harry Potter” film series can be seen.

We then went on to the tube to get to the Tate Britain!
As Daan and I got off the closest tube-station, we didn’t really have an idea as to where we were, or where we had to go, so we started to aimlessly drift around until we found something to point us in the right direction.
As we walked around, we suddenly started to recognize our surroundings…!

We had ran into the amazing SIS building, perhaps better known as the MI6  building that gets blown up in the famous James Bond Movie - Skyfall.

After walking up closer to the building to get a more decent look, I took some quite fabulous pictures of Daan.

We were enjoying our time simply observing the beautiful London skyline in the blazing (atleast for London’s standards) sun, but unfortunately we had to hurry ourselves, as we still hadn’t found the Tate Britain!
After some educated guesses and the help of Google maps, we found out where we had to go, and thus, on our way we went!

Only standing outside of the Tate Britain, we were already dumbfounded by this amazing building! We then went inside and we were even more amazed by the beautiful interior, but also the 15th-16th century free to look at paintings!

Then our time looking at the free exhibition came to an end, as we definitely wanted to see the temporary Hockney exhibition! This turned out to also be very interesting, as Hockney’s exhibition spanned across a lot of different types of art.

Afterwards, we met up with the girls, we had a bite to eat and then explored the core centre of London. We saw the Big Ben, the London Eye and got to see the overall beauty of London at night! unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures as my smartphone’s battery had ran out some time before.


The next day, we woke up around the same time, and Daan and I quickly left for the Natural History Museum! The museum was also very exciting. We learned much about ancient and modern animals, and we even saw life-size models and actual skeletons. Such as the skeleton and model of the blue whale, both pictured below!

After the museum, us and the girls decided to meet up to grab a bite to eat. We decided to eat at the shakeshack, a fast-food place which serves surprisingly-tasty burgers and fries covered with cheese!

After filling up our tummies, we strolled throughout Leicester Square once again, where we enjoyed the numerous street artists. Then we took the sub home and enjoyed a quiet night of sleep.