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Huntress- Part 17: Power

Sam x Daughter!Reader, takes place in S12 E17 so warning: SPOILERS

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Dragging yourself down the steps of the bunker you tried your best to ignore your Uncle and Dad’s worried stares. Thankfully, they didn’t have time to question anything. Your head was bearing sharp pains, making you feel ten times worse. But, again, you said nothing.
“How did you get here?” Dad’s defensive statement caused you to glance up form your feet. There was Mick. He had a glass of whiskey and was sat comfortably at the table. Her smiled “Alright lads…you know, this is our building. It’s men of letters.”
“It’s creepy.” You mumbled, rolling your eyes.
“That key of yours opens up the door to every Men Of Letters bunker there is.” 
“What do you want?” 
“It’s urgent, so here me out. A few weeks back our lab picked up some sort of cosmic energy-”
“A nephilum.” Dad nodded, the three of you were well aware.
“You knew?” Mick looked offended, like some sort of trust between you had broken. You didn’t remember making something to be broken in the first place.
“We had her.” Uncle Dean admitted.
“She got away.”
“You let her get away!” Mick was in shock. 
“She wanted to get rid of the baby too. We didn’t think she was just going to up and run like that. Besides, while you lot were off sipping tea they were locked up!” You snapped at him.

Everyone hesitated and fell silent. You glared at him before saying “I’m going to bed. Don’t try to wake me up.” 

You trudged away from them, feeling their confused stares on your back. Making your way to your bedroom, you closed the door and sunk to the floor. Your head was now throbbing.

You clutched it, trying not to hit it against something in some sort of desperate attempt to stop it. Flashes of the one before Claire, the experiment, appeared in your mind. You hissed in pain. This wasn’t normal. This can’t have been-

A surge of agony broke you from the thought, making you curl into a ball, shaking lightly from the never ending pain. Your hands clenched into fists. It wasn’t fair. Nothing was fair.
Why didn’t she survive it? Why didn’t she survive? 
You were angry and desperately trying to keep yourself calm. Each breath was harder than the last. Your grip tightened around your hands as you pictured her screams and cries for help.
Anger was swarming inside your mind and everything changed to shapes. Reds and oranges took over as the vibrant hues danced in your vision. The rage was reaching it’s peak, a breakdon was rising up rapidly as your felt your hands shake in attempt to free themselves from their own grip. Your heartbeat throbbed loudly in your mind, muffling out any other sounds.

Then you broke.

At first you heard nothing, but a deafening white noise as it pierced your ears. Then a smash.  
Everything fell dark as shards of glass scattered about the floor. Some sliced through your own skin, but you didn’t even flinch. You shouted and cried, burying your head in your hands, bringing your knees to your chest. You coughed- your head now ready to explode.
A harsh cough escaped your throat, sending acid and bile up with it, it seeped through the edges of your mouth, making you choke on the bitter foam.
Then, you felt nothing.

“Anyone seen, Y/N?” Mick asked, walking in on two slightly hung-over and very tired Winchester brothers.
“She told us not to wake her and judging from the way she was I’m keen to obey.” Dean explained, taking a sip of water.
“Alright. I just thought I outta say sorry. She wasn’t wrong, to be fair.” Mick admitted.
“If she’s up she’ll be in her room. Knock and wait.” Dad ordered, making sure an angry teenager wasn’t added to the list of problems.
“Alright, cheers.”

When Mick reached Y/N’s room he knocked on the door and waited for almost a full minute before sighing. “Here goes nothing.” He mumbled, turning the door handle. Only, when he opened the door he saw something he wasn’t expecting. “Y/N?” Mick asked hesitantly, hurrying over to where her unconscious body was. She was on her side, eyes closed, breathing even. If it weren’t for the cuts along her body from the broken light bulb, it would have looked like she was sleeping peacefully. “Sam!” Mick called in a panic.
Running footsteps sounded as Sam sprinted towards Y/N’s room. When he arrived he nearly stepped back at the sight of it.

His daughter was lying in the middle of what looked more like a bomb-site than a bedroom. Shards of glass were plastered across the floor, a few pieces sticking into her bare arms and some on her face, both orbited by specks of dried blood. “Y/N!…Sweetheart?” Sam knelt down next to her, his eyes glistening with tears “Can you hear me?”

Please.” Sam begged. Dean followed after his brother, kneeling next to his niece.
“What happened?” He demanded. No one knew so no one spoke. Sam sat his daughter up against his chest, taking some tissues from the box and wiping away the sick that was around her mouth. Mick began to clear away the area surrounding her body as Dean grabbed the first aid kit. He opened it up and took out a pair of medical tweezers. Dean gently pulled some of the glass from her skin, wiping away any excess blood that oozed out of the wounds.

She groaned a little, trying to grab back hold of consciousness. Dean paused. “Y/N…?” Sam encouraged, squeezing her hand.
“It…it didn’t…” She never finished, her eyes drooping shut. She faded in and out of consciousness as Dean finished clearing her wounds up.

Sam lifted her up gently- bridal styel. He then lay her down on her bed, pressing a kiss to her forehead before pulling up a chair next to her. He put his elbows on the mattress, resting his head in his hands. “I don’t understand.” He admitted- lost. “What the hell happened?” Sam looked up to Dean. His older brother. His guide.

“Sammy, I-“ Dean gulped “I don’t know.”

“Some sort of fit…” Mick said “Did she ever tell you about her…power?” He didn’t like to use the word ‘power’.
“Yeah. When we found that other psychic, she used it a little.” Sam nodded, determined to understand what had happened. Mick nodded slowly “She’s dangerous. Or she can be.”
“But she wasn’t using it.” Sam didn’t understand.
“No….but she was angry. Of course.” Mick nodded to himself, suddenly understanding the mood you were in “She was angry.” He repeated.
“Why?” Uncle Dean questioned, folding his arms against his chest.
“The cure. It worked for Claire.”
“Why’s that a bad thing?” Dean pressed.
“Because it didn’t work for Max.”

You awoke to the sounds of muffled voices and a throbbing head. You heaved yourself up from the bed, sitting up straight and taking in your surroundings. This was your room. You had a few bandages on your arms and there were two chairs next to your bed.

You pressed the palm of your hand up to your head as though it would help with the pain.
You were still angry, but maybe because you weren’t fully recovered you wouldn’t lash out aomeone by accident. After a moment of hesitation you made your way towards the voices. Occasionally, you stopped when everything started swaying.
Your throat was dry.

The voices kept growing louder until you turned the corner. You held onto the door frame, your eyes falling on the backs of Dad and Uncle Dean as they discussed Kelly…the one pregnant with the nephilum.
You opened your mouth to say something, anything, like “hey” or “sorry for breaking your lightbulb”, but only a cough came out.

Their heads turner towards you in shock. Dad rose from his chair and smiled: “Y/N”.
He headed straight for you and hugged you tightly, wrapping his arms around you protectively. “God, you scared us.” He said, relaxing as you hugged back.

“Sorry.” You smiled sheepishly.
When Dad let go Uncle Dean shot you a smirk before hugging you too. You hugged back, smiling in his embrace. You nearly stumbled when he let go, but managed to balance yourself.

Your eyes squeezed shut for a few seconds as you tried to stop the room from turning.

“The hell happened in there?” Dad asked, taking your hand and guiding you a little.
You followed them to the table, too tired to refuse the help. You shrugged.
“Let me guess, you don’t want to talk about it?” Uncle Dean rolled his eyes. You found it hard ot tell if he was being serious or not. “Sometimes I can’t control it. I think I can. But I can’t. Like…everything’s fine,  but suddenly something happens that reminds me of all this shit I’ve been through and it happens.”
No one knew what to say.

“My head hurts. Then I break something. Then I throw up. Then I pass out.” You went through the same stages. “Always the same. “
“Did you smash the lightbulb…with your mind?” Dad asked, leaning forward.
“Yeah. Not on purpose, though. I just. God I don’t know…” You paused to try and think straight “I feel everything rising up and it all snaps. Then something breaks. Or sets on fire. Or falls down.”
“Like I said,” Mick appeared behind you all “She’s dangerous…” He paused, looking at you sympathetically “but, she’s not a bad person.”
“She’s also sitting right here.” You noted.
“Yes…” Mick caught on and added a quiet “sorry.”

“How’re you feeling?” Dad asked. Maybe he was changing the topic for a reason, or maybe he just didn’t have anything else to say. You sure didn’t. “Fine. My head hurts I guess. But it usually goes after a while.”
“I remember when this happened for the first time,” Mick said “Your Mum wasn’t home and I panicked.  You basically made yourself get better.”
“You lived together?” Dad questioned Mick’s word choices, making you look away.
“Well,” Mick stuttered “It was the Chapter House…there were a few different family’s living together.”
“Really?” Uncle Dean raised an eyebrow in disbelief “You’re a terrible liar.”
Mick didn’t say anything.

“Y/N.” Dad’s firm voice forced you to look at him “Care to shed some light?”
“It was the Chapter House, there were a few different families living together.” You lied, copying Mick’s exact words. “There’s a huge one just north from Central London. “
Your Dad seemed to calm down a little when the words came from you. “Okay.” He didn’t push, but something told you he wasn’t fully convinced either.

Almost two days later you were leaning up against the table, Uncle Dean at your side. Both of you were waiting in anticipation, this was the fifth time you’d called Cas. Once again it went straight to voice mail. “This is my voice mail,” Cas’ awkward voice filled the air once again “Make your voice a mail.”

“Come on Cas we’ve called you about five times already.” Uncle Dean sighed, out of words to say. You shrugged when he glanced at you, followed by him hanging up. “This is hopeless.”
“Is he usually like this?” You asked, still not sure if it was like Cas to leave for quite some time. He was an Angel, so who were you to say what was normal for him?
“Not so much lately.” He shook his head “But even still he usually says what he’s doing or where he’s going.”

A woman called Eileen was sat in the war room with your Dad. She was deaf and used sign language when she spoke. And my God was Dad in love. You didn’t say anything, but watched as he blushed when she spoke. “He’s like a ten year old with his first crush.” You whispered to your Uncle, making him chuckle “Yeah tell me about it.”.
“She’s badass.” You noted, realising just how intelligent this woman was. Not to mention the fact that she was a Hunter. Your Uncle gave you an unreadable look before giving in “Yeah. She sure is.”

Stood next to Eileen, you both watched in amusement as your Dad pretended to be a Doctor to get more information. When he hung up Eileen gave up a thumbs up, Dad grinned back and joined the mini line you’d made. You were with Mick and Rawlings, who were now part of the whole nephilim predicament. 
“You might wanna take this back with you.” Mick handed over the Cult and Dad took the opportunity to sass him “Gee Mick. I thought we’d gotten past the trust issues.”
You gave Rawlings a glare before getting in the Impala.

Everyone arrived at some sort of abandoned looking carpark. You were waiting for Dean who, hopefully, would be with Kelly and maybe even Cas. “Who’s this?” Dean pointed at Rawlings.
“I’m Rennie…Rawlings. Graduated Kendrick’s-”
“Great. I don’t care.” Uncle Dean ignored his ‘look how amazing i am’ speech and opened up the door for Kelly. She refused any more help and got out of the car, staring at you all with brave fear.

Dad stepped up “Kelly, we all know what difficult situation you’re in and we..we want to help.” He kept a calm voice as not to frighten her anymore.
“You call this help?” She asked, rubbing her stomach where the baby-bump was.
“That kid, “ Uncle Dean began “It’s Lucifer’s.”
“I know!” She snapped “Do you think I wanted this? I love this child.”
“You will mean absolutely nothing to that child when it’s born. It’ll kill us all.” Mick scolded. 
“Not helping.” You hissed at him. 
“This is absurd.” Rawlings reached for his gun.

“Don’t!” You and Uncle Dean warned him, only to be cut short by a menacing sound with a strong wind. You paused…this wasn’t natural.
“She’s here.” Kelly managed, looking ten times more afraid than she had been.
who?’ you thought. 

Everyone reached for their gun and stood apart to cover more ground. You all protectively glanced around to see who, or what, it was. “Hey!” A shout came from behind. You glanced around, seeing a woman…well…demon, with yellow glowing eyes and a determined expression. She threw her hands up, sending everyone except Kelly to the ground. You smashed against one of the broken up cars, your gun trying it’s best to slip from your grip,

She walked forward with a blank expression as everyone fired at her. You stopped, putting your gun down. This was a waste of bullets. She was a Prince Of Hell, she’s not going to die from bullets. She threw her hands up at those still left with guns in their grips, making them drop their weaponry, and continued to advance towards Kelly.

You watched as Eileen reached for the cult, lying just in front of her reach. She grabbed hold, cocking it and holding her finger over the trigger. She aimed for the Demon’s head, squeezing the trigger.

However, as the gunshot sounded you watched in a helpless realisation as the Demon disappeared from view, along with Kelly Kline. The bullet continued further along it’s path than it should have and hit Rawlings in the chest. His eyes widened in shock and pain before he fell to the floor. Blood seeped down his shirt.

You stayed close to your Dad as you watched Mick kneel down next to Rawlings, well aware of the bloody code. “I- I didn’t mean to.” Elileen apologised, moving closer to where Mick was. “I meant to shoot the demon.” 
“It’s okay it was an accident.” Dad reassured her, but Mick was unconvinced.

You opened your mouth, halfway between wanting to warn Eileen and shout at Mick. Mick reached for his gun and held it up in front of Eileen. “Woah woah!” Uncle Dean gasped.

“What are you doing?” Dad demanded.

“Mick put the gun down!” You shouted at him loudly. Everyone else had their hands up in defense except you.
“B-But she shot a Men Of Letters. She has to die!”
“It’s not as simple as that!” Dad protested.
“But it’s the code.” Mick was lost.
“Fuck the code!” You practically screamed at him. You stormed past Eileen and your Dad who grabbed onto your shoulder to stop you. You shrugged him off, marching right in front of the barrel. “Y/N, get out of my way.”
“You know I won’t.” You glared at him, trying your best not to look scared.
“Then I’ll shoot you too!” You could see up close that Mick’s eyes were teary.
“You won’t do that.” You said calmly “You don’t have to answer to that stupid code. You can answer to yourself.”

“Your Mum did that.” He was close to crossing a line you’d clearly drawn “And look where it got her.” Your eyes narrowed as he continued “Max tried. Look where that got her.” 
“You’re not Mum! You’re not Max! And you’re not my family!“ You cried.
Mick’s expression fell at your words. 

Please.” Eileen begged “Please don’t…”

Mick squeezed his eyes shut and took a deep breath. “Mick…” Dad had stepped forward, putting his hand on your shoulder and dragging you away from the gunpoint. Mick followed with the gun absentmindedly before putting it back in front of Eileen. “I know you have this code that you blindly answer to. But you’re better than that.”

Mick lowered his gun, looking in pain as he did so. He avoided everyone’s gaze. “Just go…” he whispered.
Dad nodded, backing away. Only he stopped when you didn’t move. You didn’t know what to do. Did you mean what you’d said? Half of you wanted to apologise whereas the other wanted to walk away. “Y/N,” Dad put his hands on your shoulders “Come on, kid.” 

The four of you trudged down the stairs. Eileen was in front, her hand went to her face where she no doubt wiped away an escaped tear. You watched sympathetically as she stumbled to a halt. 

“You okay?” Uncle Dean asked her.
She nodded for a few seconds, before changing her mind “No…hee wasn’t a monster…he wasn’t” Dad stood next to her, perhaps about to offer some form of comfort, but she hugged him without needing an offer. He hugged back, his head resting protectively on hers. 

“Morning…?” Dad raised an eyebrow at you. It was at least 2 or 3am by now. You’d been up for quite some time.
“Morning.” You hummed, not glancing up from your fidgeting hands.
“Been up long?” He asked, sitting down on the table next to you. Your feet swung, not quite touching the floor.
“A few minutes.” You shrugged.
“Right.” He nodded, still in his night clothes. You both knew he didn’t believe you, but no one said anything.
“What were you reading?” He asked, nodding towards the open book on the table. 
“I wasn’t actually reading it…” You admitted, not sure how to explain.
“What else do you do with books?” He asked, slipping off the table and folding it over to read the title “This is in Latin. You can read this?”
“Yeah, but I wasn’t reading it. I was just..turning the pages.”
“Turning the pages?” He echoed. You nodded, not wanting to say it out loud. Dad noticed your slight awkwardness and took a moment to think through everything you’d said. “Oh…you mean, Turning the pages like…with your mind?” 

You nodded. “Maybe if I use this…whatever this is…for harmless stuff it won’t build up. And I won’t hurt anyone.” 
He offered a sad smile then joined you again, his feet touched the floor. “Maybe.”
“I never told Mum.” You admitted.
“I never told her. As far as she was concerned I was normal.” You explained.
“You are normal.” Dad reassured.
“Max couldn’t do it.” You ignored him.
“Just me.”

“I’m sorry…”
You frowned in thought “Why?” 
“Mick told us what happened to Max.” 
“Oh…” You looked away again.
“I know it must have been hard to watch it work on Claire after.. But, that is a good thing. It’s not fair, but it did save a life.” Dad tried to calm you down, but you’d already lost it over that. 
“They made me watch.” You said blankly.

“When they realised that the cure wasn’t working they made me watch her die.” You took a deep breath. ‘Don’t cry’ you told yourself. 
“That’s horrible, Y/N I’m so sorry.” 
“I think-” You paused, having never said these words out loud before “I think they meant for her to get bitten.”
“What makes you think that?”
“They never liked us. They could just pass it as an excuse for an experiment. Nothing they did for us was ever due to good intentions.” You didn’t know how to say it without sounding way too suspicious of them.

“What did they have against you?”
“I’m not traditional. I’m not obedient. I didn’t go to Kendrick’s. I have a brain-”
You were cut off by him chuckling at the last point “You’ve been through a lot.” He commented.
“Not compared to some.” You shrugged it off.
“Doesn’t make it insignificant.” He countered, smiling at you.

You didn’t move for a while. “You should get some sleep.” He said, placing a gently hand on your shoulder. 
“Yeah.” You agreed absentmindedly. 
“Come on.” He said calmly, guiding you away from the room.

When you reached your bedroom you noticed he hadn’t left your side. “Y/N, hey. Look at me.” 
You glanced up, your eyes tired and teary. He had a sullen look. 

Without saying anything he wrapped his arms around you and hugged you tightly. You squeezed your eyes shut in his embrace in a desperate attempt to keep the tears from falling. Dad’s arms held you close in comfortable silence. “I’m proud of you.” He whispered, pressing a kiss to your head. “So proud.”


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First Time Baby - E.D

Requested: Hey there! Could you do an imagine where it’s your first time having sex with one of the boys (you choose) however he is a virgin and you’re not???

Authors Note: This involves smut (WHICH I AM TERRIBLE AT WRITING), and swearing so, if you’re a youngling probs not read this (or do, I’m not your parents)

You could feel Ethan’s heart pound against your hand as you placed it comfortingly against his chest as he heaved deep breaths in and out beneath your touch. You could feel his whole body tremble in fear, as his mind raced wild with all the thoughts of what was about to happen. You remembered your first time and how terrified you were, so you can only sympathise with him.
“Breathe Ethan, it’s going to be fine babe” you smile at him confidently as you place a soft and gentle kiss on his lips. You felt his hands shakily reach for your hips as you moved your lips against his neck, earning yourself a deep moan from him. You never expected Ethan to be a virgin when the two of you started dating, not that it bothered you in the slightest. If anything, you found it kind of comforting to know that a guy that looks like him that could easily have any girl he wanted at the click of his fingers, doesn’t view sex in the way that majority of guys you’ve met does. The fear in his mind was replaced with pure lust and love as he aggressively pinned you down on the bed, one arm holding your hands above your head securely as the other roamed your body, tracing every inch of your skin. He attached his lips to yours as the two of you moved in sync, completely lost in each other’s embrace.
“I love you so much Y/N” Ethan whispered breathlessly as he stared into your eyes, hovering above your body. He cupped your face in his hands and kissed you so sweetly, and so gently as if you could shatter into a million pieces if he wasn’t careful with you.
“I love you too” you smiled, as you flipped the two of you over, as you straddled his waist. You felt him harden in-between your thighs as he raised his eyebrow cockily at the sight of you on top of him. His hands found your waist, slowly making their way to your chest a little too slowly for your liking. He teased you, cupping your chest in his hands as a cheeky smirk spread across his face. You pulled your shirt over your head, leaving you in your bra and jeans. Ethan’s hand immediately went to the back of your bra to unclasp it, as it flew off.
“One handed? Mark me impressed” you wink as you lean down and kiss him, his hands tracing circles on your back. You sit upright again, bringing him up with you into a sitting position. He brings his mouth to your chest as he sucks harshly at the skin, leaving bright purple marks whenever he choose, a sweet moan escaping your lips. 

“Are you ready” you said breathlessly. You looked down at him as he nodded, his confidence depleting slightly. You moved off of him and unbuttoned his pants and threw them on the ground, doing the same to yours. You looked back at him as his eyes grew wide at the sight of you in your underwear.
“Y/N” he choked, but you placed a kiss on his lips to silence him. You push him down onto the bed, and palm him through his underwear as he grunts beneath your touch. You pick up his hand and place it where you wanted him desperately, as he fiddles with the band of your underwear, slowly pushing it to your ankles. He flips the two of you over as he props himself up on his elbow, a finger slipping inside of you as you gasped. He kissed you passionately as he inserted another, slowly pumping in and out of you as your breath quickened.
“Curl your fingers” you instructed, as he did what you told, immediately hitting your g-spot as stars filled your sight.
“Fuck” you moaned, a confident smirk replacing Ethan’s scared one.
“I think I’ve got the hang of this” he chuckled, loving the sight of you weak to him. He removed his hands as you whimpered at the loss of touch, but it was replaced by his mouth which took you by surprise. He spread your legs with his large hands, as he breathed heavily on your core, the warmth making you shiver. You felt your stomach tighten as your legs began to shake. You grabbed a fist full of Ethan’s hair and tugged slightly at the ends as Ethan smirked into you. You felt yourself come undone to him, as he licked up the last of you until you were practically dry. He came up to air and kissed you as you tasted yourself.
“That tasted far better than I expected it too” he chuckled. You reached to the draw next to the bed and pulled out a condom, as you ripped the packet open, being careful not to rip anything else.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” you asked one last time.
“Yes, definitely. I want my first time to be with you” he smiled as he kissed you forcefully as you palmed him once again, sliding his underwear off and onto the ground. You slid the condom on as you positioned yourself beneath him, guiding him to where he needed to be. He looked at you, uncertain to begin with but as you smiled up at him, he felt safe and secure. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he thrusted into you, as deep grunts and groans filled the air. In that moment you felt as though all the times before that you’d ever slept with a guy was meaningless, but this? This was real. This was love and a love you’ve never felt before. You reached up to kiss him as he released into you, the feeling of pure ecstasy filling the both of you as your lips became numbs and your toes curled.
“That, that was something else” he huffed as he flopped into the bed next to you, wrapping you up in his embrace. The feeling of his skin on yours was the most comforting thing you’ve ever felt as you listened quietly to his heartbeat against his chest.
“This is a night I will never forget”.
Don't let establishment opportunists ruin the resistance movement | Thomas Frank
As a powerful grassroots movement emerges, some want to use it for their own gain. The history of the Tea Party has important lessons on how to avoid that
By Thomas Frank

The fury currently welling up against our demagogue president is a gorgeous thing. The Women’s March on Washington bowled me over by its sheer numbers. The town hall meetings calling Republican representatives to account are delicious payback for decades of phony populism. The combination of the two is one of the healthiest political developments I have seen in many years.

But opportunism never sleeps, and with the rage and the resistance of recent weeks some far less noble characters have seen a chance to develop a new con. They’re up on the resistance bandwagon right now, rending their garments, shaking their fists and praying that no one holds them responsible for the dead end into which they’ve steered us over the years. Inveighing loudly against Trump has become, for the people I am describing, a means of rescuing an ideology that has proven a disaster.

Comparing this moment with the Tea Party tells us a lot about this misdirection. In its 2009 heyday, the Tea Party represented a kind of superficial secession from the Republican party, which had discredited itself with the series of disasters we call the George W Bush presidency. Throw the old leaders out, the Tea Party seemed to demand, and start fresh.

But that’s not really what happened then, and it’s probably not going to happen with the hack politicians, million-dollar consultants and smug journalists who led Democrats to utter powerlessness this time around.

Yes, the Tea Party brought down many Republicans, but in truth it was a way of rebranding the same old Republican party without the stink of George W Bush attached. Conservative activists back then looked out over an economic disaster brought on by libertarian idealism – by a generation that worshiped bank deregulation – and insisted that what we needed was more deregulation, that we needed to go full-on free market. That’s the achievement of the Tea Party.

There is a possibility that the resistance to Trump will turn out the same way – that it will become a vehicle for our Enron Democrats to avoid accountability. “I don’t think people want a new direction,” House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said in December. Now is not the moment for infighting, others have insisted, but for unity and togetherness. Unity behind the existing leadership, that is. Changing the personnel in the C-Suites will only weaken us, they will say; hell, we can’t even afford to see our leaders criticized.

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(This sudden shower of rainー
is a blessing from the little demon Yohane♡)


Come on, it was bright and sunny until just now, but the minute I stepped off the mountain, it started pouring!
What is the meaning of thisー!!!!

Well, screaming and shaking my fist at the sky won’t help.
In the end I’ll just get needlessly soaked.
It always happens like this.
I’m really getting tired of it.
I never have an umbrella on days like these.

In the pastー after awakening to my bad luck, I would always make sure to pack a folding umbrella in the bottom of my bag.
But latelyー I’ve let down my guard.
Maybe it’s because I’ve been spending time with optimistic friends ever since joining Aqours?
That is to say, the members of Aqours don’t think too hard about whether they have good or bad luck.
They just let everything be how it is for the most partー you could call it positivity, but really they just accept things without thinking.
At any rate, Chika is full of enough optimism to start saying she’ll aim to be the top idol in Japan from this rural, remote seaside town!
Ah, that reminds me, that folding umbrella I was supposed to haveー earlier during Aqours’ practice, I lent it to Chika when she had a choreography ideaー and I forgot to retrieve it.
Rather, the umbrella’s bones ended up twisted because Chika was dancing so vigorously and waving the umbrella around.
Well, to put it plainlyー it broke.

Well, with all this and thatー
In the end, I have no umbrella in my hands today.
ーthe minute I say that, the rain comes down all of a sudden.

Ahhー really.
This is my reliable little demon power♡
Yes, I’ve decided that if this is going to happen, I’ll think positively about it♪
Ahh, I’d like someone to see this power of mine to make rain fall from a bright and sunny skyー but I’m always alone at times like these.
Ahh, I really just haveー bad luck♪
Awesome, right?

One of the most hilarious things from the fandom.

So, this is a few weeks late, but I have to say thinking back on it makes me laugh pretty hard. So did a ship tournament, and you could vote for one couple from The Originals and one from TVD. Since Delena was winning the TVD poll, kcers decided if they couldn’t win that they’d vote for Hayley and Elijah so Klamille would be losers along with them. The CKers that I’m friends with, didn’t even know you could vote more than once, so we lost that round. But not by much.

Then there was a bonus round, where the 2nd place finishers could then compete against each other to take that last wildcard slot. Which meant Klaus and Caroline were now up against Klaus and Cami. Reminder: Purefandom is VERY pro KC, meaning they wanted this win for them.

So anyways, KC is winning the poll and you see twitter rallying for it pretty hardcore, meanwhile the klamille fandom is being pretty casual about it, but staying at a steady percentage.

But when the evening came, Klamille shippers got their shit together and took over the poll. Which of course resulted in “it’s rigged!! they’re cheating!!11!” crying from kcers. Which, fyi, it is impossible to cheat on a poll when the website encourages you to vote multiple times. (It was extremely comical watching them contact the website saying we’re cheating, and then say they had 40 family members voting for them, and no way could Grandma Cami win this! *shakes fist*)

But we won. Fair and square.

Oh but the story doesn’t end there! The completely professional, unbiased kc shipping Purefandom sent this tweet of congratulations out to us!

You can’t write this shit.

So after we dragged the twitter account, they had to issue an apology and do a correction, while still kissing the ass of their precious ship. Because they had already predetermined they would win, and they weren’t about to have them not be in the spotlight for a second.

But too bad, cause Klamille won and so many panties were in a twist I could have used them as a rope to climb a 100-foot tall mountain.

All in all, it was a pretty hilarious span of a few days. Not only did they try to screw us over on the TO poll, it backfired because they had to be paired up against us and we beat them anyway. Then the site got to look bitter and unprofessional and we got to drag them too. Not too shabby for 5 klamsters.

Dammit, tumblr!!

Stop unfollowing my favorite people!!!! And while we’re at it, I don’t think thickcocksbigtits and I are cut out for a long-lasting relationship. But thanks for looking out for my best interests and flagging my video of ocean waves. Totally legit call on your end.

*shakes fist in air*

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I have no idea how I was ever an Onision fan. He's not funny, intelligent, or understanding. He's so judgmental and condescending it makes me sick. Who made him relevant anyways?

*shakes fist* TOSH.0!!!!

If you don’t mind me asking, how did you end up growing out of your Onision phase and realizing that he was such a dick? (I’m asking because I want to try and figure out what the common thread is in people who have ended up snapping out of it and realizing that Onision sucks. I’ve observed a few patterns so far, but I would love some more input. 8D)

tuckerfuckingdiditmain replied to your post tuckerfuckingdiditmain replied to your…

lmfao, the people who just take his description as Truth at face value illustrate 100% why he was so good at manipulating people

i mean basically, it’s literally his whole deal like. come on


Derek Hale Imagine
Derek gets a text from you, asking him to meet you at the school. But he gets kidnapped instead.

Derek laid on his bed in the dark, throwing a baseball into the air and catching it. He waited for your phone call. He stopped by your house for a while because he missed you. But you weren’t home. He was starting to get bored and tired of waiting. He tossed the ball aside and sat up. Just as he was about to put on a shirt and drive over, his phone beeped.

“I miss you, Derek. Can you come pick me up at school?” He read the new text on his phone. A smile crept onto his lips and quickly typed a response. “Coming right now.” He sent the text and slipped on a shirt before getting into the car. He drove all the way to the front of the school and parked right in front of the entrance. He looked around and didn’t see you. He got out of the car and looked around for you. He walked closer to the entrance doors but just as he opened the door, he blacked out.

He woke up with a pounding headache in the back of his head. He tried to grab the back of his head, but he felt restraints wrapped around his wrists. A groan escaped his lips as the pounding headache gnawed at his head. “You woke up a lot earlier than I expected,” A shadow stepped out into the dim light of the only light bulb in the basement.

“Kate, I should have known it was you.” He bitterly growled. She smirked as she slowly approached him, tossing a dagger repeatedly in the air. “I didn’t think you would fall for that.” She darkly chuckled. “Where is she?” He angrily demanded. “You were always so trusting.” She pressed the blade against his cheek. “I said…” He frustratingly huffed, eyes glowing with anger. “WHERE IS SHE?” He thrashed and howled.

She burst into laughter, eyes glistened with amusement. “Oh Derek,” She fluttered her eyelashes as she tapped the blade against his stubble cheek. “You’ve always been too sentimental for your own good.” She nicked a small cut on his cheek. The cut only lasted a few seconds before it healed.

He bared his fangs, a loud growl erupted from his throat as he thrashed and kicked. “Easy Derek. Your little toy is safe. The poor girl is so oblivious, she didn’t even know I slipped into her room and snatched her phone.” Kate chuckled, as she dragged her blade down his chest. He groaned as the blade cut into his sweat glistened skin.

“What do you want?” He barked. She nonchalantly shrugged. She brought the blade up to her lips and licked the blade clean of his drop of blood. “I guess it’s just fun, seeing you get all worked up like this.” She tossed the blade onto a table and flicked on a switch. A large current of electricity ran through the wires and chains, zapping Derek.

His body jolted and violently convulsed as the electric current ran through his body. His hands balled into fists, teeth clenched, still shaking even after the current ended. “You know, I could have sunk my claws into that pretty little neck of hers and ripped her throat out and she wouldn’t even know what hit her.” She bared her teeth, her eyes turning into a golden yellow. “Don’t you dare touch her.” He defeatedly sighed, his chest heaving with each anxious breath. “I won’t if you just give me Peter Hale’s location and I’ll set you free.” She said. Derek sighed, finally relaxing his tensed muscles. “You didn’t have to chain me up. I would have given you his location if you asked nicely.” He glared. “Yeah, but I thought you liked it when I chained you up.” She smirked and unlocked the chains around his wrists and ankles. 

proxy appreciation week

day 1: favorite major character

okay as much as I LOVE Syd, I’d have to say Knox is my favorite major character because of how he grew on me. Unlike Syd, I disliked Knox in the beginning and didn’t expect to like him at all but surprise surprise!! Knox underwent some seriously amazing & organic character development and I was just so taken aback by how much I came to love Knox! (*shakes fist at ending* ;n;)


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Open When You've Left Me After 'Visting'

Remember how these are a thing? Yeah. Good times.

I’m sorry these have taken so incredibly long, folks! If you need a refresher, go ahead and just read the other ones, and this one is going to connect to another one that should be out soon! It’s AU and angsty, so you know, you’ve been warned.

(Also, this is the second thing I’ve posted in like, a week. Guys. Who am I?)



“Do you want anything for the road? Can I get you some coffee or anything?”

I wince at my own tone as I turn my back from the shorter blonde, making a show of moving about the kitchen though she hasn’t answered me, providing no point for my motions.

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my favourite thing about dear john is how when you first start listening you think it’s just going to be a really heartbreaking last kiss type song that’s just about regret and mourning the loss of a relationship

the lyrics talk about what went wrong and what both parties could have done better and you think you’re going to finish the song feeling sad

but then it gets to the bridge and you can literally hear taylor gaining strength as she sings and the entire meaning of the song SHIFTS as you realise that you’re not listening to a sad song about regret and loss

the song was never about that

you’re listening to a song about a girl who was emotionally manipulated by someone in a position of power over her, and yeah that’s sad, but you are listening as that girl takes her power back 

and by the time the song finishes you’ve somehow climbed to the roof of your house and you’re screaming and shaking a single fist in the air like the end of the breakfast club and your neighbours are like ‘hey are you okay up there that’s dangerous’ and this was supposed to be a serious post but it completely changed tone at the last second sorry i love dear john

Dean and Cas in Road Trip

Okay, so yeah, this episode hurt. It hurt a lot. But one thing that was good about Road Trip, something happy we can take from it: Dean and Cas’ growth in their relationship.

I mean, the scene up there?-Only time Dean looked happy throughout the whole episode. Because it’s Cas and Cas is in a new trench coat and Cas is the only person that’s been able to make Dean stop thinking about all the crap in his life, even for a second. We saw that in Holy Terror. We saw that right up there when he saw Cas back with hir angel mojo for the first time in months.

This was the episode where Dean told Cas everything. EVERYTHING. He talks about how he was tricked by an angel, how he lied, apologized for not telling Cas, not letting Cas stay in the bunker. Throughout the whole episode he apologized and he confessed, laid his heart out there, ready for Cas to rip it to bits.

And Cas? Cas knew from just looking around the room that something was wrong. And ze didn’t care. Ze didn’t care about anything Dean did, or at least, wasn’t angry about anything. Cas took everything Dean said and told Dean he was okay. Cas listened, took all of Dean’s sins in, and said it’s fine, that Dean was good at heart, that he did everything for a good reason, and that that was fine, which, I suppose, could harken back to Gadreel’s words in 9x02.

You were protecting your brother. I am in Sam’s head. Everything he knows, I know. And I know that what you did, you did out of love.

Which could be a bad thing, when it comes to Dean in that state, but I don’t know, I think it coming from Cas makes it mean much more. Because it’s Cas, and anything Cas says means more to Dean than what mostly anyone else says.

Dean and Cas, as Cas may say, have been through a lot with one another. Cas can completely forgive Dean probably because Dean, from the get go this season, forgave Cas. Of everything.

Ze can still make Dean smile, even when he feels like his world is falling apart. Cas is not the only one keeping Dean together in this episode, Dean helps Cas keep it together as well.

They’re honestly each other’s rocks. I don’t think Dean would have been able to pull it together this episode if it wasn’t for Cas being with him the whole time. I don’t think Cas could have kept it together near Crowley, near Gadreel, if Dean’s soothing hand and Cas-calming ways weren’t there.

This episode showed how these two fully trust each other. Whatever wrong they do, it doesn’t matter anymore to either of them. Dean’s not going to be angry at Cas anymore. Cas’ not going to be angry at Dean anymore. Probably ever. This is a huge freaking step. I mean, they have made so many wrong calls with one another that it’s honestly really hard to think of anything worse than they’ve done to each other already or done in general. Massacre thousands and lock heaven? Force Cas to live on the streets and allow a crazy angel to take over Sammy? I’m pretty sure it would be really hard to do something worse. And I think, even then, they’d still forgive each other. Because we already know that Dean can’t deal with a life without Cas, and Cas can’t deal with a life without Dean.

Dean allows himself to cry in front of Cas in this episode. DEAN ALLOWS HIMSELF TO CRY IN FRONT OF CAS IN THIS EPISODE.

DEAN DOESN’T CRY IN FRONT OF PEOPLE. MAYBE SAM, BUT…WHO ELSE? WHO ELSE HAS HE CRIED IN FRONT OF BESIDES SAM AND KEVIN AND BOBBY AND BENNY, HIS FAMILY? WHO? (probably shouldn’t tell Cas about the Benny part, though, Dean. I could smell a Jealous!Cas from a mile away if ze heard that. XD).

Dean is keeping his emotional growth. YAY. SOMETHING DIDN’T DIE. Bad news is that Dean’s guilt complex has come back with a vengeance, just when we thought we heard the last of it, or at least, thought it weakened.

That doesn’t mean Dean’s guilt complex can’t win over his solidified trust in Cas, either. We saw that in the last freaking five minutes of this episode. THE LAST FREAKING FIVE MINUTES OF THIS EPISODE *SHAKES FIST AT WRITER* I COULD HAVE BEEN HAPPY WITHOUT THAT. JUST END IT WITH GADREEL BACK IN TAHMOH McHOTTIEPANTS. I WOULD HAVE BEEN FINE WITH THAT. BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOO, YOU HAD TO DRAG MY HEART OUT OF MY CHEST. BUTT FACES. UGH. And that speech at the end.

And that last look at each other in the end.

All you can see from Cas is sadness and wanting to make Dean think it’s okay and accepting and not wanting Dean to leave. And Dean can’t take it. Because he doesn’t think he deserves it, he never thinks he deserves it. He doesn’t believe he should be forgiven for what he’s done, for the things that are out of his control that he feels are his fault. He can’t deal with all that unconditional trust, perhaps even unconditional love? And Cas can see that, ze knows it. Ze’s known how Dean works, how he thinks, ze’s known that from the get go.

And, perhaps, that’s why Cas let him leave. Because Dean would believe that Sam is first priority, and for Dean’s sake, Cas would do everything in hir power to make Sam better before ze can go and talk Dean into being awesome and stop letting his freaking guilt complex get the better of him like everyone else in this freaking show.

-Team Seven's Interview-

*AU where Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto get to talk to the people angry with their ending. I was getting quite tired of seeing the saltiness over the canon pairings*

The auditorium was buzzing. People of many races were murmuring to each other, glancing their narrowed eyes at the stage every second, waiting for the legendary team to make its appearance. Many of their expressions were sour, but they seemed very anxious to be able to talk to the ninjas they’d grown up with.

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