shaker tops

So far:

  • laundry: sheets, towels, blankets (towels are getting a second dry; blankets are waiting to be dried afterwards) [update: done with all of those]
  • made bed with the sheets and pillowcases; awaiting blankets
  • made carpet freshener: reused stevia bottle with shaker top, filled with baking soda + peppermint extract and shaken
  • vacuum: carpet freshener in hallway + vacuum, living room + vacuum (still need to move other things in the living room to vacuum thoroughly, but I wanted to at least get a start today)
  • seeds washed and water changed
  • drank tea #1 (#s 1 and 2, depending on how you count it; it was a double dose in a travel mug.) ((Earl grey, hot.))
  • ruthlessly pruned (even more) the two hibiscus trees, then sliced into remaining leaf nodes until I saw green; sprayed with water…need to actually keep spraying this time
  • disassembled vacuum cleaner and cleaned out parts in bathtub; I have more vacuuming to do, but it will have to wait; it was beyond the point of being effective without first being cleaned
  • dealing with my body doing whatever it is doing by taking advantage of finally being able to be standing and moving around, even if it is not back to normal in other ways yet

Note to self: get more peppermint extract (always).

She is Perfectly Lovely (Request)

Summary: Baekhyun loved to admire his girlfriend
Members: Baekhyun x Reader
Type: Fluff
Length: 568 Words


Soooo sorry this is so short. I wrote all I could think of, but I hope that you feel the emotion I was trying to portray in it. <3

-Admin Kat

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Baekhyun watched as you moved around the kitchen with ease. Every move seemed fluid like those of a seasoned dancer. His eyes scanned up your body. Your bare feet lightly pressing against the warmed hardwood floor. It looked as though you were almost hovering over the ground. Your feet pressed harder as you shifted your weight forward onto your toes as you lifted the heels of your feet off the ground to reach the salt shaker on the top shelf. His eyes continued the journey up your body, resting for a moment on your legs. The memory of lightly touching them as the two of you curled up to watch movies filled his mind. The way your skin felt under his touch, the way you shivered lightly as goosebumps prickled your smooth skin, and especially the way they felt when you wrapped them around his waist when your make-out sessions got more heated.

“Baekhyun, can you pass me that spoon?” You asked in a sing-song voice. The words trickled to his ears and he was drawn back to reality, like a ship being guided by a lighthouse. He handed you the wooden spoon, letting his hand graze against yours. The simple touch was electric. A warmth ran through his body from the simple feeling of your skin on his. His eyes ran up your hand, studying your delicate fingers. How perfectly they intertwined with his own. How they felt tangled in his soft hair. The lean muscles that can be seen when you unknowingly flexed your arm. He smiled at the recollection of your arms wrapped around his waist from behind. Your dark skin contrasting against his pale complexion. He knew how the Korean idea of beauty viewed your skin tone, but he didn’t care. He found it beautiful. He loved how the two of you looked together. So opposite, yet so perfect together.

His eyes finally rested on your face. Your soft lips, curved slightly upward in the corners as you focused on the meal you were preparing. He smiled as he stared at them. Your lips were his second favorite physical trait, after your eyes. He adored how they slightly parted while you read. How you smirked when you were concentrating; slipping your tongue out when you focused harder. The gentle feeling of them against yours. And the way they easily formed the shapes to speak his name. Your voice ringing out like a musical instrument.

Lastly, his favorite trait of yours. Your beautiful eyes. The shape and color forever engraved in his mind. Truly the windows to the soul. Never needing to say a word, the two of you were able to have full conversations. Your eyes spoke millions of silent words with a single look. Both tantalizing and calming at the same time. He wondered at how easily you hypnotized him without trying. Just as he thought of this, you looked up and your eyes met his. You stared at him in silence. Your eyes lit up as you smiled at him. Your mouth began to move, but he could hear nothing.

His mind was blank, yet racing with memories of the two of you together. Without saying anything, he placed his hands on your face and kissed you on the forehead. Your mouth stopped midsentence. You looked at him in confusion. “I love you, my perfect, beautiful jagiya.” He whispered into your skin.

Pouring Out Songs || Vday Open

Wasting away again in Margaritaville 

Meg was working at The Court of Miracles on Valentine’s Day. Fitting. All the sad sacks without dates were here and she got to provide them with their deepest alcoholic desires. She was amused at first by the singing giving little quips back. Sliding a salt shaker across the bar top towards him as he sang, she smirked and said back to him, “Guess I found your shaker of salt.” 

If you like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain

“I don’t, and I have more than half a brain so I guess you’re out of luck, junior.” 

However, as the clock began to hit eleven it was really wearing her down. You try having people sing at you and around you for three hours straight. Sometimes it was even the same song when they needed to get her attention for a refill. 

Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey, whiskey makes my baby a little bit frisky.

That last one had really gotten on Meg’s nerves. You try having someone sing country bullshit at you for their drink order every time they wanted another one. Also it was like every song had yet another unwanted flirting advance attached to it so that didn’t help the situation either. 

What was this town? All of a sudden the dancers were singing their own songs too. It was like she stepped into some weird love filled musical and the joke was on her because she wasn’t singing. She sighed at the next person coming up to the bar, putting her little fake, pleasant smile on her face as she greeted them. “Got a song for me too? I’ve been serenaded all night with drink orders.”

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I HAVE NO IDEA, i just noticed the S made with punched holes, that arent on the other end, so obviously its hollow, and the S shape looks like every salt shaker top i’ve ever seen, but the holes are to big and that thing cant hold alot of salt. 

But if its not a salt shaker, what is it? It ain’t a Pizza Cutter, its a fixed saucer. there is this weird pin on it, so maybe its supposed to be a topper? but that point is really small?

i mean, if you look closely when he turns it, you can see a bunch of salt pour out, so it is a salt shaker. But a poorly designed one. the holes are too big, the container holds, like, a tsp of salt that it just dumps out in one go, its a Mess™, its impractical.