shaker set

i present to u the signs… things in my place
aries: felix the cat clock with eyes and tail that rock back and forth. an hour forward
libra: a loch ness monster wall sticker above closet door that is slowly peeling itself off but is up too high to fix
taurus: two sets of dangly hello kitty wall frames that still have no actual photos in them. the illustration of kitty features a bushel of raspberries just kinda plopped on her head
leo: a gnome holding a leaf that says WELCOME on an oddly specific little shelf next to the door
gemini: tiny gnome salt shaker set where the salt is the gnome and the pepper is a tinier mushroom he is gently holding
cancer: a nesting doll sitting completely alone on an empty shelf
virgo: floating multicolour orbs on the ceiling
scorpio: an ice cream wall sticker on the front door which sometimes looks like a person standing there at night in the corner of ones eye
sagittarius: two comically gigantic leaves above bed to give off the appearance of one being royaly fanned while eating grapes from a basket, and/or a gigantic bug
capricorn: shelf containing army of naked pantless hatted kewpies, adorned in various fashions
aquarius: anthropomorphic soda, popcorn, and hot dog men with rubberhose arms circling a bottle cap clock. they look pleased with themselves
pisces: a bouquet of halloween roses with eyes in the center of them that is still on the table despite being january