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Listening to shuffle and Carolina came on - huge contrast to the classic rock it was surrounded by. I'm blown away by how rich and layered the sound is - along the lines of the Beatles or Badfinger. There is so much going on, particularly in the second verse. All the vocal harmonies and instruments. With your highly trained ear, can you pick out all the instruments and parts on the 2nd verse? Not asking for a full breakdown on the song - yet! Thanks!

I heard a lot of percussion, but I couldn’t name all of them, so I went to my percussion guy.

“Carolina” is a sonically satisfying song to listen to– like SOTT, there’s a thickening of texture, a build-up to a synth rise and string swell in the middle, and then a paring back to barer textures at the end. There’s also a counterpoint of syncopated sounds that is really masterful– just a beautiful, subtle, sexy production, rhythmically tight and smart.

The percussive sounds contrast impertinently with the whiny, strung-out vocals– hallucinatory vocals, like on “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”

I know you didn’t ask for it, but, too bad, dude, you’re getting it. My instrumental breakdown (I have left out vocals):

0:00 lap steel, bass, shaker, Jew’s harp
0:08 cow bell, acoustic guitar, bass
0:17 bass, hand claps, lap steel, acoustic guitar
0:46 drum set, tambourine, shaker, synth
1:00 drum set (+tight snare, tambourine, bass, open/close high hat
1:20 bass, drum set, synth strings (violin, cello), open/close high hat
1:36 drum set, tambourine, synth rise
1:48 cowbell, spoons, shaker, electric guitar, bass
1:55 bass, cowbell, spoons or chimes
2:10 drum set, tambourine, bass, electric guitar, lap steel
2:26 synth strings, drum set, tambourine
2:56 electric guitar, synth string, synth down, snare rim
3:01 snare rim, electric guitar

The instruments like the shaker, spoons, cowbell, Jew’s harp, lap steel put this song into bluegrass territory, but the snares and the electric guitar set it into more in blues/ jazz.

The synth strings are definitely 2017, as are all these layers that can be digitally mashed together to form a tapestry of sound.

#197 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “one where Van meets a girl and at first they’re just friends and she always goes away when he smokes because she hates it and then Van finds out she has asthma and sees how she struggles breathing and quits smoking because of her?” and “i had a dream last month where a young van who was just starting catfish and was around 18 stayed at a student hotel i worked at, and i thought it would maybe make a good fic prompt?”

People always said you should find a job where your skills and traits were a benefit. Your innate self needed to be useful, rather than something to be hidden. They also cited the cliché of finding something that makes you want to get out of bed. You’d just invested in a thick, fluffy mattress topper though. There was not a lot that would make you want to get out of bed, but you knew what they meant. Surprisingly, you found the perfect job early on in life. You did work experience at sixteen at a hostel in town. You spent the two weeks washing clothes and wiping down tables, but you loved it. When you turned eighteen, you went back and asked for a job. A year later, you were still in love with it.

The hostel’s proximity to a bunch of music venues meant that a lot of the people that came through were young musicians. Messy by nature, but amazingly cool and kind, you liked making them tea and listening to their stories. You were organised enough to be able to run the front desk, but you liked having a few minutes to yourself too, so you never caused a fuss when asked to go do the washing. Some of your best friends were made there, and it would also provide the setting for meeting the absolute love of your life.

Catfish and the Bottlemen were playing across the road on a Friday and Saturday night. They’d open for Friday’s band, and had enough faith in themselves that people would come see them headline if they booked the next night too. Taylor, your manager, said it was a cocky move, but as you both sat at the desk reading about them, you came to the conclusion that they probably weren’t wrong.

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Strawberry Moon - (Trixya/Vatya) - spacespice

Just another Hollywood lesbian AU. Trixie is a struggling music artist finally discovered by a sleazy Hollywood manager; however, his Russian trophy bride (along with her small-waisted young lover) complicate and confuse Trixie’s rise to the top as a legend, icon, and star. 

A/N: This is the brain-vomit first outing in an AU that will be two or three parts long? Fair warning, this is heavier on Trixya than Vatya. (But I’m a slut for Vatya, so there will never be enough.) Also, I’m not a Russian fish; so, if any of these phrases are totally and completely wrong…I apologize. 

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for @suitsofarmor

      Katherine watched from the vantage point of her bedroom Professor Mikaelson’s approach to the Physical Cottage. She finished dabbing the excess lipstick from her lips for a rouge stain that wouldn’t smudge, sprayed on her favorite orchid perfume, and checked her curls for any gone astray before heading downstairs. She had left a note on the door— EM, Let yourself in. xoxo KP — as a bit of a challenge for him. All new Physical students had to figure out a way into the house without internal assistance; she figured it would be a piece of cake for the Professor. Hopefully they wouldn’t need to replace the door (again) but if so they could repair it. 

      She brought down a small wine glass from her room and set it in the sink, wondering if perhaps she should mix them something. It was a warm afternoon, so Katherine got out ice and a shaker and set to work, all while mindful of any commotion at the door or the smell of smoke.
Mosaic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, Red and Blue Glass Shakers, Kitchen Decor, Tumbled Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, Table Decor, Set
One of a Kind Tumbled Glass Mosaic Shakers. These will add beauty to any table. I used red and blue tumbled glass to make these. They are grouted in blue and sealed very well. Would be a wonderful hostess gift, housewarming gift, wedding gift or keep them for yourself! They are 3 1/2 high and 1 1/2 wide. These shakers have a silver tone metal screw on top.
If Walls Could Talk

Part 2: Don’t Kill Anyone Today.

Summary: Ashley and Jensen’s date doesn’t go exactly as Nicole had hoped.

Word Count: 2315

Pairing: Jensen x Nicole

Warnings: None.

A/N: This is my entry for my own YouAU Challenge! It will be five parts total, and I’m having way too much fun writing this. Yet, here we are. Enjoy!

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Wcif the kitchen counters from ur most recent post?? And the fridge and the stove? ((Btw love ur fixer upper)) (-:

Most of what you see in this house is actually content I have made. The fridge (1.) is actually EA’s and comes from the Cook Kitchen Stuff Pack, while the counters/rangehood/islands/cabinets (2.) and Stove (3.) are all from my Shaker Kitchen set which you can find here (including a lot of other clutter and objects you see in various pictures too). 

And thanks, I am enjoying playing for a change ;)

i present to u the signs… things in my place
aries: felix the cat clock with eyes and tail that rock back and forth. an hour forward
libra: a loch ness monster wall sticker above closet door that is slowly peeling itself off but is up too high to fix
taurus: two sets of dangly hello kitty wall frames that still have no actual photos in them. the illustration of kitty features a bushel of raspberries just kinda plopped on her head
leo: a gnome holding a leaf that says WELCOME on an oddly specific little shelf next to the door
gemini: tiny gnome salt shaker set where the salt is the gnome and the pepper is a tinier mushroom he is gently holding
cancer: a nesting doll sitting completely alone on an empty shelf
virgo: floating multicolour orbs on the ceiling
scorpio: an ice cream wall sticker on the front door which sometimes looks like a person standing there at night in the corner of ones eye
sagittarius: two comically gigantic leaves above bed to give off the appearance of one being royaly fanned while eating grapes from a basket, and/or a gigantic bug
capricorn: shelf containing army of naked pantless hatted kewpies, adorned in various fashions
aquarius: anthropomorphic soda, popcorn, and hot dog men with rubberhose arms circling a bottle cap clock. they look pleased with themselves
pisces: a bouquet of halloween roses with eyes in the center of them that is still on the table despite being january

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I have a reques for a blurb It's Dean, smut, and the prompt is that your cooking something(something that's liquidy but not too hot so you can touch it), you get sauce on your finger and Dean comes behind you and licks it off? Then stuff happens? Love your blog btw, ad the new name!

You were humming a tune, while stirring your pasta sauce. It had been simmering all day and you were adding things as it went. Upon lots of thought, you had decided to make a nice home cooked meal for Dean. Sam was gone so it was just the two of you and you really wanted to have sort of a stay in date night.

“That smells amazing,” Dean said.

You turned and saw him standing in the door frame. You grinned at his sudden appearance and continued on stirring. You dabbed a finger into the pot and stuck it in your mouth.

“Salt,” you said to yourself. The sauce was amazing it just needed a little bit more salt.
“Whats cooking good looking?” He asks from behind you.
“Pasta sauce,” you reply grabbing the salt shaker.

You begin to grind the salt into the sauce when Dean bumps you from behind causing your to drop the salt shaker into the sauce.

“Fuck Dean,” you shouted, fishing the shaker out. You set the sauce covered shaker on the counter and turn to face Dean angrily.

A blush forms on his cheeks and you expect an apology, but Dean stays silent. Your fingertips are covered in sauce and you’re tempted to wipe it all over his nice flannel. He grabs your wrist before you can reach his shirt and holds it.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers and sucks a finger in his mouth, licking the sauce from it.

You blush and look to the floor, smiling nervously. He removes that finger and proceeds to suck on the next one until all of your fingers are clean. You look up to meet his eyes and heat pools between your thighs.

“That was hot,” you say.

He winks and kisses you passionately, tongue invading your mouth and hands finding your waist. A moan escapes your lips and the two of you pull away for air.

“The pasta can wait thirty minutes longer,” you say breathlessly, moving the knob to a lower temperature and covering the lid again.

“Good, I could always use an appetizer,” he growls and sets you on the island opposite of the stove.

“A cook needs to be rewarded for all there hard work in the kitchen,” he says, tugging off your shirt and removing your bra. You lift your hips up and allow him to pull down your jeans. In a matter of seconds the two of you are naked and kissing roughly on the the counter, Dean between your thighs. You can feel his hard member pressing against you thigh and you rub against it, creating sweet friction.

Your legs are slick with need and he positions his cock at your opening. You moan as he presses into, filling you to the hilt. His motions are rough and hard, causing your thighs to slap against the cool counter. Your hands twist in his hair as he fucks you and you whimper in delight. The both of you come hard and he sets you down from the table, trying to regain air.
“How’s that for kissing the cook?”

You laugh and reply, “I think I should cook more often.”

thank you so much!! I’m happy you like my blog!! :DD

Strangers on a Bus Ch. 4/4

This was originally just supposed to be three chapters but I didn’t want to let the universe go just yet so this happened.  It’s basically just 3,300 (good God) words of domestic fluff.
Chapters I, II, and III

Clarke was pretty sure that she had never been this nervous in her life.  Not when she took the SAT, not when she gave her valedictorian speech at her high school graduation, not when she opened her first acceptance letter from med school.

She was standing in the arrivals area of Boston Logan Airport’s Terminal A waiting for the arrival of JetBlue flight 118 from New York’s JFK.  Bellamy’s flight.

It was the first time she’d seen him since he, Octavia, and Lincoln dropped her off at the bus terminal the day after Octavia’s wedding four months ago so Clarke could go back to school.  She’d missed him violently ever since and had been counting down the days to this moment ever since he’d booked his flight (at an extremely low price thanks to his flight attendant cousin).

She anxiously checked the flight arrival board for what had to be the hundredth time.  There was a slow but steady trickle of people coming out out the sliding doors but apparently his flight hadn’t landed yet.  It was late, which she had known already of course because she’d been religiously checking her flight tracker app all day (sue her, she’d missed him).

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Hello, Mr. Badge! Just wondering if you happened to notice the owl salt & pepper shakers in the Avengers' kitchen in Civil War — I saw them and thought of you. Hope you're well, take care :)

Another Anon also shared this, Anon! Another Anon says 

Psst, Sam. Civil War spoiler. This just in from Screencaps You Need. What looks like matching owl salt and pepper shakers in the Avengers kitchen.


Here’s what I want to know, did you guys actually see a screencap or did both of you notice this in the cinema and happen to think of me? :D

Those are some cool shakers. I mean I own as many salt and pepper shaker sets as I need (IE: one) but they’re cool lookin’ shakers all the same. 

"Body shot" Short random .....Harry styles imagine

Your sitting in the kitchen with Harry when he randomly walks over and grabs a bottle out of the cabinet.

Opening the tequila, and taking a sip straight from the bottle before walking over to the fridge.

“Damn well aren’t you a champ!”
Smiling over at him while he grabs a lime out and sets it on the counter.

He dosent say a word as he turns to you. He just points at you then makes the come hither motion with his index finger and you look back at him wide eyed. Looking around the kitchen acting as if you aren’t sure he’s referring to you.

“Don’t make me have to walk over there and throw you over my shoulder…” He smirked back at you and you roll your eyes in return as you slowly strut over to him.

“Yes bc that would a terrible idea-Ahhh!” Your sentence turned into a squeal which lead into a surprise laughter as he randomly picks you up and lays your body flat on the island in the center of the kitchen.

“You could have warned me.,.” Looking over at him as he backs away walking over to grab the lime and tequila from off the counter.

“ yeah….and Where’s the fun in that?” When he walks back over to you he has the bottle in one hand and the lime and salt shaker in the other.

Setting everything down in front of you he positions himself at the end of the island. Gripping the sides of your hips he slides your body down to him so he’s positioned In-between your legs. So you can wrap your legs around his waist.

You squeal and giggle again at the sudden movement. He still dosent say a word…just keeping his eyes locked you you as he pulls your shirt over your head.
Leaving you in your bra and underwear as he lightly pours a line of salt down your stomach. and lacing it around your navel.

Then pouring the tequila over the salt trail and in your navel. You feel your stomach muscle contract in anticipation as he leans over and teases your lips with his tongue before he places and lime In your mouth.

Rubbing up your thigh he spreads your legs to him. Gripping your inner thigh as he leans his head down to your stomach.

Licking the salt around your navel first before he follows the line he made leaning up your stomach. He keeps his eyes trained on you as he makes his way back down to your navel.

Closing his lips around the area and his hands massages up your leg squeezing down on your ass, as he pulls back.

You let out a faint moan and arched your body up as he made his way up to you.

Bringing his lips up to yours before he could even do anything else you grip the back of his hair tight! Capturing his lips with yours as his hands roam up your body….

Like? Then like… I’m randomly doing these tonight….feel free to send in ideas