shakeitkid  asked:

#prep is life so like what's the #preppiest way to do homework? #desperateprep

Step one: Take your lilly pulitzer agenda out of your neon vineyard vines backpack. You need to see all of the assignments you wrote down using your Montblanc pen and Lilly highlighters!!

Step two: Pull out the monogrammed binders that you purchased from etsy! Obviously all of your Kate Spade notebooks need to come out too.

Step three: Attempt to study…but its’s so hard when you know that you need to go to Mike’s lax game later to cheer him on and he’s so cute! Ugh, what should I wear? Will he think I’m trying too hard if I show up in a Lilly shift? Maybe I should pull out the J. Crew critter shorts. Or I could go totally hipster for a day and wear my high waisted shorts. I bet mike would love that. Guys love those! And ooh, I got the pockets of those monogrammed!!

Step Four: Do exactly one math problem and give up. Whatever, daddy can probably donate a hospital wing and get you into college. you don’t need “good grades.” nbd. Let’s go to Mike’s lax game!!! 

(this is obviously a joke and all of you kiddos should do all of your math problems and write all of your assignments down and do them because college is hella important and Mike’s lacrosse game is not okay okay)

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what setting on your camera do you adjust so that the only thing in focus is you and everything else is blurry? I can't figure how to do that!

You have to adjust the aperture! The smaller the aperture number, the more background blur you’ll get! For example, f/1.8 will produce a ton of background blur, but something like f/22 will pull everything into focus… I usually shoot outfit photos with an aperture anywhere from f/1.8 to f/3. I took photography classes in high school and that’s how I know this stuff, but I suggest you read this and this (Grace’s blog has the best photo tips, and her boyfriend is a photographer who knows his stuff) to help you understand it more! 

Also, you can’t get a low aperture like f/1.8 on the lens that comes with your camera. You have to purchase a lens, such as a 50mm 1.8 or a 50mm 1.4. :) shakeitkid