BTS reaction: You dancing sexily with another man

Anon requested:  Can you pls do reaction to their gf being a backup dancer and she’s performing a sexy dance with another man? Hope this isn’t confusing and make it as nsfw as you possibly can 😂


“I love to see enjoying yourself, but wiggling your bum infront of him is going to get you fucked.”

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“You like to tease me, don’t you ? Continue and you’ll see where your teasing got you.”

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“Baby, I love watching you dancing,  but do you know what I love even more ? You, being a shaking, moaning mess beneath me.”

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“Continue to dance that sexily and I’ll make sure you won’t be able to dance, nor walk or talk the next few days.”

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“Kitten, don’t test my patience. On my lap. Now.”

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“You’d look even sexier, if you were dancing infront of me. Naked.”

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“You like playing with that man ? How about we invite him to our playtime next time ? I bet he’d love to see what else you’re good at besides dancing sexily.”

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Being openly gay in asia.

Everytime I hold my girlfriend’s hand, somebody stares. Everytime I look into her eyes, deeply in love, someone feel annoyed. Everytime I post something on social media, people talk.
I love her, with all my heart, I can feel every inch of my body shaking everytime she touches me, goosebumps all over my arms, my neck and my face. Still, no one understands. Our love as big as your love, full with happiness, passion and compassion. But no one cares, they are blinded by hatred.

“You know how you told me magic was fun?” You shout at Jason as the two of you jump over a few obstacles, trying your hardest to get away from the source of the problem.

Jason glances at you before looking behind him. “This is not the time, Y/N.” He shouts back before speeding up. “Come on!”

“Well I learned two things!” You ignore him and continue to run. “one; you are an asshole!” Jason guffaws before shaking his head.

“Tell me something I don’t know, babe!” He shouts before tackling you to the side just in time to avoid a fireball the side of a globe hitting the place where you had been running in. You groan when Jason’s body drops on to you. “Sorry, babe.” Jason quickly jumps back and helps you up.

“Two; the devil is real.” You wipe the blood away from your lips. 

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sleep deprived - part 1

Pairing: lee jihoon x reader

Summary: “Sleeping is a waste of time when I can be falling in love with you instead.”

Part: 1/?

“Have you finished your adventure for today?” Jihoon asks, turning around in his chair when he hears me come into his studio. I smile and hold up my ice cream cone. He shakes his head and waves me over. I giggle and sit myself on his lap. “Ice cream this late?”

“Don’t worry, I brought you some ramen and other food too.”

“I told you not to eat late at night. It’s not healthy for you and getting me ramen doesn’t make up for getting ice cream,” He nags and flicks my forehead. I whine, burying my face into the crook of his neck. Jihoon sighs before glancing down at my sleeves. He grabs hold of my wrists and folds up my sleeves. “If you’re going to eat ice cream messily, don’t have your sleeves so far up your hands.”

“Why am I being lectured again? You already lectured me over text earlier.”

“That’s because you didn’t text me like I told you to. I want to make sure you’re alive and not dying on your little adventures.”

“But I was trying to order food for you and I couldn’t because you kept texting me,” I pout and pull away from his neck to look at him. He sighs and places his arm on the armrest I was leaning against.

“Just finish the ice cream and go clean up,” He says and turns us towards his computer. I smile and nod.

“Did you get the inspiration you needed to make those new songs?” I ask and Jihoon nods, faintly blushing.

“You could say that.”

“I bet the songs are amazing, huh?” I wink and nudge him.

“Just eat your ice cream,” He mumbles. I laugh before finishing up my cone and washing up. I walk back and sit down on his lap, encircling my arms around his shoulders. “What’d you do on your adventure today?”

“I went to the park all day. I fed the ducks, took a walk for miles and miles-”

“Don’t you think you’re exaggerating the miles and miles for your walk? You hate walking for a long period of time.”

“I was lazy, so I walked a lot more today,” I say and Jihoon stares at me before raising his hand to my forehead.

“Just as I thought, you’re sick.”

“Am not,” I pout and push away his hand. He chuckles and nods for me to continue. “I pet some dogs during my walk.”

“Oh, yeah? How many?”

“A total of 15, which I have to say makes a good day. Then I got hungry, so I went to go eat some ramen.”

“Eat real food, don’t be like me.”

“I know, but I didn’t want to waste any time! Then I went back to the park to lay down in the grass and admire the scenery. That was until I fell asleep for a few hours, but it was fine because it was so peaceful. You should do it with me sometime.”


“Fooled around for a few hours before going to order you food and ice cream for me, then I came here.”

“Wow, it really was a lazy day for you.”

“It’s probably because I was craving you more than usual today.”

“Shut up,” Jihoon mumbles and I giggle from the blush on his cheeks.

I pinch his cheeks and he groans, pushing my hands away. “Cute.”

“Stop, I’m not cute.”

“Whatever you say, cutie pie.”

Jihoon looks away from me to his computer, wanting to get back to working on the songs. I move myself, so that I could lean my head against his chest. I smile, gripping a little of his sweater in my hands. I glance at his hands and giggle at the cute sweater paws.


“What’d you say?”

“Nothing,” I say and poke him in the stomach. He lets out a small whine, not wanting to be tickled. I laugh, leaving him alone.

“Now sleep.”

“I don’t want to, I’m not tired.”

“You stayed up really late yesterday-”

“But I caught on my sleep today when I slept at the park.” I pout and he sighs. Jihoon wraps his arms around my head, making me burst into laughter. I pull his arm down and look at him, finding a small grin on his lips. “Who knows what the boys would say if they saw this side of Jihoon that only I see.”

His smile drops and he covers my face again. I groan, pulling and pushing his arm. He chuckles and drops his arms to around my waist.

“I’ll sing you a song if you go to sleep, deal?”

“Nope, I’m not going to sleep.” I shake my head back and forth and Jihoon sighs. He goes back to writing his songs and I smile, hearing them come together in perfect harmony. He starts humming a melody, making me drowsy. I whine, tugging on his shirt.

“Go to sleep.”

“Ji,” I whine softly and he continues humming despite my protest. His voice sends me closer and closer to dreamland. My, his voice was soothing.

“Not going to sleep my butt.” Jihoon scoffs before chuckling and kissing the top of my head. “Goodnight, baby.”

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I think you will love that fic! Some D/S undertones, and it just captures the sheer desperation and intensity of pining and lust and first love SO WELL.


Ok but the real question is should I start Like An Endless Summer, This Wicked Game, or Hush. ??? I finished up Shake Me Down and need to start another one. 

I’ve been playing the piano for 7 years and then left it for a year and now I’m trying to get back into it but all my hands do is shake please help me I feel like I wasted the one thing I like

【TRANS】 EXO - Touch It (Lyrics by CHEN)

No words can replace you
They are unnecessary
It cannot be expressed
I don’t need anything else if I just have you
Yes if I only have you
Your dizzying silhouette
Even your shadow is beautiful
All of your small actions that
Make me go crazy
When you slightly sweep your hair up
That sexy gesture gesture baby
Your gesture gesture
I lost my way when I was caught
By my attraction to you gesture gesture baby
My gesture gesture
Ay and she goes like nanana
Ay all the girls go nanana
Oh yeah
You in front of me now is absolutely
Feeling good now
Feeling good now
Yeah I’m feeling good now
But in my mind boom how should I say it
What what in my head black out uh
My imagination is awakened
I draw hundreds of figures of you
Your small motions all seem like your voice
When you slightly sweep your hair up
That sexy gesture gesture baby
Your gesture gesture
I lost my way when I was caught
By my attraction to you gesture gesture baby
My gesture gesture
All my ladies say yeah nanana
Ay with one voice feel me nanana
All my ladies say yeah nanana
Yo yo sing it again nanana
Why do we need a reason
It doesn’t need to be great
Just one of your trivial gestures
Torments me
You shake me babe
Oh you got what I want
Ay ay I only need you
That’s all babe
Oh you got what I want
Ay Ay just stay by my side
We don’t want to regret
I can’t help myself
Even if I don’t pretend to stay calm and let it show
I keep falling for you without knowing it
Gradually without you knowing
Your eyes are facing me
Did you think I didn’t know yeah
Tell me if you want me
When you slightly sweep your hair up
That sexy gesture gesture baby
Your gesture gesture
I lost my way when I was caught
By my attraction to you gesture gesture baby
My gesture gesture
Sing it sing it baby nanana
Ay c'mon c'mon do it again nanana
Do it together with me
Your white fingertips
Oh as if you’re teasing me
And sometimes as if you’re indifferent
Your gesture gesture to me
Make me dizzy
Show me a little more
Oh as if I pass by you
Watch it baby
Maybe I’ll get closer to you
Watch it baby
My gesture gesture
Will stop you stop you
trans: andie @ fychen ϟ please take out with full credit!

Actual quotes from “The War”, EXO's album:

“Yeah, I want it, yeah, I need it.”
“You can tease me however you want.”
“Baby, a time just for us. What you do? Like this, ooh, I love you, ooh.”
“Baby we can go higher.”
“I want to lean into this night and wrap myself around you.”
“Come closer so I can feel more, I want to go even farther.”
“Let’s stay up all night.”
“I’ll cover you warmly with my whole body.”
“I’m thirsty, thirsty.”
“Yo, nice skirt, you push me up to the mound pitcher.”
“Put it to work.”
“Hit me and we’re going hard.”
“Something completely raw.”
“Let’s take this to the end, rock and roller.”
“A fire burning even deeper, not knowing how to stop, a burning heat all over my body, enduring through time.”
“I’m already back to you tied up.”
“I keep going deeper, like I’m addicted to you.”
“An adrenaline rush, pumping through my whole body. I don’t know what you do to me.”
“Up and down like a roller coaster.”
“I spread through you softly, like something familiar.”
“It goes down, down baby, leave your body to the rhythm. It goes down, down baby, let it go and scream.”
“Baby, are you down?”
“It’s our last night, a night just for us. Don’t be nervous and come to me, leave it all to me.”
“And my hands lose their way, baby, my hands, my hands.”
“In front of me now you’re feeling good now. Yeah, I’m feeling good now. (…) My mind blacks out.”
“I wake up my imagination and come up with hundreds of ideas of you.”
“With just one small move of your hands you can completely shake me up. Shake it, babe.”
“Your pale fingertips… Oh, like they’re trying to tempt me. Sometimes like they don’t care. Your gestures make me dizzy, show me more of you.”

  • Me: watches infinity war trailer
  • Me: is shaking
  • Me: is hyperventilating
  • Me: literally cannot breathe
  • Me: sees peter hurt on the ground saying sorry to tony
  • Me: crying on the ground in fetal position dying a little on the inside trying to control breathing but can't wants to cry and can't wait another year for this shit to come out
  • Captain America: PATIENCE
for the love of god can somebody please photoshop tattoos onto nct ???

I mean c’cmon-

Johnny and Taeil with neck tats?

Taeyong and Jaehyun with sleeves?

Yuta and Ten with hand tattoos?


reblog the shit out of this and spread the word cause ya girl is desperate


Part of your health and fitness journey should include becoming an informed consumer!

I recently received a message from an MLM seller pushing their wraps, teas, shakes, and pills to “help me lose weight” (as if I haven’t already figured this out at -170 lbs). I thought this was a great opportunity to remind everyone that there are very few instances where one needs to spend any money to achieve their health goals. The only “additive” I’ve purchased is my gym membership and that’s not even a requirement! It’s only helpful because of how I enjoy working out.

  • Superfood is a completely meaningless and made up marketing word. Common greens, fruits, nuts, seeds, oils, etc are as nutritious and often more nutritious than the hip, trendy foods grown in the loamy soils of Demeter’s mythical garden. If you can’t afford it, you don’t need to! The ingredients we’re already familiar with will provide you a balanced and healthful diet. 
  • As a horticulturist, I’ll be first to say that plants are beyond cool and can be beneficial medicines. BUT–be careful. Some plants do have promising health benefits (and many need more research), but there are outrageous claims out there; especially by predatory lifestyle brands in a notoriously unregulated supplement industry. Any herbal supplement should be discussed with your doctor and cannot replace your doctor’s expertise. No matter the effect they actually have on your body they are still compounds. Natural is not a synonym for inert.
  • Natural and its variants is also a meaningless marketing word. Natural is also not a synonym for healthy, just as is not a synonym for inert. 
  • Anyone selling you a wrap, a “fat blocker,” a “carb inhibitor,” a detox tea, an herbal tonic, or whatever is selling you snake oil. No one needs to buy a “product” to get healthy and fit.
  • Shots of apple cider vinegar is a really easy way to screw up your teeth and esophagus, and it won’t help you burn fat. 
  • Anything that promises to boost your metabolism is too minuscule to matter at best and completely made up at worst.
  • Your body already knows how to detox. It’s not dumb. Drink a glass of water and eat foods that keep you regular. Go for a walk and take a shit. Any detox product is just an expensive way to starve or induce a bout of diarrhea. 
  • A food manufacturer can claim there is “0g Trans Fat” as long as there is less than .5g. Turn the label to the ingredients. If there is “partially hydrogenated oil,” there is trans fat. 
  • A food manufacturer can slap “whole grain” on the label even if the first ingredient is “enriched bleached flour.” Read the ingredients on the loaves of bread and boxes of pasta you pick up. 
  • Read the label in general! Sugar and salt make appearances in strange places. Keep an eye out for added salt and sugar! Keep an eye out for bleached grains! Keep an eye out for trans fats!

Do your homework. Much of what entails food, health, fitness, and supplements are wildly unregulated. They can print whatever they want and there is little to stipulate what they can and cannot print. Be skeptical and examine if it’s really effective, safe, and beneficial to put a substance into your body.

A lot of headaches can be avoided if you do most of your shopping on the outside aisles and buy ingredients, but that doesn’t mean everything on the inside is crap! We all enjoy a branded product or two. There’s nothing wrong with that! There’s also nothing wrong with enjoying a bit of junk food every now and again, but it never hurts to be an informed consumer. There are good and honest products out there but there is certainly no shortage of companies trying to skim a dollar off people making an effort to do things a little bit better.

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“the fuck? who are you?” Sterek plis ❤️ maybe drunk stiles and deputy Derek?


He remembers.

His name is Stiles.

“My name is Sh-tiles. He tests it out. No, not right. “Sh-ties? Sh-ti? Stiles!He yells and then promptly begins laughing. It’s a funny word. “My name is funny.” He laughs again and looks around, he’s outside, yeah, he can see the street. And he’s – sitting down? On the ground? Why? He tries to stand up, fails.

Nope. He giggles. Maybe he should stay here and take a nap, he’s kind of tired. And hungry. Hmmn, pizza. “I want pizza.” He says. Where can he get pizza?

“Stiles!” Someone screams.

Hey, it’s his name! “I’m Stiles!” He yells. “I know that!” He laughs again when someone kneels in front of him. “I’m Stiles!”

“Yes, you are.” The guy says, mutters thank God and I told you to stay inside. He has green eyes, Stiles likes green eyes.

“Your eyes are pretty.” He has pretty lips too, Stiles kind of wants to kiss them. “Can I kiss you?”

The guy closes his eyes, shakes his head. “Not now. Let me take you home first.”

“Why?” Stiles whines as the guy helps him stand up. Hmmnn, Stiles leans his head against the guy’s shoulder, it’s warm. It’s definitely nicer than the ground, maybe he should take a nap. “Hmmmnn.” He sighs. “I like you.” He slurs, closing his eyes happily.

He startles awake when he feels someone messing with his shoes. “Gah!” He screams, jumping back and nearly falling off a bed. “The fuck? Who are you?” He keeps screaming, reaches for a pillow and throws it at the guy’s head.

“Stiles –” The guy starts, raising his hands, “calm down.”

“I’m calm!” He answers. Wasn’t he calm? He’s calm! The calmest! The most calm! The guy keeps staring at him. His eyes are green. “Green eyes.” He says, laughs when the guy raises an eyebrow. “Your eyes are pretty.” He reaches for the guy’s face, but it’s too far. He whines. Why is it that far? “Eyebrows.” He slurs and laughs.

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I’m a Method Actor Love (Tom Holland X Actress!Reader) SMUT

Pairing: Tom Holland x Actress!Reader

Summary: Tom and you get a sex scene in your next movie. You’re a virgin and Tom is your boyfriend who is very much in love with you

Requested: sorta by @parkersenses

Warnings: language, SMUT

Word Count: 1378

Tagged List: @parkersenses  @underoosie @tom-cinnamonroll-holland @thelifeofanengineeringstudent



I was sitting at the table read staring at the script in front of me,with my eyes wide and my mouth open. “Tom and I have a shower sex scene?” I try to ask calmly. Tom and I have been dating for 2 years. We met on the set of Civil war and immediately hit it off. We are each others dates to every single event. But Tom and I have never…. Done anything more than make out with some dry humping. When I found out that we were going to be love interests in the next movie I was ecstatic. “Isn’t it great? I asked them to add it. I think it adds more weight to the scenes after it.” Tom says with a huge grin on his face. Maybe he was ready for it…. I most certainly am. I was a virgin, completely. No masturbation, nothing. “Tommy can we meet at my apartment tonight to… discuss the script?” I whisper in his ear. “Sure sweetheart.” He responds, but I noticed he was staring at my lips. I just smile and start to formulate a plan.

Six pm rolls around and I hear a knock on my apartment door. Tom is standing there with a bouquet of peonies and a big goofy grin on his face. I plant a sweet kiss on his lips and pull him by the hand inside. He sets the flowers on the kitchen table and turns and looks at me. “So what part of the script did you want to talk about, love?” He asks quizzically. “The shower scene.” I mumble looking at the floor. “What about it sweets?” he grabs my chin and raises my head so he can look into my eyes. “Don’t you think we should practice it?” I say, my cheeks turning pink. “I do love. Fully nude - I am method, you know. It’s the only way.” He says with a cheeky grin. “Are you sure sweetheart? I don’t want you to feel forced into it. I know you’re still a virgin.” Tom says very seriously, completely dropping the grin. “I want to Tom.” I said grabbing his hand and leading him to my room. He grabs my face with both hands and pulls me into a long, deep, and passionate kiss. He stops and thinks for a second “Do you have protection? I wasn’t thinking about it.” He asks. I smile and respond “I’m on the pill sweetie.” He nods and goes back to kissing me His left hand slides from my face to my neck, pulling my hair to the side. He kisses his way from my mouth to my neck and he gently sucks and nibbles on it, making me moan and making my nether regions slightly damp. He sheds his jacket and shoes. I grabbed his hips and ground my clothed entrance against his growing erection, making his groan and bite his lip. Tom slides his hands to the bottom hem of my shirt and then looks to me for approval. I nod quickly and he removes it. I move to cover myself because since I was home I wasn’t wearing a bra. He grabs my wrists and pins them above my head against the wall. “You’re so fucking gorgeous. Don’t hide yourself from me. I want to admire the art love.” He says looking into my eyes. I fucking love this man. He lowers his hands and takes both of my breasts in his hands, massaging them. He takes one nipple into his mouth, sucking on it and swirling his tongue around the small bud.  He swaps the the other and gives it the same treatment, looking up at me with those beautiful brown eyes as he does. “Mmmmmm Tommy please.” I moan out letting my head roll back and lean against the wall. I grab his hands, stopping him from continuing his ministrations. He looks up at me confused, probably wondering if he did something wrong. “It’s a shower scene, remember baby?” I say, pulling him behind me into my bathroom. I unbutton m jeans and bend over to slide them down, giving him a full show of my ass and my pretty red thong. I was expecting him to groan a little bit. What i was not expecting ,however, was Tom grabbing my hips, smacking my ass, and pretending to thrust against me. The sensation made me crazy and I wanted more. I stepped out of my jeans and turned around to see Tom undoing his. “Let me do that, darlin” You said, pulling him into the walk in shower, kneeling, undoing them, and pulling his jeans and the boxers underneath all the way off. I toss them over the shower divider and turn on the hot water His length springs up and I take it in my hand admiring the veins decorating it. I experimentally lick his tip and his hips involuntarily jerk forward. I take his tip in my mouth and suck on it. The warmth and the flavor of him made your lower stomach buzz in an unfamiliar sensation. I take more of his length into my mouth, going until I take him fully. “Holy shit…. Do you not have a gag reflex darling?’ He gasps. I hum a no around him and shake my head. “Fuck love don’t do that. I wanna cum inside you. But if you do that again I’m gonna bust in that pretty mouth of yours.” He says, grabbing me by my hair and pulling my head back off of him. “Stand up love.” He says offering me his hand. I take it and pull myself off of my knees, standing up and feeling the hot water cascading down my back. Tom turned me around and used one hand to bend me over so that he has access to my pussy. He kneeled behind me and licked at my entrance making me gasp. He gently inserted on long finger into me, thrusting it in and out as he ate me out. He added another and thrusted faster making me moan. “Tom please. Just fuck me already!” I beg with need and lust evident in my voice. “If you insist angel.” He says, rising to his feet and lining himself. “This shouldn’t hurt because you’re soaked already but i’ll be gentle because the stretch might be uncomfortable okay?” He says, his tone low and filled with lust and love. I nod and he pushes in all the way to the hilt. He was right. It didn’t hurt but the stretch was a tad uncomfortable. I quickly got used to his size and he started moving. “Ohhhhh my god. Tom.” I moan as he fucks me. He picks up the pace a bit and moves one of his hands from my hips around to rub on my clit. “Fuck angel I’m so close.” he groans “Are you gonna come with me pretty girl? Are you gonna have your first orgasm on my cock?” He asks, fucking me harder and rubbing faster. “Ohhhhhhh gooooodddddddddd…. Fuck Tom I’m coming!” I scream, legs shaking as I come around him. He comes at the same time as me, groaning my name and shooting his cum deep inside of me. He continues rubbing my clit, working me through my orgasm. After i’ve finally stopped shaking, he pulls out of me and steps out of the shower. A moment later he appears with a towel wrapped around his waist and another towel in his arms. He wraps me up in it and bridal carries me back into my bedroom and carefully sets me on the bed. He runs back into the bathroom and grabs his jeans. He pulls something out of the pocket and climbs in bed, spooning you. “Well I think we’re all set for the scene.” I chuckle. “I think so too love.” he laughs. “Tom?” “Yeah?” “Don’t ever leave me. I’m too in love with you.” “I promise I won’t ever leave you darling. In fact, roll over.” I do as he says and there he is laying on his side in my bed, with his beautifully messed up sex hair his eyes glowing with the warmth of happiness, and a open ring box in his hand.