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I went into sleep paralysis and saw Fucky at the foot of my bed and he had no fucking eyes, he came closer and he smile got larger and his teeth were all bloody. His knife was rusty (or it could have been blood could have been both). I guess my mom got out of it cuz she was shaking me so that's my story on how fucky like to torment people

//i would fucking close my eyes

holy father, goddess supreme, this woman I love
let me hold onto her for a little bit longer.
just a little bit longer.

There is madness within me:
my ma calls it the devil.
Child, the devil resides in your bones, she says as she drags me to the sheikh;

she tastes like blood in my mouth.
I’ve touched all of her,
she holds onto my neck while she mouths things I am not meant to know against my cunt;
they always seem like prayers to me.
and as her eyes meet mine, I think,
I’ve found heaven in the midst of hell.

The sheikh looks like Jesus Christ:

forgive me, father, for I have sinned,

He shakes the devil out of me and he asks me to swear on the Holy Quran to never give into the hunger again.
I place my hands on the holy book and I swear-

why is it that the world is full of sinners,
but religion demands nothing short of excellence from us

worship me, she says, I’ll take you and all your ugliness and I’ll devour you whole.
I scream.
later, she will tell me that all of the heavens shook with the force of my rejection
and she will laugh and laugh.

I could not do it.
My ma is ashen behind me and the sheikh is shaking his head.
I could not do it.

born of dust and water,
filthy mud I have become.

My mother is a weeping mess at home.
She rages against my chest and I know she is crying for me.
Oh, child, what have you done? What have you done?
She says over and over again.

She does not pray for me ever again.
No amount of praying will save a soul that does not want to be saved, she knows that better than anyone else.
I just wish, I never needed saving from this.

she is half moons when she wakes,
full moons when she stares at me,
and darkness when she is in bed.

I think the worst thing god has done to me
is create her a separate entity from me.
when she hovers over me, pale as the moon, I want to lay claim to her, own her the way humans were never meant to own other humans.
when I tell her this, she laughs and says that it’s a good thing we are not humans then.

The sheikh tells me that I will never walk through the gates of heaven.
I am not surprised, of course I am not, I have always known that heaven had no place for someone like me;
the only difference now is that I have made my peace with it.

she offers me her body like sacrificial lambs, splays herself over me and I feast my eyes upon her.
she screams God’s name like an expletive when my fingers find their way into her body -
I have an urge to rip her apart that way.

the sheikh shook the devil out of me, but I still hungered for her

what does that make me

—  oscarsins
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Last movie I watched: Wonder Woman

Last song I listened to: Liability by Lorde (it’s such a parallel to my life right now it shakes me)

Last book I read: The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Last thing I ate: Hot Cheetoes Puffs

Where would I want to time travel: 2025 

Fictional character I would hang out with for a day: GLADIOLUS AMICITIA

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be: Los Angelos, Toronto, or Tokyo tbh

Current fandom obsession: Persona 5 mainly? I haven’t really been dedicated to fandoms recently

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Sand. It's sentient as hell.

god anon i hope you know you literally shake me to the core because iirc you’ve been sending this message to me every couple months or so for like over a year

Goalie Warm Up Mini Compilation

You had a rough day? No problem my dear fella I got a little compilation for you that might make you smile ;)

“Goalie Warm Up Mini Compilation”

Reto Berra going down in a, what it seems to be a blocking butterfly then ‘shaking’ (correct me if I’m wrong)..

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Alex Stalock also going down in butterfly and ‘shaking’  his pads..

“The Wild’s Darcy Kuemper taking a breather.

McDonald nugget (Fleury) spreading his chicken wings..

Gotta be flexible to make acrobatic saves..

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‘Shaving’ the ice.. Ice might be slick and you don’t wanna slide out of postion, good warm up for your legs and the puck slows down easier.

I don’t know what this fucker is doing.. (’Scuse my french)

Carey Price teaching the kids..

Jonathan Quick streching his legs..


My boss’s never going to believe me if I look like this. You look fine! You look great.

Vive el Momento (Smut)


Requested: No, but @illuminateshawn and I live for drunk, festival Mendes in that red shirt from Amsterdam.

Word count: 4,947

“Can I have three large beers, thanks” I smiled, handing the girl in front of me my money. The sun was burning into my back, heating up my entire body slowly.

“I just love this weather” my friend Julia said. She closed her eyes, tilting her head back to fully enjoy the warm rays of sun burning in her face.

“Me too” I agreed, looking around the festival filled with drunk people having fun everywhere.

To me, this was what summer was all about; heat, friends, music and beers. Actually, going to festivals was my happy place, I loved the whole idea of just letting go and enjoy yourself as much as possible; meeting new people and staying up until the early hours when the sun rose again.

“Girl, don’t look now but that guy… he’s looking again” Julia laughed, taking of her black sunglasses.

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  • Kaz: I would come for you. And if I couldn’t walk, I’d crawl to you, and no matter how broken we were, we’d fight our way out together — knives drawn, pistols blazing. Because that’s what we do. We never stop fighting.
  • Matthias: Meeting you was a disaster. But I am grateful for that disaster. I needed a catastrophe to shake me from the life I knew. You were an earthquake, a landslide.
  • ...
  • Jesper: I don’t know! Maybe I liked your stupid face.
The Signs as Cage the Elephant Songs
  • Aries: In One Ear
  • Taurus: Telescope
  • Gemini: Take It or Leave It
  • Cancer: Cigarette Daydreams
  • Leo: Mess Around
  • Virgo: Cold Cold Cold
  • Libra: Aberdeen
  • Scorpio: Punchin' Bag
  • Sagittarius: Shake Me Down
  • Capricorn: Ain't No Rest for the Wicked
  • Aquarius: Back Against the Wall
  • Pisces: Trouble

“I always thought I might be bad now I’m sure that it’s true ‘cause I think you’re so good and I’m nothing like you” is literally the one song lyric in all of song lyric history to be so excruciatingly relatable that it still manages to shake me to my very core every single time I hear it and like fuck, rebecca sugar, you did not need to do that to me

I Have This Kink

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 3806

Warnings: pure filth, oral (giving and receiving), spanking, kink, sexual intercourse (duh), unprotected sex.

Author’s Note: So, this took forever to write. Not proud of that but, I hope all of you enjoy this side of Stiles. I know I would, oml. I want to thank these lovely ladies for looking at what I wrote and some telling me that it was super good, @mf-despair-queen ​, @lovelydob ​, and @dumbass-stilinski ​! I love you guys!

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me: stills are not necessarily taken from actual scenes that are shot/scenes that will make it into the final cut they are simply there for promotional purposes and they in no way reflect the actual scenes from the episode


The Good Ol’ Baton: A Bellamy Blake & Bellarke Meta

It still depresses me that the baton is completely empty when Bellamy gets to space.

The baton is a symbol of power, a nod to the “youth inheriting the earth” and becoming leaders in their own rights as suggested by Kane in Echoes (4x01).

The last time we saw the baton was in late season one, when the Arkers have returned to earth and Jaha is left behind. He opens the bottle, forgoing the original wishes of “opening it on earth.” I suppose he thought that it was good enough. His people made it, they’re safe. So why not crack open the bottle to celebrate or cope with being all alone?

Cut to Praimfaya (4x13). The 97 year-old bottle of scotch is now empty. Bellamy Blake picks it up, looking at the burning earth from a window on the Ark’s last ring, deep in thought, reminiscing.

One thing that I want to make clear in all of this is that Bellamy’s always been a leader.

He’s fallen in line behind some of Skaikru’s elders over the seasons, namely Pike and Kane, but he’s always had a spark that encourages people to follow him. He sways opinions and inspires, encouraging people to take action when they may not have otherwise. It’s a powerful albeit dangerous trait to have, especially because Bellamy tends to act on impulse, being more of a feeler than a thinker.

“People follow you, you inspire them because of this (your heart),” Clarke tells him with a smile, placing a hand on his chest. She reaches up and touches his temple. “But in order for us to survive, you need to use this (your head), too.”

It is my personal opinion that him placing a hand on the baton is meant to demonstrate a transfer of power. In that moment, he becomes a true leader and accepts that responsibility wholeheartedly. He’s going to try his best to take care of the people he loves, like always. He’s determined that they’re going to find a way to survive together- to ride out five years in space and find a way for all of them to get back to earth alive.

But there is also significance of the baton in relation to Bellarke.

In Blood Must Have Blood, Pt. 2 (2x16), there’s a scene that all Bellarke shippers remember clear as day:

“I think we deserve a drink,” Bellamy says, watching as their people reenter camp. They’ve won the day. They’ve saved everyone. They can be at peace now.

Clarke shakes her head. “Have one for me.”

Needless to say, they still haven’t gotten that drink.

The fact that the bottle is empty when Bellamy finds it has more significance than we give credit, in my opinion.

He picks up the baton and accepts his role as a leader, but it all feels surprisingly empty (pun intended). This isn’t what he wants, not completely. Something- or someone, moreover- is missing. I think that this moment in particular does an excellent job of demonstrating who:

“I left her behind,” he says, looking through the window at a dark space station. She couldn’t do it. Something must have gone wrong. His eyes shift to the floor of the cockpit, speaking mostly to himself despite all of the people around him. “I left her behind and we all die anyway.”

The station lights up seconds later. They’re going to make it.

He stands in front of the window for a few moments, and Raven joins him.

“She saved us again,” she says. “You think we can do this without her?”

“If we don’t, she died in vain, and I’m not gonna let that happen.”

It becomes clear that all he’s going to do is for Clarke, to honor her name and memory. He’s going to lead. He’s going to protect. In five years, he’s going to get them all back to earth. And he’s going to do all of it for her.

It just makes him sad that the one thing he can’t do now is what she asked him months ago; “have one (a drink) for me.”

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“one of us has to get out of bed to make pancakes and it’s not going to be me ok just go and bring me nourishment”

for @cupcakecana bc 1) she is an actual cupcake and 2) she wanted happy things so here are happy things -3-

It is a vicious attack that wakes him. First a cold foot to his thigh, and then an unbearable weight on top of him. Natsu grunts into the mattress and drudgingly lifts his head to save himself from certain death by suffocation. 

“Food…” Lucy’s breath tickles his ear as she clutches at him like a spider monkey, her voice first thin and whiny and then suddenly rising to a volume that–in Natsu’s humble opinion–shakes the entire bed. “Natsu. Feed me.”

“Lu,” Natsu groans, still half asleep, “It’s the middle of the night. Lemme sleep.”

“Nuh uh.” She doesn’t say anything more, but she doesn’t have to. Because she bites into his earlobe instead. 

With a cry, Natsu shoots upright and pins her to the bed. She grins up at him sleepily, and he isn’t sure if he should chide or kiss her. But then her stomach rumbles, and she makes a very pitiful face, and Natsu knows his fate is sealed. No way he can refuse that

Lucy blinks up at him innocently. “Feed…us…”

“You sound like a monster,” Natsu informs her before releasing her arms and hopping off the bed. He receives a pillow to the head which he doesn’t bother blocking. Laughing to himself, he leaves the room. If he has to make pancakes, he’ll make sure they are enough to soothe his woman. A monster has nothing on her. Natsu grins. 

Natsu’s pancakes are messy and not very pretty, but they are always good. (“I cook with love,” he’ll say, “And love tastes best freestyle!” To which Lucy will always roll her eyes and point out he isn’t making any sense. He says he is.)

Lucy awaits him with outstretched arms, a big smile on her face. “That smells great. My saviour!” 

“I hope I get more than that title for this,” Lucy’s saviour says, wiggling his brows as he presents her with an entire stack of steaming pancakes. 

Lucy’s eyes glint with promise, but then she snorts. “You can have a pancake.”

“Did you say one?!” 

“Maybe two.”

“Didn’t you say ‘feed us’?” Eh?” He nudges her side as he slips back under the blanket and she places the plate between them. He enthusiastically grabs a pancake, but almost chokes on it when he sees the expression on her face.

“I didn’t mean you,” she tells him, suddenly quieter, and bites her lip. Half a pancake hangs out of his mouth as he scrunches his brows, slowly processing her words.

His eyes drop to her stomach. Then they grow wide. He lifts them back up to fix them on hers with a silent question.

“It certainly explains all the late night food cravings,” she mumbles with a small smile. 

Natsu doesn’t say anything. Slowly, he plucks the pancake from his chin and places it back on the plate. And even slower, pure joy creeps onto his face. 

“Another?” he asks, and Lucy can’t hold back a wide, teary smile as she nods, and keeps nodding. “We’re gonna have another baby!” 

Natsu isn’t sure what to do first, but his body is faster than his mind. He squeezes her against him, pressing kisses to her head, before releasing her with the widest grin possible. Almost ceremoniously, he takes the plate and offers it to her. 

“You can have them all,” he tells her very seriously, knowing by the twitch to her lips that she can barely hold back laughter.

“Why thank you,” she says with a bow of her head, pecking his cheek and then rolling up a pancake to heartily bite into it. Natsu watches her eat (and eat and eat), and when she is done, Lucy grins. “This one definitely has your appetite.”