violyntfemme replied to your photoset “misterbaggins: The Adventures of Tintin UK premiere 23 October, 2011”

I was like YASSSS DC in a sweater vest and jeans and a jacket!! I am about to slay timetospy!!! And then I noticed you were the re-blogger. *shakes fist* foiled again.


Muahahahaha! *rubs hands together evilly* I stalk the tag just to foil your plans! (no, not actually, it seriously just appeared on my dash, and I can never resist)

I’m seriously hoping he’ll show up at Stage Door for Othello in jumpers pretty much exclusively, but it’ll likely be too cold, and he’ll have a coat on. *sigh* Fangirl problems.

the finished version of disappointing_your_abuela.jpeg, based off my favorite headcanon of Lance deciding to teach Keith a little Spanish, and suffering when Keith picks it up annoyingly well and looks up how to say some steamier things ;3c

(note that my Spanish is absolutely atrocious and if I screwed up feel free to send me a message and I’ll fix it.)

Cow Girl

I translated my old WoW tauren cook OC into an actual cowgirl. And it IS an old OC, given I can’t even remember her bloody name anymore.

…I opened CS because I wanted to practice animating. Instead I drew a colored sketch of 5546x6800px (which made some processing parts rather slow and lengthy). Had to size it down for upload, to about 35% of its original size.
Next time, Gadget. Next time! *shakes fist*