The thing that annoys me most about broadway musicals that shake their fists at those ‘pesky bootlegs’ is… You have professionally filmed your musical, I KNOW you have, most of them have promotional material and even full songs filmed and recorded, they’re on youtube!
What the fuck is stopping you from just spending 1 entire day, maybe 2, on recording your musical, let it be edited and slapped on a dvd, ready to be mass-spread across the globe and earning potentially millions from musical-kids who are not rich Americans? 
It would take no time, no budget (compared to the loads you spent on the stage production in the first place), it would stop bootlegs from being a thing and you’d make so many people happy. You’re not stopping anyone from coming to your musical because those who can’t afford it WON’T COME TO YOUR MUSICAL, and those who can, WILL. Because that’s the audience you’re dealing with: devoted theatre lovers. You don’t have to lecture us on how the stage production is better than what will eventually be released on the dvd because, trust me, WE KNOW. And we will forever mourn the fact that we might never be able to see our favourite musicals on stage because plane tickets and hotels are fucking expensive, but in the meantime, we can enjoy all your hard work, we can enjoy the cast’s amazing singing, acting and dancing, we can admire the decors, the lights, all the costumes, the music.

Most importantly, you are making your fans happy. 

So why the crap are musical dvd’s not a goddamn market, right now?

But like imagine when we’re all old and it’s like 2060 and they start remaking all the “old/classic” marvel movies. I’m gonna be the old lady shaking my fist at the screen saying they’re not as good as the originals.

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hey!!!! thank you so much youre so sweet???? i!! hope this makes you feel ready for tuesday as well ( • ̀ω•́ )ᕤ✧

i never knew i needed blepping yuri until @zephyrine-gale

also can i take a moment and say you and keilattes absolutely kill me with your art and memes. you guys are just *okay finger emoji* please proceed